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  1. Rangorak added a topic in General   

    downloading the game
    i downloaded the game a while back ,but i accidentally deleted like 6gb of the game files , can i download the rest without having to download the game over again? and if so , how?
    thanks !
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  2. Rangorak added a topic in General   

    why this game is -----ing full with Hidden stats???
    never ever seen a game with so much hidden stats like this one , i mean whats the point ? really!!
    • 17 replies
  3. Rangorak added a topic in General   

    question regards awakening
    so i was wondering , does the Awakening Ap scall better than the normal weapons AP ? or the skills of the awakening  is better? i mean what makes my damage so better now? 
    one more thing , when i am on the pirate island , is there any repair NPC? its just so annoying to go the way back to any of the other cities , any tips? 
    • 1 reply
  4. Rangorak added a topic in General   

    i seriously need help
    I seriously need your help guys , i have been struggling ALOT to gather silver in this game , everything is expensive and takea s'hit ton of time to be obtained , everybody is running with at least duo stuff , i barley made my gear +15 , and that tooks me 3 and half month's , i am farming sausens but i hardly "and when i say hardly i mean it" make around 3-4m a day "i play like 4-5 hours a day" and i hear folks say " i make 7-10m per hour , i make +10m silver per hour" how is that possible? 
    how to get better gear in this game? its just insanly hard , since i have started playing , i never ever could kill any player that bully me , everybody just destroy me so bad , i do -----ed up dmg , "i am a warrior , hopfully i dont get much hate for that" , so i am kinda sick of that , sick of not been able to get any better , today i tried to enhance my greatsword "blue one" and i found out that memory frags only restore 2 drua , "ONLY 2 DURA FOR 800K" hollysht guys , i spent my 30m that i worked soooooo hard to gather in like 30m for only +12 blue longsowrd , and beyond +15 you need this concentrated stones which costs millions per trial , can someone please help out , cuz i had enough of been so bullied all the time , today was seriously a bad day for me , everybody sees an awakened warrior want to kill him , i dunno why , everybody wants to test how they gonna hit awakened warriors , dude am only 113Ap and 185 dp , folks were ganing up on me , and when they kill me over and over and over they say " hahahha awakened warrior , poor little shit" WoW , 
    • 10 replies
  5. Rangorak added a post in a topic ARE YOU REAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYY?   

    well, your nonsense disgusts me salty boy .
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  6. Rangorak added a post in a topic ARE YOU REAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYY?   

    dang , the salt is real boy , watch out salty boy , cuz tommorow if i saw you i will reck your ass with my big ass sword , salty boy
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  7. Rangorak added a post in a topic craving to snipe Clead warrior outfit   

    am not crying , i am saying fact , you can't deny the existence of hackers and botters in this game 
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  8. Rangorak added a post in a topic craving to snipe Clead warrior outfit   

    its just soooo frustrating to see the outfit that you been trying sooooo hard for the last couple of weeks to get it just been taken away from your hand over and over and over again , noway folks can be that fast , they are using some kind of bot or something ,,,,i dunno
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  9. Rangorak added a topic in General   

    craving to snipe Clead warrior outfit
    how is it even possible to buy this thing???? holllyshiiiiiiiiiiit , folks are just insanly faaaaaaaast ans aggressive when it comes to camping Market , i stayed like 40-50m camping it for this -----ing clead warrior outfit and i just couldn't get one out 4 , i am fast and as soon as the item pops up in the "amount of items are listed" i just keep refreshing "cuz it aint poping up at the same time with the notice" and then i extremly fast click purchase then the numbers , but its just "item is already sold" howwwwwwww???? how could be  man so fast like this? 
    pleaseeeee if anyone aware of any tricks just help me out.
    • 18 replies
  10. Rangorak added a topic in General   

    can someone please explain whats awakening?
    i am a fresh level 50 warrior , i choosed to be warrior cuz i have been a sowrd shield player for almost 12 years in any MMO i ever played , so i heard about something called awakening , and how weak was the warrior and with this awakening the warrior will be so OP compared to other classes wony get awakening at 31th Aug , so whats awaekining? and how can i get it ? is it a punsha of skills? wep? from which level can i access it? 
    i hope i dont get alot of hate , as it seems that warriors is hated the last 12 after the awakening announcement.
    thank you.
    • 1 reply
  11. Rangorak added a post in a topic TIME TO PK EVERY MATHAFACKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    "high five" my fella warrior , we gonna reck these guys asses so bad
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  12. Rangorak added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    more buttheating please , i was against Daum p2w recent changes , but now am all about changes 😁😁 
    "high fiving my fellas warriors" "fk yea " 😂😂😂😂
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  13. Rangorak added a post in a topic What class should I reroll ?   

    dudeee , i swear to God you will love warrior or ninja , both are insanly fun to play with , warrior is good overall in both pvp and pve , ninja is awesome in both as well, and just wait till awakening hit the game , you will enjoy the game while playing a warrior
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  14. Rangorak added a post in a topic August 10th Patch Feedback   

    well, hey there 
    i took a break from BDO for like 2 months or more , i heared about the p2w aspect , made me interested to log back and check whats going on , and my opinion is that its nice in some way and very frustrating in other ways , good thing is , 30£ costume is worth 18m which is insanly freaking cheap , "i make 12m in like 3-4 hours" so i am so grateful to Daum for implementing such mechanic , i didnt really see the point of spending 30£ for a *costume* so this is a big deal for me , bad thing is ,i am afraid that prices will rise in the upcoming weeks , so if it went for 50-60m per costume , which is about 270-300m a week , thats pay2wine to be honest , other than that , i am all about the changes , in fact why would a sane person spends 30£ for a 18m ??? thats a -----ing rip off to be honest , one more thing i noticed ,is that the game feels incredibly empty compared to a few weeks ago , for God'sake i used to see tons of folks while i am traveling from place to place on the road , huge cities like altinova, calpheon and heidle is sooooooo empty , just few afk fishers and processing afkers , i switched to all channles during the prime time of EU , and the same thing , empty cities , empty roads ,heck sausans was empty , just 2 groups of 3 players , that spot was incredibly crowded and there was ton of pvp going around there , i am afraid that this game will end up dead , will be such a huge let down to me , i love this game , but been stupidly handling by Daum .
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  15. Rangorak added a post in a topic Is this game P2W?   

    run you fool, run!
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