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  1. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Anyone willing to gift the game for Polar Bear and Pearls?   

    Just FYI - it makes no difference which region the person you gift the game to plays (since you can access both with same account anyway). Once the lvl condition is met, you're good for the reward ^^
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  2. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Game won't start   

    Can you send me your ticket number by private message? I'll have a look what's going on, however please note you're not being ignored, we're just dealing with a large volume of tickets currently.
    Depends where you've installed BDO. Could look like this:

    where whole 'cache' has to be deleted.
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  3. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Time to quit?   

    Please check my update in your other thread.
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  4. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Game won't start   

    I'm not sure if you did the cache clear correctly, please try the following:
    Make sure that you have enough free disk space on your HDD/SSD (40gb for installer - another 40gb for the client)Delete the UserCache folder in "Documents" -> "Black Desert"Delete the Cache folder in your game installation folder.Delete the service.ini in your game installation folder (if present). Delete the service.ini in your game installation/bin64 folder (if present). 
    Deleting the cache will result in parts of the UI and settings being reset.
    Following this method should also fix almost any future graphical or keybinding issues you may experience too.
    If this still doesn't fix the issue, you can attempt a file repair:
    Start the launcher and click on the cogwheel icon on the top-right corner of the window.Press on the "Click To Start" button, right next to the "Repair Mode". (See the screenshot below).
    Press on the "Yes" button below: 
    Please note that, it may look like it is (re)downloading a massive amount of data but will only download damaged files after checking the whole install. It can take 5-30 minutes depending on your network and PC condition.

    If the above doesn't help, I would strongly recommend making a ticket in the technical section (https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=9080). I'm sure one of our specialists will be able to assist you better.
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  5. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

    I was fortunate enough to be there when the big question was popped ^^

     Well done guys, best wishes!
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  6. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Looking For RolePlayers   

    I can see you've taken up roleplaying a villain. The dark side calls to you, wayward son. Join us! *grins*
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  7. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Stuck in first quest ("Research and Contemplation")   

    Thanks for letting us know it's working for you now  Really glad to hear that!
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  8. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Lost my Game Access after changing my EMAIL wtf.. GM help   

    It's because we've changed your email to the one you requested... and it's not the same email as on the screenshot above. No worries, we can easily fix it, I will update your ticket now
    I have also removed some of those screens so that your account is more secure.
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  9. GM_Salome added a post in a topic BDO EU GAMESCOME GEAR INCLUDED IN INFOGRAPH   

    Just a little debunk: Gamescom build did not influence those results in any way, sorry guys!
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  10. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Stuck in first quest ("Research and Contemplation")   

    Small update - we're currently investigating the issue and hopefully we'll have a fix soon. Thank you for all the information provided!
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  11. GM_Salome added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    *chips in* 
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  12. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Particle effects not showing up   

    Please check if you have the following option ticked: 

    That would be the culprit
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  13. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Event Login Issues   

    Jan 12 - Feb 15 was the period when you can stamp and therefore claim your reward.
    All days that were stamped, but you didn't take out the reward from calendar to your inventory for whatever reason - can be received until the maintenance on Feb 22 starts.
    I'm sorry about the days you missed out on, but the event is working as intended and there is no bug.
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  14. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Black Spirit Quest Bugged "Unknown Energy"   

    The quest is not bugged - in fact I completed it last night on one of my alts. You're simply looking for completion point in the wrong place - it is not on the top of the tower, but literally near the building  I would suggest having a good look around on the ground, and especially *cough* behind *cough* the building - as soon as you're close enough, you will get an interractable icon on a structure.
    Good luck on your adventures!
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  15. GM_Salome added a post in a topic Stuck in first quest ("Research and Contemplation")   

    Hi guys,
    I have a few suggestions:
    - check your quest options here

    and make sure 'all quests' is ticked, like this:

    then check again with your black spirit by summoning it
    - if the above doesn't work, check your other characters - sometimes one of them already has that quest accepted - try to complete or abandon it there, then relog to the desired character and check with black spirit
    I hope this helps
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