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  1. Aeliel added a post in a topic Whats changed in the last few months?   

    -Boss armor
    -New valencia mobs and better accessories (crescent ring, basilisk belt and blue whale molar earring)
    -Paying upfront on the marketplace with a higher price to try to secure an item.
    -Nerfs and buffs to some classes and a few changes to the skill trees.
    -Leveling is a bit easier.
    -There's also a grade 4 stone to upgrade your gear to ultimate with 100% success (for 10 grade 3 stones and 1 shard).
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  2. Aeliel added a post in a topic QQing about pearl shop, get a job   

    For me, it's about fairness. I don't mind paying for my entertainment, but I don't agree with spending money to get an in-game advantage.
    Imagine for a second, you're playing a tabletop RPG with your friends, and all of a sudden the game master announces that he will accept bribes to give an advantage to characters. No matter how small the advantage, this is still a corrupt way of thinking, regardless of the fact that there are costs to cover.
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  3. Aeliel added a post in a topic Value Pack is not BAD   

    You get better margins with the tax reduction, meaning that you open up opportunities that didn't exist without it. Coupled with the night vendor you can make many deals that are worth 10s of millions without much effort, but you couldn't do it without. Silver lets you buy many things on the market to upgrade your gear, and so it is an unfair advantage.
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  4. Aeliel added a post in a topic Freekeh/Titanium   

    I heard that you can also use shovels near Titium valley to get Titanium instead of Vanadium
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  5. Aeliel added a post in a topic Valencia: How to unlock the Crescent Mountain node   

    Thanks, I had a hard time finding the manager in the desert. By the way, you can also get above the crescent shrine by following the (auto-path-able) road that goes east of the waragon nest and into the mountains. The road keeps going through the southern mountains and overlooks the crescent shrine, and I'm guessing it goes to Titium valley after that.
    Oh and I like your voice, it's very soothing ^^
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  6. Aeliel added a post in a topic What did you name your Penguin?   

    I thought I missed one day but then I realized that NA players had a bonus seal of valencia as compensation...
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  7. Aeliel added a post in a topic Questions & Clarifications with Pearl Abyss   

    I don't know about other classes but as a Wizard, we do indeed have a skill called Concentrated magic arrow, which deals absolute crap damage even though the tooltip specifies it should deal 899%x2, and it's been this way since release. Also, none of the changes to skills from various patches seem to have been reflected in the tooltip text, so that pretty much explains why your skill still has obsolete values.
    Anyway, you cling too much to the past, just skill you sorc differently if your dark flame is no longer interesting.
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  8. Aeliel added a post in a topic Questions & Clarifications with Pearl Abyss   

    It's good to have some communication indeed, good job.
    As for the QQing sorcs, don't mind them, they just feel wronged because they went from being able to easily kill people with more levels and more gear than them to being on equal grounds with the rest of us...
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  9. Aeliel added a post in a topic Best Grinding Class   

    Witch/Wizard is great, they were buffed recently and even before that they were beast in PVE.
    Not only do you have a bunch of good aoe damage, you also get heals and mana drain so you virtually never need to use potions.
    The downside is that you have less defense than something like warrior, but with heals, dodge and teleport, you can stay safe most of the time.
    10/10 would recommend, just make sure you pick the right skills (residual lightning is the most important).
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  10. Aeliel added a post in a topic ☼Colonization of the Stars☼   

    The idea is intriguing, but there is one thing that you haven't mentioned yet : the gravity. Even if we manage to solve all the engineering challenges to build a living environment suspended somewhere very close to the sun, the gravity would be 28 times higher.
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  11. Aeliel added a post in a topic Jordine has only one crowded server right now,Sunday Night. Do you think things are going well?. But mostly important,do you see this game able to mantain a good populated community in years?.   

    In my opinion, people are just waiting for Valencia and so they are less inclined in doing the same content they have done already for the past months. So yeah they will reduce their playtime, because there is not much point in spending lots of efforts for small upgrades now, if you know that you will get more for the same efforts soon.
    It's like before mediah, the best thing you could do was calpheon shrine or serendia shrine, and then boom, mediah is released and the shrines are suddenly pretty bad in comparison with the best mediah spots.
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  12. Aeliel added a post in a topic hidden gathering nerf hard/sharp Crystals at 25.05   

    This is just a bad luck streak after a good luck streak. I have had 1 shard every 50 energy and then 1 shard for 250 energy in the same day. I don't think they nerfed it, but I did have better results with lucky tools. It might also be diminishing returns just like loot drops getting worse the longer you farm the same mobs.
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  13. Aeliel added a post in a topic How much do you make a day?   

    I don't really focus on making money, instead I try to get the things that I want directly. For instance, instead of buying accessories, I try to drop them from mobs. At some point I was getting 10m+ a day when grinding helms for lvl 55, but I was doing it for the xp, not the silver. If I need a crafting ingredient and it's cheap enough and available on the auction house, then I'll buy it directly, and if it's not then I'll spend some time getting it myself (or assign workers to do it).
    Another example : I spend a lot of energy gathering stuff to get black crystal shards and if you would convert that to silver, I'm making a lot of money, but I'd rather keep the shards because I know that I'll need them.
    Right now I have about 45m in bank, which I consider good enough considering how much I have spent so far.
    If all you want is money then yea grinding mobs and selling/exchanging the drops is probably the best money maker right now, however you need to find a spot where you won't be bothered by other players.
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  14. Aeliel added a post in a topic [Limited BG] Can geared rangers confirm this?   

    What happens if you remove your gear, enter the limited red battlefield and put it back on ? I'm not over the limit so I can't try it myself.
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  15. Aeliel added a post in a topic Hard/Sharp Black Crystal Shards   

    Is he aware of the fact that higher quality tools let you gather faster ? 8 seconds faster for blue tool and 10 seconds faster for yellow tool. It's pretty significant.
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