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  1. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    Haven't read more then the first 11 pages, and i do not agree with hp/mp being random too. Thanks for sharing this info OP . Can anyone quote me if there's a spreadsheet where people can add their own stats?
    It would be nice to compare the HP/MP difference between characters to check the max-min difference between players...
    P.S: I get around 2-3 black stones on 20-30 scrolls (e.g red nose dailies). My wife gets around 10-15 each time...I wonder if characters are also luckier then others. Can also continue with examples...Somehow my wife is just 10 times luckier, a clear difference...I know for a fact from a dev from another rpg game, told me that some people actually mess up with this kind of stats ,just for the funs...
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  2. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic T7 confirmed?   

    You know that there are over hundreds of results that respected that 'theory'?  Even if its just a theory, it works in 99% of cases,I don't think there's any breed results with proof that denies this theory. The colour theory doesn't apply only to T7s, it applies to T2-6s as well! So there's more then just a couple of results that can validate the accuracy of the theory.
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  3. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic NO LUCK NO WAY TO COMPETE   

    I do understand you a bit since both me and my wife are playing this game...She has a lot more luck then me. We go together and do scrolls..This are usually the results:
    -My wife : gets around 10-20 black stones (Combined weapon and armor) from 30 scrolls
    -Me : If i get 3 black stones, i was lucky!
    (I'm not counting the quest reward )
    Also at enhancement i had 20 fails+ from 10->11 // 20+ fail stacks at 13->14 // 35 fail stacks at 14->15. So yeah, RNGJesus op...makes you feel like your account is cursed or something   
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  4. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic BDO is bait.   

    In most mmo's that are actually P2W , all the 'Pro' players are people who spent a large amount of money on the game. (For what? To be competitive.)
    But i do agree that people will complain regardless...It is impossible to make every single player happy.
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  5. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Horse Breeder's nightmare.. I can't believe this   

    ^+1  . It's pretty accurate.
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  6. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic BDO is bait.   

     Mmm... I enjoy the whole other parts of the game , like taming horses, going fishing searching for hotspots, cooking, managing my workers/nodes etc.The main issue i don't see a viable end-game content....I only see new content that will be added...I will probably go through it have fun and then wait for new one. (So i suppose i am a PvE player, even tho i usually enjoy PvP in most games)
    As for the combat system...I expected a good action combat system ...That ts my main disappointment.
    - Mobs are dumb, can't dodge (or atleast it is not going smoothly), enemy projectiles pass through environment and still hit you (for example rock/mountain/wall). Seems like they have some kind of values on each of our skills such as: Skill X can hit at most 10 enemies. Same applies to bosses. (Single target)Ranged attacks from bosses passes through you without doing any damage if they were actually intended for other players. And hell, its like the desync from games such as path of exile arrived in black desert ...It is so annoying to see mobs desync, teleporting from one spot to another, jumping off a house/cliff and you start desyncing in mid air going up and down 10 seconds before landing down...etc
    I thought action meant giving you the option to dodge projectiles/spells etc.  I want the game to give me a challenge while fighting PvE, the thrill of fighting a boss ,trying to do as much damage as possible while evading its attacks...
    PvP -There's a lot of issues here as well, hence all the hate posts from other players... But with the right changes/balancing, i might start enjoying it...Still got my hopes up
    I've never been hyped about the game, I've mostly brought it cause my wife liked it... I complained about it from the first moment I've seen videos...Regardless of that, I can't deny that i had fun... I don't regret spending my money/time on the game. Overall it is a great game, but not what I'm looking for.
    EDIT : So i suppose i was wrong, I might find a reason to grind, only for the future of PvP for this game. Since it might turn out good..hopefully... (For me i guess PvE combat is lacking but PvP is more like broken)
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  7. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic BDO is bait.   

    I agree with the OP.
    I see no reason to grind for PvP or PvE since none provides me any joy... PvE is missing on this game (I mean combat PvE) and PvP is pretty much broken.
    So i don't really feel like this days doing anything....Breeding horses still fun for now...I guess one of the main reason that i play this game is that i made a couple of friends in game and we're having fun :).
    BDO looks awesome, and gives any new player a great impression, but if you think about it....most of the players right now are kept in game just for this pure reason of grinding (since its hard to get everything in the game) . So assuming i had every possible thing, gear etc in the game...What is there next to do for me? Nothing. I don't enjoy the combat so yea... So back to another question...Why should i grind? ( The reason i grind is to get to end-game...but since this game has no end-game....)
    This is mostly my opinion only. Its just that i consider other games PvP or PvE a lot more fun and rewarding then BDO. (too bad good games were destroyed by bad publishing companies...)
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  8. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic BDO is a fantastic game - here is why   

    First of all,thanks for the effort you put into this.There are some things though that i disagree with you on:
    While i do agree that there were no major bugs, server disconnects etc, game was really stable, (Certainly no lack here) I do not consider the gameplay to be that smooth. There are a couple of issues such as :
    -Desync - This is more easy to notice when there are more people around you ...Most noticeable is when you are doing 'world' boss such as red nose, and you keep seeing him teleporting from a space to another. Another way to see this is by jumping off a house/cliff and you'll be stuck in midair for a couple of seconds as you'll see yourself rewinding back and forth.
    -NPCs -They are sometimes bugged and you cannot aggro them with ease... Sometimes they are also invincible...
    For me this is a pretty major issue since it impacts combat, both pvp and pve. (Part of the reason why sorceress are also extremely hard to kill due to the spammable i-frames)
    Well i guess my main problem is that i expected a game where i could dodge monsters attacks , and not a game where combat meant only spamming pots and one single combo all day long. (Guess I've played too much Vindictus, and i expected the combat to be fun here as well...)
    Main reason why i do not grind and i just level up life skills and professions. I do not look forward to the PvP that much and there's no fun in PvE combat either. I'm still playing the game since there is still place for improvements and there are still lots of things to do in this game besides combat. To be honest there are not many good games around... Even with the above issues...BDO still surpasses most of the current mmorpgs out there...
    That's just my opinion tho :).
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  9. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    Well if they give a working XP event to NA it should be ok regardless...It was already announced so it shouldn't mess up NA Leaderboards (atleast not by a lot).
    And like others have stated, I'm also from EU and i don't care if they get ahead ...Since we do not even share leaderboards , it does not matter for me. 
    Tho if they mess this up and the XP boost is again bugged (in other random areas), they will completely mess up NA as well
    Amusing that they don't even have a testing environment... I imagine that if i got a new tool from dev team, then I would want to first test it... Not to mention that after 30+ minutes, people have already started talking on channel chat about the fishing bug. If i was DAUM i would ATLEAST have a staff pay attention to the game chat at all times.... ATLEAST 3 hours after the patch is done... If they would have find out about the issue,servers should have been put down immediately in order to fix the issue! It wouldn't have been such a huge issue if it was just 3 hours of fishing/trading XP boost!
    The biggest issue here is how they are handling such cases. More issues will come in the future, probably a lot worse then this one... Will they handle it in the same manner?
    ^I do not believe this. They probably had this option,but it required a lot of time & effort without giving them any benefit. I refuse to believe they do not have detailed logs, or a database where such information is stored. Either that or they are too incompetent to figure out how to do it and they only rely on the easy functions of the tools that the DEVs provide them...
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  10. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    Well there are people who struggled to get to artisan/master. They played for a full month fishing 4-10 hours a day probably (who knows....) . Giving the opportunity to players who didn't care about fishing to get to professional in 2-3 days...will just piss of more people since it gives the dedicated player the feeling that they wasted tons of time on fishing
    What about dedicated fishers which are top 20 that cannot log on during the event? Oh well, at least i am amusing myself since my job involves providing support to some applications, so seeing this kind of 'solutions' just makes me laugh (and maybe cry at the same time since we will have to deal with this 'solutions' in the near future as well....)
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  11. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    Isn't the main issue that this game will turn into a one shot festival?
    Whoever does the first shot = winner (with so much increase in AP). So first they should balance DP and AP probably also add higher cooldowns to pots....Well there's a lot of work to be done on this...I do not agree with adding +16-+20 until they balance this...
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  12. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    Would be funny if they mess up and add like 300% xp for each profession ONLY for NA.
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  13. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    If this happened to COMBAT xp only to specific mobs, and it would be 1000% instead of 50% would you care? It is the same issue. Some people compete in fishing, others in leveling/pvp, others don't care and just play the game.
    Furthermore, if this was a even more serious issue, like duping items exploit if done through specific cases, or horse xp gain would be x 400%? Will they treat it the same way? Heh...
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  14. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    ^+1 . No more money will be invested by me or my wife on this game...
    Solution to the 'bug':
    Provide the same xp bonus to NA:
    What about the EU players that missed the chance of fishing xp? Or the players who choosed not to benefit from the fishing xp exploit...? F*ck honest players!!
    Not that this solution actually fixes anything ...
    EDIT: I am waiting for the response from DEVs which they will just shut off this discussion as well
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  15. Shirouyasha added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    Well, as Nighenhale has pointed out
    "I doubt they are unable to do it and think they just don't consider the work to get it done cost effective enough to do it."
    ^ +1
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