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  1. Galahad added a post in a topic DK after awakening   

    PLEASSSEEEEE come out this week, lol I'm sitting at level 58 just begging for it to come out already lol.
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  2. Galahad added a topic in PVP   

    When 100 people guilds can't be guild wared
    So why did they make it where you can't guild war another guild because their " not ready for war" Couple guildies and I were farming Sausans and this 5 man group came along trying to take the rotation so we flagged up killed them all.
    They came back and as an officer I was like okay it's time to escalate this to a guild war. but oh wait this guild with over 85 people in can't get Guild wared because there not ready..... really? they need to reserve the not ready for war thing for guilds made within a week. or something like that.
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  3. Galahad added a post in a topic HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE   

    I'm on my 10th day as well spend 100 bucks and it just kept processing then said error did it again and it went through later I checked my bank account and it went through twice but I only received 10k daum cash, they haven't even replied to my ticket or sent me an email.
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  4. Galahad added a post in a topic Support Ticket help   

    I mean they can't lock my account or anything because I didn't receive the daum cash anyways right? i have a level 52 and another level 50 LOL it would kind of suck if they banned me or something
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  5. Galahad added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Support Ticket help
    So, it's been about a week and I haven't gotten any reply or email from BDO, I went to buy some Daum Cash and the page timed out while it was processing. I got charged but didn't receive the cash. Should I wait or ask my bank for a charge back? 
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  6. Galahad added a topic in General   

    Making a character at launch.
    So, I'm curious how is making a character going to work when the game starts tonight.
    Is there going to be a little check box saying use reserved name, or is the first character we make going to have the reserved name already?
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  7. Galahad added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Just a couple questions lol
    1.  So, are the witch and wizard 100% the same besides gender? 
    2.  when awakenings come out will they have the same awakening you think?
    3. and is there any good pictures of the wizards exclusive costume?
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  8. Galahad added a post in a topic The RedHawk Clan <pvp focused -18+ - 15yrs of leadership exp>   

    ^ yeah, lets do this haha
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  9. Galahad added a post in a topic You want longer leveling time?   

    and that's with the time it takes to collect enough elixirs and teas and other stuff to keep the buffs up the whole time? without the teas you can technically buy like like 28% increased exp i guess?
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  10. Galahad added a post in a topic You want longer leveling time?   

    I want KR rates as well, like he said about 32 hours of STRAIGHT grinding. that's pretty crazy. that just makes me feel like questing will slow down the leveling too. when it should help you level.
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  11. Galahad added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   


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  12. Galahad added a post in a topic ITT: Post the name you managed to snipe   

    I had Demon then Hades but then Changed it to an actual Demons name lol

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  13. Galahad added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    I decided i needed an actual Demons name so Hades is now open. lol
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  14. Galahad added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    I think I'm Happy lol 

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