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  1. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Guild is not ready for war   

    Could you please provide us the location of your spots? Maybe if we make a petition, Kakao Games would change those nodes names to "klans10 fortress of solitude".
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  2. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic People are already quitting from my guild due to P2W   

    Of course it will become a desert. Thats where the name Black Desert come from
    SAY NO TO P2W (Pay 2 Whine)
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  3. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic What games are you guys heading back to now the BDO is going to be P2W   

    In Warframe theres no competitive PVP, so theres no crying.
    The community is very nice, no whining 12 year olds like in here.
    Also the devs and CM's are an example in communication for the gaming industry.
    I stopped playing it because im in love with BDO, but IMO is one of the best games out there, I mean it has Space Ninjas.
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  4. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Ninja Ultimate(100% rage skill)   

    What are you talking about? In this thread you can read lots of posts about how happy we are with the normal skill. Its just the 100% BSR thats annoying (even if other classes experience the same problem). We even came up with an alternative of absorbing it.
    Its not like we are screaming in every subforum "BUFF DIS PLZ" "NERF DAT PLZ"
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  5. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Ninja pvp video (Duels)   

    Hey dont post any vids of you winning, or they are gonna nerf ninjas!!!
    Just kidding, it was nice to watch, very fast paced and with only a few mistakes.
    Btw I don't PVP, but I like to watch duels
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  6. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    Ikr, kids these days confuse competition with fun. Games are made to have fun and spend time, and in this case (MMO's) to socialize.
    Also this game is definitely not Pay2Win, as I have spent some money and Im still losing. Pay2Lose perhaps?
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  7. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Which Class would you like to see in the future   

    Monk. And you can already see them as NPC's in Valencia City training. Just like Valkyries did in Calpheon.
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  8. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Ninja Ultimate(100% rage skill)   

    But the normal skill is just so good. You just need to pay attention to your meter and when it gets to 93% stop using it, then use the rage absorption instead.
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  9. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic witch awakening?   

    Make it like Neverwinter's control wizard and I will reroll a Witch/Wizard asap
    oh, I miss the ice ...
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  10. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

    Karlstein cash shop costume.
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  11. SegovaxPT added a topic in Ninja   

    A bigger jump - from reddit
    On reddit it is written that we can jump even higher if we use "E" after a double jump. Theres even video proof on the discussion.
    My parkour dreams came true
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  12. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

    A good ninja cant be seen, thats why you cant see mine 
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  13. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Stealth underwhealming?   

    Please Pearl abyss, can we have a chameleon pet?
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  14. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Stealth underwhealming?   

    Correct! I tested it today with somebody from another guild and he couldnt see me, and neither check my location in the minimap.
    So completely invisible and cant be forced out of it (unless a debuff was already applied).
    Still need to test it in Node Wars to see if it works there (I doubt it).
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  15. SegovaxPT added a post in a topic Dragon near Trina Fort   

    I believe thats a Wyvern. Theres a baby one inside the fort that was caught by the soldiers.
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