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  1. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Problem? Rookie Status   

    Not sure on your issue, but that button should be glowing if you can accept it, I can't see clearly as it's a screen shot, but if the button isn't glowing gold when you hover on it, you may need to wait till tomorrow.  
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  2. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic [poll] Harpoon Fishing and Epheria Sailboat   

    Thank you. 
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  3. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Hello I was just stolen...   

    Are you NA or EU? If you're NA I could swing by, currently on my way back from Ratt so might be a little while. 
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  4. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic [Alchemy] Intolerance for Dailies   

    Can't speak too much for alchemy but for cooking, fishing, gathering, trading and processing I just levelled them by crafting things. Never resorted to dailies for any of them, never saw a reason to. Apart from locking you our of some crafts, all rack serves is to gain a higher yield from crafting, better items to buy and the desert buff from trading and higher yield and chance to not use energy from gathering. Just make things you need and want to make, use some sute tea get some good alchemy clothes and it shouldn't take too long.    . 
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  5. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Happy New Year!   

    Happy New year everyone!
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  6. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    While I have no problems with Gender-locking or every class having a gender counter part I just thought I'd add to the point above that when it comes to MMO's there is often a needed disconnect between the plot and the players.
    Take Final Fantasy 14 for example, from the plots standpoint, you're the only Warrior of Light, there is only one and it's you, even when a quest asks you to party up with others it says something along the lines of "And bring with you some able-bodied adventures, even though all those "able-bodied" adventures were also told the same thing about you.
    So yes, in game there are many tamers, but in the plot, there is only one, you. Just like when I got my Witch awakening the other day I was told "You are the sole owner of this power." Because plot wise I am, game wise I'm like every other Witch.
    At the end of the day, it comes down to the story whoever is making the game is trying to tell. Some games set you up as a 'blank' hero just one of many on a quest to save the day, others set you up as an actual person you're meant to be. Black Desert went for the latter, we're effectively playing as THE Witch or THE Ninja, the only one. They build their characters as a person rather than a slate. But they've also tried to add wiggle room to make it your own, a kind of compromise with the no memory thing.
    I'm fine with the way they do it, I prefer to play female characters, so I avoided the Zerker, even though it interested me, however despite this, I like great swords so made a War to mess around on regardless that I may awaken someday. I like the story structure and the way they craft the characters, animations e.c.t.
    However if they wanted to make a male equivalent with the same level of craft, then I'm all for that too, may the people who want him, enjoy him.
    Personally however I'm looking forward the the potential dwarf once we get to their home.    
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  7. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    But that's the point, you just said it, dry up the market, if like when they first added in concentrated stones, everyone wanted them so none were available.
    How much silver you can get is irreverent if the items you want to spend it on are sold out, at the end of the day you'll either get stalled out waiting for others to do the work for you, then paying them for that service or have to go out and still do some of the work yourself.   
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  8. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic I bet most people won't quit after next week   

    C-Can I be your Starscream? I promise not to constantly try to overthrow you with poorly thought out plans.
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  9. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Do we want costume exchange coupon?   

    Never done post linking before, but there was a reply in another thread on the topic. 

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  10. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Venecil Set Bonus- EXP?   

    Not sure if you still want the pic, but here you go.
    Heidelian Snow Red.
    Let me know if you want to see any other colours.

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  11. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Shards   

    I'm no expert, but from the ones I've done it works like this. 
    Each time you use a scroll that's yours, you get loot at the end and finish a quest from the black spirit that gives you loot bags for more chances at seals and mem frags as well as stones. 
    When you help kill someone else scroll in your party, you still get to loot the body at the end, so doing them as a part nets you more loot than just for your own scrolls.
    Also, it's kind of random, you could get stones or not, seals or not, mem frags or not, 1, 2 or 3 I think if the most I've ever gotten from one drop.
    So, hypothetically so long as your RNG wasn't utterly horrid and you did them in a party where everyone had as many scrolls as you and you sold all your drops, you "should" come out making a profit. 
    Hope this helps and please someone with more knowledge correct me if I got anything wrong. 
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  12. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Hard cap 50% XP?   

    I've by no means tested this fully, just trying to glance at numbers while i was grinding. I was at +68% then popped a 15% potion. From what I could tell, I was getting no more xp than without out it. Again I wasn't noting numbers or actually recording data, I just simply tried to check if I levelled any faster and as far as I could tell I wasn't getting more xp with the potion in effect.    
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  13. BlitzAceRush added a post in a topic Slow "look" Left   

    I'm also having this problem, can't find any info on it, anyone know how we fix this? 
    Edit: To anyone having this problem, relogging fixed it for me. 
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