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  1. Cyndal added a post in a topic Interior point bug   

    I was having the same issue (housing points should be 9942 but said 0) and did what you said. After collecting a rug and placing it again, my points went back to normal and don't show as zero any longer. Thank you
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  2. Cyndal added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    This issue frustrates me as well. He seems to only attack if I command him to, not even if I take damage.
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  3. Cyndal added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Me too. I'd like to see it fixed before my free value pack expires.
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  4. Cyndal added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    I'm waiting for a fix for Merv's Palette dye not showing up on horse gear when they're attached to a wagon
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  5. Cyndal added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    I quite enjoy the value pack. It's nice to be able to dye my stuff the colors I actually want instead of various shades of brown I had kept getting. The issue I'm having is that I put champrons and bards on all my horses before attaching them to my merchant wagon. The dye from Merv's Palette is visible on the horse gear when they're out singly, but when they are attached to the wagon their dye doesn't show.
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  6. Cyndal added a post in a topic Merv's Palette dyes on horse barding disappear when connected to wagon.   

    This is also happening to me. When the horses are out singly their gear (both barding and champrons) is dyed, but when attached to the wagon the dyes aren't applied. It's really frustrating. I want matching horse gear for my wagon I dyed with Merv's Palette.
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  7. Cyndal added a post in a topic Unable to stay connected Post Patch   

    I'm having a major issue with this as well on the NA server. I can go all the way to almost loading my character and then I get dc'd. This has happened 5 times in a row now. It's really angering.
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  8. Cyndal added a post in a topic Matchlock   

    Makes me mad that my +1 hunting musket cannot hit a thing (tried at different angles and everything) but a practice matchlock will hit my target first shot. Doesn't seem logical to me.
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  9. Cyndal added a post in a topic Valencia Update Events !   

    I went to Ibellab Oasis at level 52. It's only required to be level 55 when getting the quest to get the camel at Sand Grain Bazaar. I rode my horse the whole way, it was just slow. Make sure to have purified water and/or star anise tea when you go. Also, the shovels are used up after one dig, so make sure to have 150. I suggest ingesting anything that'll decrease your gathering time or increase your gathering skill for digging.

    I used this guide to get me to the oasis:

    FYI: Thinning bags of muddy water yields purified water
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  10. Cyndal added a post in a topic Bug - "Special Trading Manager" knowledge not giving energy   

    having this issue as well
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  11. Cyndal added a post in a topic Lamiro Iadans knowledge?   

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  12. Cyndal added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    I get the quest started from Santo in Velia. It's basically the same dialogue from the first time. After receiving the quest repeat, I head to Florin to check in there and start the three mini tasks for the flowers that make up the wreath. After doing those tasks and making the wreath, I head back to Velia and Santo gives me 3 boxes of my preferred type of chocolates.

    I hope this patch fixes these issues and increases the drop rates for rum, since they were rather ridiculous.
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  13. Cyndal added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    The first time I turned it in I got 1 box of chocolate. You can then do it once more right after for 3 boxes, and then once a day afterwards for 3 boxes.
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  14. Cyndal added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Ferry From Velia to Iliya Island Buggy
    Not sure if this is just on Uno - Balenos U2, but while waiting for the ferry from Velia to Iliya Island, i noticed there was only one ferry going back and forth, when I know there's supposed to be at least 2 ferries. After leaving Velia docks on the ferry, I noticed that it was overlapped with another one. I think this explains why I only saw one ferry. They were overlapped on the way back too.

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