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  1. Tolmos added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15? (too much disparity in gear now)   

    lmao! Oh wow... that's horrible. 
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  2. Tolmos added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    Hah! That's awesome; I haven't played mine since early 2016, but our warriors could practically be brothers.

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  3. Tolmos added a post in a topic Gift spending 10€   

    Ahhhh ok, I get it now.

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  4. Tolmos added a post in a topic Gift spending 10€   

    I'm sorry, I'm trying really hard here but...
    Can someone please tell me the correlation between the screenshot the topic of the post? I don't see remotely related to pearls or real money in that screenshot, and I'm certain I'm overlooking it.
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  5. Tolmos added a post in a topic Level 49   

    Can someone clarify something for me? I have been away for a while, and when I had left it was possible to ding 50 on accident. People were basically having to suicide to mobs to lose xp, but still kept accidentally dinging 50 anyway. 
    Some folks here are now saying that if you do not complete a level 50 quest, your character will remain level 49 indefinitely. Is this the correct case? Could my fishing alt gain infinite xp and never hit level 50 so long as I avoid that?
    Scratch that. The difference was not that you could ding level 50, it was that PvP started at level 45. You still had the quest to go from 49 to 50, but PvP was actually triggered at level 45 here in the states. Is THAT what changed?
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  6. Tolmos added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    My Tamer alt, revisited (was going for more of an adult look):



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  7. Tolmos added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    The game nearly died in the beginning because its creators didn't know the answer to this question.
    It was an open world free-for-all PvP game that you had to complete hundreds of hours of PvE grinding in order to be competitive, while supplementing your cash flow by utilizing one of the most advanced resource management/life skill systems ever put into an MMO. It attracted hardcore PvPers and told them to grind mobs, hardcore PvEers and told them they can die anywhere at any time without consequence, and harvest moon type players who found out they could die mid farm/trade run/fish if they accidentally leveled past 50.
    It was the perfect compromise: EVERY side of the convo was equally miserable, minus a fringe group who were intimately familiar with Korean grinder MMOs and loved them for what they were.
    In the end, the creators gave their own version of an answer by implementing the Karma system to try to stop the player hemorrhage that was happening. Once they put a cork in that leak, they managed to start correcting other issues and here we are, with every channel packed.
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  8. Tolmos added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Decided to give my tamer alt another rework. Was aiming for a slightly more adult tamer look, and also one that would fit with my other characters.


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  9. Tolmos added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    I feel like there should be a backstory to these pictures... some form of explanation...
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  10. Tolmos added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    I feel like the new forums have a bit too much unused space on the sides. The current forums take up my entire screen and I can reach much more without needing to scroll. The new forums have just a bunch of wasted space on the left and right, with the text squeezed into the middle; this requires me to scroll more than usual to read a post.
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  11. Tolmos added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15? (too much disparity in gear now)   

    Honestly, I do hope they stop at +20. The playerbase did not handle going from +15 to +20 very well, and it took a while for the population to bounce back. I really don't want to see what would happen to the game if they added a +25...
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  12. Tolmos added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    There would be an entire in-game economy built on this very idea if not for the incapability of player to player trading. Mercenaries who will get revenge on PKers for you has always been a staple industry in every sandbox PvP game I've played. Not only do you get to PK, but you get paid for it AND get some guarantee that your opponent is strong.

    Shame the only method in this game is via pearls. Much harder to make a "living" in game like this.
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  13. Tolmos added a post in a topic New player with love/hate intrest in this cluttered/bugged MMO   

    The only time I've seen it, it had something to do with the placement of the actual arrow of the cursor. For instance: if you press ctrl and reveal your mouse cursor -> move the cursor as far as you can to the left of the screen, and either use left click to look around or press ctrl to look around, sometimes the game controls react oddly and will not allow you to look left as easily as it lets you look right.

    It's an odd bug but I've seen it a couple of times while panning my mouse around for screenshots.
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  14. Tolmos added a post in a topic New player with love/hate intrest in this cluttered/bugged MMO   

    I hate to say, but there's definitely something going on that is unique to you on the notifications. I have been using the "hide notifications from" option for a while, and honestly until this post I forgot that they game produced notifications for the marketplace. 

    The UI clutter can be maintained a bit with the Edit UI button in settings. You can hide some of the items on the screen and shuffle them out of the way. I ended up turning about a quarter of my UI off, and after some re-arranging I was able to make things look a bit better. Also, make sure to modify the UI scaling to see if a smaller size might make things a little more appealing for you.
    Sucks to hear about the notification bug you're experiencing. That's definitely a new one on me, but maybe support can help you out.
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