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  1. Hitt added a post in a topic What up with Giant Big-Horned Deers all ever?   

    anyone got anything else except deer meat from them? or are they really just to get meat? the crocodiles have better loot ^^
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  2. Hitt added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    i actually did, but most of the time i didn't need to because i was attacked right away ....while fighting mobs most of the time ^^
    killed all 4 at one point of the 3 hours fight, and no i'm not even close to 200 ap
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  3. Hitt added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    One Question to all this. 
    When does PvP end and Karma Bomb Start?
    Was fighting 4 people yesterday at pirates, i was alone grinding there when 2 of them attacked me and 2 joined later. 
    Yes, i got killed pretty often but i also killed them quite a few times, even all 4 at one point. 
    I was never flagged for PvP on my own the whole time. (went on for 2 hours roughly)
    They must have lost a shitload of karma, yes. 
    I would not consider that karma bombing in my eyes. 
    Tho... what really defines karmabombing? Attacking people again and again if you have no chance at all?
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  4. Hitt added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Viable DK Builds?
    Hey There,
    for sure we can go full AP like ranger and do pretty well, don't think that needs any discussion. 
    However, i'm thinking about what other builds might be viable. 

    Due to the high skill mods we do not need ultra high AP to do great damage in PvP. 
    So i was thinking if a DP build might be viable. or Hybrid DP/Accuracy, DP/AP. 
    Did a few RBF runs yesterday with ~285 DP and 160 AP and was actually impressed as i survived
    quite a bit longer and was still able to kill people (except those ultra tanky valks etc)
    Something like this maybe

    Riddels and Body armor to get more Accuracy. 
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  5. Hitt added a topic in General   

    Full Accuracy build viable?
    Hey folks,
    i wonder, especially since that ap is not worth it discussion. 
    Would you think a full accuracy build is viable? 
    Like having ~150-160 AP but 50 Accuracy or even more?
     - RCE's, Ancient Set or Good Deeds Neck, Bhegs, Accuracy offhand etc etc
    DK in my case. 
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  6. Hitt added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Offhand for 95% PVE
    i know this has been asked a lot of times but mostly for PVP related stuff. 
    I'm mostly grinding, like 95% and only ocassionally do pvp when i need to defend myself or whatever. 
    I got Tri Bhegs, Tri Red Coral, Tri Liverto. 
    190 AP with Kutum and roughly 200 with Nouver. 
    As i need money i'd like to sell one of them but no idea what to keep. 
    I often heard stick to nouver if below 200 AP is that right for Pve?
    Do you notice the difference between 180 and 200 Ap in Pve?
    I'm only talking of PvE here...don't mind PvP ATM. 
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  7. Hitt added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    in my eyes.....
     - greatly reduce success chance on enhancement of IV an V
     - Do not destroy the upgraded item any more but only the component item.
     - Stop downgrading
    EG only the non  upgraded item will be destroyed on a fail but you wont downgrade and loose progress any more
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  8. Hitt added a post in a topic Fellow Tamers - Simple Question, are we a more offensive or defensive class?   

    Theoretically we´re an offensive class. 
    Equipment wise i see us more as a hybrid/defensive class. 
    You can do a lot more with your tamer with higher DP, your damage is not enough to burst down people with very high dp so you need to engage, re-engange and peel anyways. 
    I´m currently at 190 AP and 305 DP and even in battleground that plays pretty good. 
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  9. Hitt added a post in a topic BDO Fixed in Minutes   

    Yay....the master programmer at work?
    "...is a text change"... ever heard of double, ints, databases/structures?
    especially relations etc? Mob HP in BDO is as far as i know not a static text value but a formula based on various things like monster level, monster strength level (ogre more hp as same level mansha etc) its far more complicated than you destribe here. Do not value down the work of programmers. Especially its a loooooot more than "change 192 to 180 and press enter" that´s just hillarious. 
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  10. Hitt added a post in a topic Login on different servers same time?   

    Hmm ok maybe i didn´t realize i got disconnected.....thanks for that!
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  11. Hitt added a post in a topic Login on different servers same time?   

    Well...logged out after like 30 seconds when i realized it but i was able to login to Croxus AND Alustin yesterday....so you´d say this should not be possible?
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  12. Hitt added a topic in General   

    Login on different servers same time?
    as it´s possible....is logging in on two different computers on two different servers at the same time considered an exploit or something or is it allowed?
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  13. Hitt added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer Awakening Animation Cancels
    Hey There,
    just wanted to start a topic on this. 
    Anyone found some cancels good combos?
    All i found so far is
    C -> LBP -> W+F -> B/J
     Moonlight is executed a lot faster if done after LBP, B/J cancels Moonlight 
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  14. Hitt added a post in a topic Halloween Quest from Lara Issue   

    same here
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  15. Hitt added a post in a topic Tamer im PVP   

    also sind 130 ak de fakto praktisch nix? wieviel ak braucht man um 260vk leuten spürbar weh zu tun? ^^
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