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  1. Epizentrum added a post in a topic GS has "ranger-fied" the class a bit :/   

    I honestly doubt you outplayed that many people before, or rather that they had that high of a gear advantage, because with with <120 AP you wont do any damage to a 250 DP and more player. At least you need like 10 different entries and that would mean the other player, who has Bossgear and likely a lot of time invested in the game, is pretty awfull.
    I dont want to take anything away from you, or say you arent better than many of us, but that just sounds unlikely. Either they gave wrong informations about their gear, or you exaggerate. What I agree on is the lower skill celeing, but only for beginners and casual warrios. You can clearly spot the difference between those and the better and more skilled ones. Best indicator is how good they are with switching between GS and S&S. Properly comboing abilities and deciding whats best for the situation instead of waiting for 100% is still a skill game. The entry level is just easier and gives more warriors the option to stand their ground, but you can outplay them easily. (Also keep in mind the 100% locks you in a pretty long animation, so if you miss that one, bad times will come your way)
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  2. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Best single target damage rotations? (World bosses)   

    For a boss twink with Duo Liverto and no bheg gloves - would you recommend Bronze (acc) or steel (ap) offhand?
    Also any of you know, which is more effective for boss farming - Ranger or wizard?
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  3. Epizentrum added a topic in Classes   

    Best class for Bossfarming
    Good day everyone,
    I decided to gear up an alternative character to kill bosses while my main cruises around pirate island.
    My question - what's my best option? Wizard with MMA spam and high sustain, or ranger? Or maybe sorc?
    Which is the most effective in obtaining loot and what is the minimum gear requirement to be effective?
    Thanks in advance and greetings!
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  4. Epizentrum added a post in a topic 2x BMC precision   

    I prefer the BMC Precision gems over the AP ones. Without awakening we needed every bit of dmg we could get to grind, but now awakening is completely fine and like you said, landing almost every CC will boost your Dmg output way more than those 10 AP.
    For the record I got TRI vangertz, Kzarka and Bheg. I used 2x 5 AP before I broke one while afking in the desert and died from heatstroke. (Salt!) Switched to 2x Precision after and Pvp was more reliable.
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  5. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Warriors its almost our time to shine!   

    Simple, we can oneshot people as well now. Not to mention the way better grind possibilities.
    it's not about being unstoppable or having sn easy time. It's about being on par when it comes to grinding (better time efficiency) and being able to have more impact in pvp scenarios. We get both with awakenings.
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  6. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Are you prepared Master Race Warriors?   

    Haven't played for 6 weeks (except Night vendor and daily scrolls), upgraded Kzarka and 3x Bossarmor to TRI with money, fragments and shards saved (+some accessories). So dont have a lot of stuff savee up. Guess getting Great sword will give me more motivation to grind again.
    In the beginning I am going to normally upgrade the green one and use the FS for blue. In the end Green will be finished and I can farm out the rest for the blue. (Except I get extrem luck with blue)
    The difference is not too big and I will still be way stronger than before.
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  7. Epizentrum added a post in a topic omg we may not get awakening on 31 Updated: REJOYCE FELLOW WARRIORS WE'RE CONFIRMED 31 ;)   

    Perfect. I am counting on PA/Kakao to postpone it like every big patch (except cashshop updates), because I am moving to another city at the end of the month and couldn't ride the hype train!
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  8. Epizentrum added a post in a topic If you were to start the game today, would you play warrior?   

    Thats the way!
    Leveled up a Blader, invested a ton of silver for TRI: Liverto and TRI: Offhand - sold it after 1 week and went back to warrior. He might be the weakest link in the foodchain, but its my way to go. (And got a Zarka Longsword from the NV as reward!)
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  9. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Musa Add-On skills   

    Well the 10% Attackspeed for 5 seconds on Rising storm is only showing up as 7% in the buffs. Guess the tooltip is wrong here.
    Outside of this skill I am not sure what to awaken for pvp - Blooming, Dragon Bite, Nemesis Slash ... any tips from some more experienced players?
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  10. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Stop Calling Liverto Trash for Warriors   

    In which way will it get buffed?
    For me Liverto is just superior to Yuria till Kzarka finally drops.
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  11. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    Alustin is where everybody talks big, but the fights/sieges/Nodewars get decided by politics. There is more fight in this single thread than on the entire server. At least if you don't count some big guilds bullying, or threatening smaller ones.
    Looking forward to see how some of those big talkers get some real competition, when the server merge comes around. Or people could stop making massive alliances and fight for themselves, but like somebody said here before - there would be a possibility to lose.
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  12. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Yuria vs Liverto vs Kzarka   

    Swiper said it best - if you have the money, then go for it. It's a bigger dmg boost than making your Rings/Earrings DUO and your Yuria is only PRI so you didn't invest that much yet. Since DP is rather underwhelming, Liverto should be your biggest upgrade dmg, grind, farm wise.
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  13. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Beginner Musa seeking Gear advice   

    So I got my Liverto to TRI, now thinking about pushing offhand up aswell and took my TRI/DUO grunil stuff + rings/earrings from main. 
    The only thing I can't decide yet is the neck + belt combo. For the moment I use the Ancient set, but I am wondering if TRI: Bares (oger) + any AP belt (thinking about duo schulz for now or PRI tree - basilisk lster) is better for Musa? Is the raw ap better than some bonus Acc?
    Also another question concerning Boss fights - what is the best spam able combo to do the max. Dmg possible? 
    Thanks for the answers already!
    /e: one more thing - which skills to awaken with what modifier?  I guess attackspeed and ap on the Dmg ones, movement speed slow on stub arrow?
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  14. Epizentrum added a post in a topic Questions & Clarifications with Pearl Abyss   

    So the Sorc changes are confirmed to be correct ... but nothing about the not working changes on Warrior ... does that mean we can still hope its bugged?
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  15. Epizentrum added a topic in Musa   

    Beginner Musa seeking Gear advice
    Good day everyone,
    I decided to roll a Musa (Blader) for a change and bring some new life into this game for me. Since I got a good amount of money, need failstacks for TRI stuff on my main + dont want to switch gear all day long, I am thinking about enchanting some basic gear for the start. I would like the opinion of some more experienced Musa players since I have a few questions open. Lets start with the overview: (Keep in mind its for leveling and some basic pvp first and if I stick to it I can invest more later)
    Armor: Full Grunil vs. Taritas/Grunil vs. Rocaba/Grunil
    Question: I think Grunil Hand + Head for the 2 AP bonus is save, but I am not sure about the other 2 pieces. Its mainly for leveling up to lvl 55/56 and then testing the Pvp for now. I can still switch later, so what do you guys think would be most efficient? (Keeping up gems is no problem)
    Rings: Blue Coral Ring vs MoS
    Question: I got a lot of BCR from pirate farming, thinking about PRI them and use for now. Better options possible for the moment?
    Earring: Witch vs. Blue Coral Earring vs. Red Coral Earring
    Question: Same as the Rings (got a lot of BCR and some RCE - would PRI them)
    Belt + Neck: I could switch over the Ancient set for the increased Acc for leveling or take a DUO: Bares + PRI: Gladiator
    Question: Other options I worth thinking of?
    Weapon: Ult. Yuria vs Liverto
    Question: Can do both, but is the Liverto really that big of an upgrade for the Blader? (Outside of more AP, which would get balanced with human dmg) Biggest question - is 4 AS and 4 Crit enough for the beginning? Should I push one to 5 and leave the other at 3?
    Offhand: AP or Accuracy? - Guessing its Acc for leveling
    Thats all for now. Thanks for your help in advance. Hopefully you can bring some more light into those questions!
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