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  1. Sandpit added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    And you stating that everyone is an idiot brings what exactly to the discussion?
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  2. Sandpit added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    Says the biggest idiot here.
    That is exactly why people are discussing this, to establish if it's just an isolated bit of luck or if there is a general pattern to confirm that a new feature is not working as intended.
    It is you that has no concept or probability and randomness. Go back to school, and this time pay attention.
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  3. Sandpit added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    It looks like the intent of the new option is to enable you to use green items to generate higher failstacks. Which is great if it works, problem is it appears to be broken.
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  4. Sandpit added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    I've just been doing so fail-stacking with the new durability option and I have observed the same as OP. It's really hard to get much above 15 on green armour and oftem pops as easy as reblath. So this raises a number of questions:
    1: Is it bugged and you get more success with less durability loss?
    2. Is the first option the same as before and it's just a new option they added or did they intend to increase the chance on the old system?
    3. What does this new system, however it is working, do for the enchant tables that everyone uses for recommended fs to get your gear up?
    I suspect 3 doesn't matter much as it's only for greens up to +14
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  5. Sandpit added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    Nope, it was 1 per 30 mins at launch but it's been 1 per hour for quite a while now.
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  6. Sandpit added a post in a topic tri or duo?   

    Is this another outrage at free stuff thread?
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  7. Sandpit added a post in a topic Hope SKill For Horses   

    The RNG on these things is the reason I won't ever buy one
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  8. Sandpit added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    Here is a poll posted last September, the game was 6 months old, here is what the average gear score was then

    Things have got a bit easier to get higher gear since then but you get the picture.
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  9. Sandpit added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    Node wars is just one big CC fest. It's easy chaining them when there are several people spamming CC at you and you attempts to block/iframe just aing going to work. It's got worse over time as the meta has evolved to spam mass CC, simply because it is the best way to win. Change the CC and the meta will change, hopefully to one where both players can actually take part in a fight rather than the current mess of one player and one spectator.
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  10. Sandpit added a post in a topic Hasrah Dungeon   

    The recommendations are quite often a minimum, not for an easy life and hasrah was one of the hardest areas of mediah so you will need to use skill in there
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  11. Sandpit added a post in a topic Again a FPS thread   

    The market place can be a cause so try that fix, but also the last patch introduced a "Graphic Card Low-power Mode" setting and defaulted it to on for a lot of people. Make sure that is off.
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  12. Sandpit added a post in a topic Archaeologist Map Research Thread   

    Clearly not as much of an attention whore as some
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  13. Sandpit added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    My, ,what a lot of willy waving there is in this thread.
    So, you might like to consider the new option they added in game settings. On the screen tab check for "Graphic Card Low-power Mode" not only did they add this but for many it also defaulted to "On".
    Why anyone would add a default option to lower the frame rate of a game that is already heavily criticised for it's poor frame rate I will let you decide!
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  14. Sandpit added a post in a topic GET RID OF THIS GOD AWFUL MECHANIC   

    Just needs to not count the bid items. Just allow us to buy the cheapest available rather than be blocked by items that you CANNOT buy.
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  15. Sandpit added a post in a topic Zodiac sign = luck?   

    I'll leave it thanks
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