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Zakard Evans

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  1. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic < Rise > [ NA ] Guilde Québecoise [PVP / GVG / PVX]   

    jai recommencer BDO depuis peu)env 1 semaine) et je me recherche presentement une guild quebecoise. jai passer par le facebook du groupe black desert online quebec et jai reussi a contacter quelqun de votre guild dessu mais impossible de le contacter en jeux depuis plusieurs jours (Aakman).
    je suis quebecois, jai 29ans, je game sur des mmorpg/arpg depuis que jai genre 14 ans.sur bdo jai presentement une maehwa lvl 54.jaime enormement le pvp mais jy est pas toucher encorp sur bdo par manque de gear et jen et pas eu loccasion encorp.
    si vous aite interesser, mon personnage ce nomme Tzubakie Eavans.je joue habituellement sur les channel olvia 3-4 pour les bonus dexp.sinon , me fournire quelque nom a contacter en jeux.
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  2. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Berserker PvP video   

    weird?why?its like that on every game. some find good build and test what is worth it and what is not and share with other. this way, ppl no what they should aim for and save in time(testing) and money (skill reset). not everyone is good in theorycrafting or understand every single mechanic of each skill.
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  3. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic who named this class.....   

    rerolling sorc?never,fk sorc.
    who care?yes its not that important but its still not right. new player could expecte to play a berserker because it is named berserker but its not a berserker...its a freacking tank that have CC
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  4. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Berserker PvP video   

    hum that build is quite different then what i usualy see,
    no max headbutt
    max feirce strike+ult (never seen a build with higther then rank 1 on this skill)
    max seizing fear : most build dont put point in this one and told me its not worth the investicement.the crit resistance make those passive not that great+many of our skill is already 100% crit chance)
    no ire beast
    can you elaborate on your build choice and is there a few thing in your build that you wouldnt reccomande getting after your test?
    (i was following surrender build giude atm and after seeing yours, im wondering wich one i should actualy follow, you look like a damn beast on that video )
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  5. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Berserker PvP video   

    can you share your build?
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  6. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Berserker PvP video   

    when you say taritas, is it 3 taritas with grunil glove or literaly 4 taritas?
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  7. Zakard Evans added a topic in General   

    server getting empty?
    its me or the server is quit empty these days? before it was always crowded and now ,all the server is not....there even a exp event going on now and there should be more player online because of it but....no.....not a single crowded channel in orwen atm.wtf is happening. we see more and more *i quit* post and i feel like there definitly lot of player leaving....i guess ppl finaly see how shity this game is
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  8. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Would you buy this game again, seeing how the team DAUM solves problems?   

    no,  way to many bad core design
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  9. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Do high end weapons put in the auction sell?   

    keep it mind that marketplace have a 35% taxe fee, that mean your weapon might be listed for hight price but in the end, you wont receive all of that price, you will end up with like 14mil for a item listed at 20mil
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  10. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Having trouble getting into this game.   

    i feel the same has OP.
    i  have been playing mmorpg for like 15 years mabey and some game i was playing really hardcore (15hrs days each days for a long time). i got hoocked for many game but THIS game.....i really really try to get into it since the combat is fun and it look awsome but damn.....i dont have any desire to log in....
    -like you said, the feel of progression is kinda bad with the gears. there no lvl requirement so you grab the set you want and just enchant m using it from lvl 1+ and never change it until you go boss armor.it doesnt feel right.
    -there seem to be no goal in this game.....you grind for a lame pvp with no skill involved that give no reward....
    -the crafting and housing system is just a mess....worste housing ever.
    -pvp is not balanced at all, no skill involved only gear and lvl, there no reward for doing pvp, open world pvp and pk is really really punishing so why bother....
    imo, this game do have insane potential but it have SO MANY bad core design that no matter how good the new cotent will be, it will still be a crap game in the end.
    again this is my opinion and many still think this game is the best game ever but for me, its not the case.il still force me to play it because i have nothing else atm but il leave as soon has a new game that interest me come out....
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  11. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    hi, why dont you up seizing fear? the crit chance bonus seem pretty big and with the lack of dmg, more crit chance seem really interesting.(52.5% at max)
    between for leveling and solo pvp what do you suggest for armor set?2 taritas 2 grunil or 3 taritas 1 grunil?from what i understand 3 taritas 1 grunil is for mass pvp and 2-2 is for everything else?
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  12. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Votre expérience des MMORPG   

    pour mon orthographe desoler. sur internet je met jamais les apostrophe,accent etc et en plus je suis quebecois donc si vous aite francais vous aller peut-etre pas comprendre certain truc. je suis a chier en francais et me forcer a ecrire sur les forums, no thx. si vous aite pas capable de comprendre  juste parcequil y a quelque faute ou des mot mal ecris ben liser pas et ces tout. faut vous habituer sur internet, faite pas vos difficile. ces pas un concour de francais non plus, ces pas parcequil manque un accent ou un *s* qui va changer grand chose. vous comprener et that it. on utilise beaucoup dexpression en anglais aussi. ces le language de gaming. jutilise les forum anglais 95% du temps de toute facon car les forum francais son tres tres peu actif
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  13. Zakard Evans added a topic in Berserker   

    who named this class.....
    ok.....the class is named berserker.
    berserker= a fearless beast driven by rage who have hight burst dmg and low defence.
    BDO berserker= a tank class with the lowest burst dmg.
    who the hell tought this class was a berserker.....they often call it giant and its a more suited name imo but berserker is definitly not.new comer that think they are truly a berserker and pick this class without getting true information about it will be sad in the end lol
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  14. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic Votre expérience des MMORPG   

    mon premier mmorpg etais: la 4ieme prophetie sur le serveur officiel de goa.best mmo ever.la fermeture des serveur goa fut une enorme perte pour moi  jy pense encorp.
    apres jai toucher a pas mal toute.jai jouer aion jusqua temps quil tombe f2p.jetais un des gladiateur le mieu gearer de mon serveur (pas le meilleur par exemple lol)
    plusieurs anne sur d2,serveur priver wow, allods, requiem bloodymare (encorp la un des plus hautlvl de mon serveur et dans les top de ma class(pvp),le grind de se jeux etais hallucinant), serveur priver lineage2,, blade and soul, wildstar, guild wars 2,tera,path of exile (best arpg ever), plus ressament jetais sur ff14 (vraiment bien se jeux coter pve,raiding)
    jetais vraiment un hardcore gamer dans le temps(surtout aion et requiem bloodymare) a jouer des 15h en ligne par jour pendant + de 1ans mais depuis quelque anné jai pu la meme pation pour les nouveaux mmorpg, jaccroche pas autant sur les nouveaux jeux  good old time
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  15. Zakard Evans added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    i just rerolled berserker and i have a few question regarding gear progression.
    i have a +3 2xtaritas and +3 2xgrunil (come from my maewha). can i just lvl with it since they are already +3 or i really need to get a full set of agerian for lvling 1-50?
    what is the reason to use  agerian for 1-50, full grunil 50-53 and 3 taritas 1 grunil 53+? can we just go 3 taritas 1 grunil from lvl 1?
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