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  1. triggered added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    You couldn't prove to me that these aren't random plebs, and I don't mean because of the guild tag above their head (which means ----- all - but I get that you think it must mean something) but for the very visible and plain as day fact that they're playing like autistic wrecks. Probably my favorite, aside from the warrior completely whiffing his reckless blow at the beginning is the witch standing behind a tree casting away while the wiz was completely LoS from her. 10/10 downy.

    No one attempted to get behind him - every single one of them were dumping damage into his frontal block for god only knows what reason. I get that it's easy to miss a target popping a protected area - but if you're hitting a wizard or any other player with that buff, they're flashing red & you're seeing critical on every hit but yet their health isn't budging, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you might be retarded if you keep hitting them while the buff is up. The zerker was the only one who threw out any meaningful CC. And to top it off, they chase him at the very end, for what? The wiz did do a really good job of using terrain and coverage of trees to obstruct his enemies view when he ported away. 

    Thanks for showing me the BDO equivalent of kids playing BG Finder Arathi Basin and fighting in the road. Nothing in this video confirms that stacking DP is a worthwhile endeavor, but what the video does show is the wiz outclassed, outgeared, and likely outleveled a few player controlled manshas/alts with <Harmony> above their head. 2/10.
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  2. triggered added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    You mean they couldn't kill her through protected area? No -----ing way.

    You mean they couldn't kill her after cc'ing her a total of two times and completely whiffing their attacks because they executed them 90 degrees the other way from her while she was on the ground? No -----ing way. (Pro insider tip, Korea deals with dsync too)
    You mean they couldn't kill her while she was standing up because she abused the perma-guard bug at every opportunity? No -----ing way.
    You mean they couldn't kill her through frontal guards & super armor while they were dumping big damage abilities into her, always from a frontal angle? No -----ing way.

    You can see from this video that it has absolutely nothing to do with dp and everything to do with the sorc & dk being absolute garbage at the game, which is told from their awful positioning. They didn't even try to get behind her during the heal at the end.
    Because none of those things happened for the entirety of your 48 second clip right? Go on, say they didn't. You're literally touched if this is the video that you think props up your non-existing argument that somehow 320 dp+ makes either class in question a tank. I refuse to believe you're this dumb. Please tell me you're trolling.
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  3. triggered added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    Witch/Wizards with 300+ dp being "impossible" or even "hard" to kill by anyone 220+ ap is a -----ing meme.
    Quit being autistic / intellectually dishonest. You're not going to kill a 250 dp witch / wiz instantly with 220+ ap while they have protected area up.
    No 320+ dp witch / wizard is "tanking" players while protected area is down. Sorry, but it's not happening.
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  4. triggered added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    Troll thread is 0/10 troll
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  5. triggered added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    gotha rensa when???
    rove ruud when???
    sting note when???
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  6. triggered added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I'd say I've had pretty good luck. So far I've won from bidding recently: Tet Dande GS, Tri Ogre Ring, Tri Tree Spirit Belt, and a Tri Witch's. Still have a little ways to go before I'll feel somewhat complete before I switch out my last remaining duo accessories for tri's.
    Even though I've come to the conclusion that failstacks are pretty much a meme with accessories, I'm not sure I would have spent any less money getting any of those items. What I did guarantee myself was a lot of grief and rage at watching money & time just disappear.
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  7. triggered added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    It would have felt even better if you were throwing silver (*cough* I meant Cron Stones) out with your accessories too.
    This ultramegagigakike enchanting is why I no longer enchant my own accessories. I rather hope my rng is good enough to not see "failed to purchase" when a tri crescent or w/e pops up than to just watch hundreds of millions/dozens of hours go poof - even if I have a backup ready.
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  8. triggered added a post in a topic Cron Stones useless?   

    When people were opening their boss boxes two weeks ago. I had a pre-order for 150 mil on Giath's. Several guildies had pre-orders up for 200+ for the helm. I won a pre-order, not a single one of them did. Their pre-orders had been and remained up before I ever placed mine.
    This is but only the most recent case where I've had pre-orders at a lower price be awarded to me over people who have pre-orders up for higher. Stop spreading your misinformation.
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  9. triggered added a post in a topic PSA: Trade Distance Bonus Percentages Chart - Valencia Updates   

    I'm not sure, I'm not usually around Trent (or if I am, never seem to bring anything back trade wise). Sorry =/
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  10. triggered added a post in a topic PSA: Trade Distance Bonus Percentages Chart - Valencia Updates   

    Not town to town, but for those interested with enough contribution - Pirates (Kuit) -> Arehaza was 130% for me.
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  11. triggered added a post in a topic Cron Stones useless?   

    Serap's. Half the price, more easily obtainable, 5 ap less than Ogre when both are at Tri. 
    Sicil's. One third the price, more easily obtainable, 9 ap less / 9 dp more than Ogre when both are at Tri.
    I digress, I guess if everyone was smart and throwing super useful cron stones at their Ogre rings, the MP would be swimming in tets and pens by this point. The folly of these unlearned plebs!
    Why we're still discussing an unneeded pve neck is beyond me. It doesn't work to prove your point, and quite frankly there's no math you're going to come up with, not even if it's Bernie math, that will keep your point propped up in regards to cost efficiency - lack thereof when concerning Cron stones outside of the handful of ultra cheap and common crappy accessories.
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  12. triggered added a post in a topic Cron Stones useless?   

    Ogre ring is a meme.
    We've only just received necklaces more on part with it, not only are they more reliably obtainable, but they're half or less the price if you absolutely have to buy rather than farm it yourself. Pve necks are pve necks.
    Also someone putting up pre-orders for 200m or whatever huge amount over the listed cost done goofed. Highest price pre-order doesn't win. Pretty sure by now most people have to know pre-orders are rng - both aspects, if it goes through and if it actually sells to a lower amount pre-order. And then there is region listed. But hey, don't let me stop anyone from pissing away money.
    Back to the point, anyone pissing away cron stones on ogre ring upgrade attempts is maximum level retard.
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  13. triggered added a post in a topic Cron Stones useless?   

    Being useful and within feasible or rational use for roughly five items in the game doesn't make them actually useful. Especially when said five items are still pretty garbage at tri, arguably one of those five is still mediocre.
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  14. triggered added a post in a topic Bladers be waiting   

    Don't even like anime. Despise weebs and their ilk.
    But, I'd totally throw 20 mil silver towards this costume for my alt musa (or pearls if I mained one). The only other current set that I remotely like is the Wilderness.
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  15. triggered added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    I'm tempted to do some test runs & field results for Monastery Leader scrolls out of Serendia Shrine.
    I know my experience has been just that. I'd reliably get a scroll/hour out of there before I had the node connected (leveled an alt from 45 to 51 there). A while afterward I connected from Glish, and pumped it up to 10 in about 2 1/2 weeks. Went back to farm again on my main while waiting on Kzarka occasionally, haven't seen a scroll since.
    Also, my experience in-game: a lot of people seem to acknowledge that node level is either bugged or severely undertuned. This isn't just some forum/reddit discussion that some micro-group of players have been discussing. This topic has been going on for a very long time off of the forums, and more or less points to what Nagasaki has collected information on - each and every time. I can't recall a single person saying they've seen their drops (rare or otherwise) substantially increase (or increase at all - with any kind of evidence substantiating that) with a leveled node from release until now.
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