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  1. samcp21 added a post in a topic Need some advice!   

    Is there a big difference between Taritas and Grunil? I'm not really interested in PvP so that's not a factor
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  2. samcp21 added a topic in General   

    Need some advice!
    I just came back to the game after taking a break for around 6 months, really not sure what I should be doing in terms of content at this point. Last time I was playing I remember farming at Elric Shrine (is that still viable?). I'm a level 52 warrior and my gear is as follows:
    +7 Taritas Helm
    +9 Taritas Armor
    +7 Taritas Gloves
    +7 Taritas Shoes
    +15 Yuria Longsword
    +7 Vangertz Shield
    Ancient Weapon Core
    Ancient Guardian's Seal
    Mark of Shadow x 2
    Witches Earring x 1
    Jarettes Earring x 1
    Thanks for the help
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  3. samcp21 added a post in a topic Should workers be used for farms?   

    Ah I see, I was under the impression that plants/crops had to be pruned/checked immediately, it makes more sense to wait for several of them to proc before actually doing so. Thanks for clearing that up.
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  4. samcp21 added a topic in General   

    Should workers be used for farms?
    So I understand that workers can be used to tend farms so there is no need to prune or kill insects but the farming  experience you get just from harvesting is terribly low. So I decided to park one of my characters there and when the plants needed pruning or whatever I'd hop back onto that character, however the plants needed tending almost every 10 minutes it became somewhat of a hassle to keep switching characters (I made sure the humidity etc was correct). 
    Can any experienced farmers give me advice on how I should handle this? 
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  5. samcp21 added a post in a topic How to trigger "For A Sharper Weapon" without Basteer   

    Possibly, but people have said they've received around level 48 so I assumed if there was a pre-req I would have already done it since I'm up to date with the Black Spirit quests
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  6. samcp21 added a post in a topic How to trigger "For A Sharper Weapon" without Basteer   

    I have an Ultimate Styd Sword already (got it between lvl 30-40 or so), does it have to be a normal Styd weapon or something?
    Well I went and bought a normal Styd sword and it didn't trigger it, so I have no idea lol
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  7. samcp21 added a topic in General   

    How to trigger "For A Sharper Weapon" without Basteer
    I just hit 50 and I'm wondering how to trigger the quest line that eventually awards the +7 Bares weapon along with the free black stones, I've looked through many different posts on this forum and reddit but nothing seems to be working for me. As many other people did I threw away the Basteer weapon when I got the Ultimate Styd Sword, however some have stated that it's still possible to trigger the quest line withe a Styd weapon. This remains a mystery to me as I still have yet to receive the quest from the black spirit and I'm half way to 51, some have said that it's possible to trade a black stone to the blacksmith at Delphe but this doesn't work once you have the Styd weapon, I went there myself just to see and there's nothing on the NPC's dialogue or the Black Spirit's dialogue that was helpful. 
    Honestly not sure what to do at this point, would suck to miss out on all them free stones, if anyone else was able to resolve please let me know you did.
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  8. samcp21 added a post in a topic Where to AFK fish? (On Land)   

    Wow that's a lot of information, thank you. I have yet to invest in crafting a boat, but I assume that when not afk fishing, it's best to fish out on the ocean?
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  9. samcp21 added a post in a topic Where to AFK fish? (On Land)   

    Nice, is there a particular fishing rod I should be aiming to get? I noticed there's several different types you can create at the lv. 3 Tool workshop.  
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  10. samcp21 added a post in a topic Where to AFK fish? (On Land)   

    I like to think it is, but since they introduced the new fishing patch, I honestly only get trash near Olvia. I've tried fishing around there multiple times and end up with only a few greens and the rest seaweed, bones etc. I'll prob just stick to near Velia for now.
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  11. samcp21 added a topic in General   

    Where to AFK fish? (On Land)
    Is there a 'best' place to AFK fish on land? I've noticed that the fish you catch near Velia coast are a lot better than the ones near Olvia coast for example, around Olvia I'll barely catch any blues let alone yellows and it's mostly trash, but near Velia it's mostly blues and sometimes yellows. I'm really confused on where I should be fishing.
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  12. samcp21 added a topic in General   

    Good places to mine Tin manually?
    Basically the title, I'm aware of the worker nodes around Calpheon but don't have enough contribution points at the moment to put a worker there.
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  13. samcp21 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Frequent File Corruption
    I'm frequently getting the messaged telling me the file is corrupted and to run a repair from the launcher, I know that it's possible to solve this by renaming the version.dat file, I have tried this however it is only a short amount of time before it happens again, restarting my PC also seems to fix the problem but like I said, it's only a matter of time before it occurs again. Could this be an Antivirus issue? (I'm currently using Avira if it helps).
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  14. samcp21 added a post in a topic Game freezes when attempting to exit?   

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  15. samcp21 added a post in a topic Game freezes when attempting to exit?   

    It's been happening since day 1 for me, no idea what could be causing it, very frustrating tbh
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