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  1. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    We have moved to the new Forums!!!! https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/na-calp6-recruiting-last_watch-looking-for-quality-players.1051/
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  2. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    3 new members in the last 24hrs! Awesome..Still spots available..
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  3. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    Still have some spots open!!!
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  4. Nadan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Pretty bad when even the Emerg hot fixes can't be done in the specific time frame mentioned..someone needs a new job!
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  5. Nadan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

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  6. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    What ya waiting for?  We now have Medium status and want great active mature players!!
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  7. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    Hi there, Once you have the game installed please send a whisper to Belindamay, Xarxith or Chulada for an invite on server/channel Calpheon 6
    Thanks for your intrest
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  8. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    Still some spots left!!
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  9. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    Happy Easter Everyone!!! The guild is growing nicely, just a few spots left until we take a break for a week or two!!! Tired of all the BS in your guild? The Elitist Officers who think your nothing? No Voice? Well you WILL NOT find those kinds of attitudes here!
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  10. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    Added both to my friends list...Whisper Belindamay or Xarxith on Calp 6 for invite...
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  11. Nadan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

    Terrible lag after patch Pls fix!!!! and it's extremely rare for me to get lag!
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  12. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    Happy Patch Day folks....We will be stopping at 30 members in order for those 30 to get better acquainted with each other and the game, so right now we have 8 spots left to fill, after a reasonable time frame (prob 2 weeks ) recruitment will again vamp up.
       Please note if you wish to Join us PM those listed in the main posting, in game! I will not be Whispering individuals who post here...just far to many PM's etc...
    Thanks all
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  13. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch needs YOU!   

    Lots of spots to fill !!
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  14. Nadan added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    We Are Growing!!! Lots of spots left!!!
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  15. Nadan added a post in a topic Looking for guild to join.....   

    Sounds like we may be just your cup a tea 
    A no Pressure, no Drama, no Hounding to Grind no Hassle, progress at your own pace guild, Last Watch wants you, everyone has a voice, let us be the last guild you will ever need, all levels with a Mature Social Attitude welcomed. Discord !  LifeSkills Level 2 PM for invite.
    Ingame  Belindamay (main)    Sassie (Family)    we are on Calphron 6 channel
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