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  1. Rayun added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't dye [Event] Pirate Bandana on Ninja
    For some reason, when I transfer my Pirate Bandana that I got through the event, the dyes do not show up on my Ninja, only on my Musa. I even tried bleaching the darn thing to see if resetting it would do anything but that didn't work either. Included screenshots for proof.
    I understand if this isn't a huge issue that requires fixing immediately but I would appreciate the fix as I think the bandana could look freaking amazing with the Narusawa armor. Thanks!

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  2. Rayun added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I stood up for Daum/PA when they made the Value Pack available as it wasn't such a huge deal that it would cause a clear and overpowered advantage to people with money.... but this.... this is going too far. If the game wasn't so gear reliant, then maybe it'd be okay but this literally lets people buy themselves to max power to be able to beat everyone else who is working their asses off to reach that level.
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  3. Rayun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   


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  4. Rayun added a post in a topic No Maintenance on the 27th of July   

    So.... no Cokro Outfit this week? Shame... I was ready to drop 30 dollars on this game for it   You're loss Daum!
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  5. Rayun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    Same here. That Cokro would take my Ninja experience from good to -----ING AWESOME.

    Sadly, it probably won't appear for another patch or two :'(
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  6. Rayun added a post in a topic Missing items in cash shop for ninja   

    I NEED THAT COKRO OUTFIT! It's perfect for wandering Media and the desert D:
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  7. Rayun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   


    Cokro outfit is missing. I was so ready to drop 30 dollars for this too!  Come on! Bring it out so I can grind in style!
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  8. Rayun added a post in a topic Ninja vs. Kunoichi - Which are you rolling?   

    Oh you're so smart and knowledgeable. Wow, teach me more please. So does that mean Valkyrie and Warrior aren't the same because Valkyrie's are Viking legends while Warrior is a term used to describe someone who fights in wars?  Could have figured that mechanically, they were similar but I guess since their names are so different, they are completely different in every aspect. But you know, I should just go back to school so I can learn all about the differences between a Korean warrior and a 5-sword wielding samurai.
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  9. Rayun added a post in a topic Ninja vs. Kunoichi - Which are you rolling?   

    Still undecided if I want to main Ninja or not. I will try him out for a while and if I enjoy it more than my Musa, I might make the switch especially since Ninja awakening is basically Musa with 5 swords.
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  10. Rayun added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Upgrading Heve to Blue ruined in-game model
    I found out I could upgrade my Heve to Blue and Ultimate quality now. I was so excited to finally make the set I chose for cosmetic reasons into a slightly more viable set to compete against Grunil but after successfully upgrading my Heve to Blue quality, the in-game model for the Heve set got changed to the starting gear. Not only that, all my dyes were removed and furthermore, I can no longer dye the armor as there are no dye slots... considering the fact that I purposely handicapped myself by choosing Heve because I liked the in-game model and my entire look is ruined and irreperable... you can imagine how frustrating this is. Please someone at Daum help me out with this.


    This is what Heve is supposed to look like:

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  11. Rayun added a post in a topic Yo, that Blader Burst/CC combo, what it be?   

    That and the CC resistances also give a chance to immune a CC depending on how much resistance they built up with their gear. 
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  12. Rayun added a post in a topic Musa Skill Awakenings?   

    I got Melee AP +5 on Blooming and I'm trying to get Attack Speed Boost on Dragon's Bite to get off the entire chain faster when I cc someone. Rising Storm also has Attack Speed Boost for me. Other than that, maybe Speed Boost Blind Thrust or Attack boost on Gale?
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  13. Rayun added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Hahaha he was so tunnelled he straight up ran into your arrow and didn't even evade after the Backwards Slash.  Nice kill but issues with the classes still remain.
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  14. Rayun added a post in a topic Yo, that Blader Burst/CC combo, what it be?   

    Yeah pretty much. Don't forget about desync too. It also affect Musas as well. I landed a sick combo on a dude only for him to teleport and appear on the ground behind me after letting off a flurry of attacks where he was supposed to be. Then, of course, he 2 shots me with Lightning+Residual since DP doesn't do anything right now haha.
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  15. Rayun added a post in a topic Musa or Maewha?   

    Love Musa's Flaming Tornado also it's a male character. Maewha's got that cool Red Moon thing but eh. Flowers in all the attacks isn't my thing.
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