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  1. Sadhana added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    Well, that's that. No announcement whatsoever, a complete lack of communication and sincere effort and acknowledgement. Its pretty clear no matter what we were going to say they were going down this road regardless. So I'm gone.
    Featherine was right.
    Cya fam.
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  2. Sadhana added a post in a topic How is insulting people not breaking the forum-rules?   

    They certainly adore their ad hominem and offensive slurs and their, uh, "opinionated" .GIFs.
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  3. Sadhana added a post in a topic If game goes dead   

    I agree.
    Both parties (anti-P2W / Pro-P2W) should remain calm and only focus on spreading legitimate information and number figures while waiting for Daum/Hair salon's reply on the matter.
    But, yeah. Its starting to grind on my nerves on my perceived lack of intellectual discussion and manners from the pro-P2W.
    Tell Daum that, no matter how they cut it at this point, P2W is inevitable. They'll introduce it now due to many people quitting / moving on and their revenue dropping due to the breach in trust.
    They probably didn't find the time to knock on wood before they doomed themselves. Oh, well. I'm sure the many hard workers out their with many and varied IRL obligations have the finances to pay for a P2W game will keep this game alive...
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  4. Sadhana added a post in a topic The problem with the TERM "p2w"   

    I don't mind discussion, but if you are trying to punch holes into my logic, please reconsider what you use next time instead of giving me validation. thank you very much.
    Nothing they've said contradicts me, even when I said quite bluntly, "No, P2W isn't an opinion".
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  5. Sadhana added a post in a topic The problem with the TERM "p2w"   

    No, P2W isn't an opinion, it is entirely based on a large sample size across multiple years for a toxic, anti-consumer business model.
    Immediate power = P2W. i.e.: "Oh, well I just spent 15$ dollars to rent level 60 armor despite me being only level 1, for 7 days. I don't have to spend ingame money for gear or anything!"
    Getting power substantially more easily without putting in the same kind of effort (a statue of limitation has long been in place due to subscriptions becoming an optional service) = P2W
    An all-time, non-situational amount of power disproportionate to your level/hours played due to money expenditure = P2W
    P2W does not mean what you think it means. It isn't a catch all term, albeit it does encompass a broad net of issues in the MMO genre. The issue is with the mass majority of people using P2W in demagoguery and game-shaming. To this day, I will defend the ghillie suit and the value pack to the death because while they cross a line, they do so in such an insubstantial fashion that they can remain optional.
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  6. Sadhana added a post in a topic OFFICIAL POLL by Sizer   

    Voted not to P2W. Obviously.
    And yet again, the polls speak for themselves.

    As of 8/816. 12:00 P:M, EDT.
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  7. Sadhana added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    I came in here expecting footjob jokes...
    I hope whoever is left gets to enjoy BDO for what it'll be. But, as is, what it'll be is precisely why I'm leaving (very probably). Even if they don't implement their P2W Wednesday, they've already proven it'll be when, not if.
    Chances are, I'll be leaving. But I'll at least wait until Wednesday's maintenance.
    Self-inflicted misery.
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  8. Sadhana added a post in a topic Here is why Black Desert is going P2W (everyone read it)   

    I somehow doubt even after them funding hair salons expenditures, that Daum is suffering financially enough to require enabling P2W transactions ingame. If the sell figures at launch was anything to go by, that is.
    Sometimes playing devil's advocate makes you fair. Sometimes, it just makes you a devil too.
    By that logic, I have stopped playing BDO so even before Wednesday's maintenance, I won't be counted amongst the number of players. If I'm going to "vote with my wallet", that's simple. I'll just leave immediately and never look back, without ever spending another single penny on BDO.
    No, but most humans are capable of fairly rational, protracted analysis. That itself is enough to get a suitable answer to most problems.
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  9. Sadhana added a post in a topic If BDO is switching to a F2P model, what happens to the buy-in price?   

    Well, when it comes F2P I hope they'll re-release Shuda (sp?) armor outfit for the ninja / kunoichi / etc.
    Even if I hate P2W and intend to quit (possibly / probably / etc) this Wednesday, I'd still like for the remaining players to get nice things, and more content, even if they have to spend money to remain remotely relevant.
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  10. Sadhana added a post in a topic Its already going downhill ?   

     There's a good reason for that.
    With the way you throw around ad hominems, I find that somehow hard to believe.
    But, pardon me, with the way you talk to other people, and me mostly skimming through shorter posts on a whole, I may have an unjustified perception of you showing a distinct lack of respect for anyone not of the same opinion as you. So if I'm wrong, my bad.
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  11. Sadhana added a post in a topic Daum Eu cant handle the truth   

    In the precise terminology of Daum/Hair Salon:
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  12. Sadhana added a post in a topic P2W is great.   

    "We have IRL obligations..."
    Which apparently exclude financial security if they can afford a korean-based MMO, which are especially notorious for how heavy-handed their P2W is.
    "Watch and wait" isn't unreasonable, or unintelligible. I'm just part of the more extreme cases where I have entirely stopped playing BDO until wednesday maintenance, so at the very least, I won't be counted amongst their numbers. Only exclusory to forum activity.
    People will drop BDO when Daum/hair salon drops their ball and show a distinct lack of adhering to any sort of community feedback, or compromise. That's the long and short of it.
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  13. Sadhana added a post in a topic things in orwen are not good.   

    Fascist society*
    If any guilds got a node it was basically because it was worthless, or on the good graces of the mega alliance.
    I've had fun shitposting and memeing in channel chat with people from both luciform and veritas, but I can't support or condone mega alliances at all.
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  14. Sadhana added a post in a topic I did NOT create this -----ing post, stop linking shit posts to my account.   

    Successful relations between consumer and marketer is what drives success. If the marketer uses exact wording and leaves much of their intent in the realms of ambiguity, naturally, the consumers has every right to express their skepticism. But due to the spread of information by Daum/Hair salon saying they will never be P2W but leaving it all in obscure, fine print that "they might change it in the future" is little less than straight up lying and spreading intentional misinformation for sells.
    Transparency isn't a fad, its something you maintain out of integrity as a business.
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  15. Sadhana added a post in a topic things in orwen are not good.   

    Gee wilikers. That can't possibly be it! Gosh diwinks.
    Anyway. Orwen's mega alliance is something I don't condone, and while I don't want Veritas and their meatshields to just up and vanish, I do want them to have more steady competition without using other guilds not in their "real" alliance to take collateral damage.
    But I haven't logged in BDO for days, and I won't until Wednesday. So I can't speak much about the current situation on Orwen.
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