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  1. Alcorius added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Question: The colour theory only applies when going up a tier or also going down? (E.g. T8 -> T7 can result in any possible colour or still resteicted to the parents colours?!)
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  2. Alcorius added a post in a topic Huge Nerf Or What   

    Abandoned Iron Mine Elites for sure feel stronger than before (=i need more time to kill them)
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  3. Alcorius added a post in a topic Er ist wieder da   

    Danke für den Thread. Ein Grund mehr warum ich froh bin, schon lange mit BDO aufgehört zu haben.
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  4. Alcorius added a post in a topic Wiso werden es immer weniger Spieler?   

    Weil jeder 15-20 Verbesserungen so sehr herbeisehnt?  Und noch mehr RNG Drops?  15.06. Node wars mag interessant sein, aber ohne Upgrade der Serverarchitektur wird das ein Disaster. Ich vermute diesbezüglich eher eine mehrfache verschiebung des releases. Also mich wird das Update sicher nicht zurückholen.
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  5. Alcorius added a post in a topic Solution for Fieldbosses. No more cri's   

    Joskua already explained that there are two different drop-pools. One for those with the highest dmg and one for the rest (whatever that means). The first depends on the dmg deslt, the second not if i remember correctly. So no, not participating will not help to best the rng when other participating people can get there drop by pure luck.
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  6. Alcorius added a post in a topic Happy Mother's Day!!!   

    most countries in europe + USA are celebrating "mothers day" on the 2nd sunday of may.
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  7. Alcorius added a post in a topic State of the game via PvtWiggle's Opinion   

    i know the meaning of that word and i think i quoted the essential parts of your comment. You dont think Daum is too passive. But at the same time you think the actual problem lies within the old xigncode which is impossible for Daum to change. They have to rely on changes made by the actual developers. So they can not do a lot about it except forwarding it to the developers (=beeing passive). The second part was just my addition about that "passive topic" which for me includes the lack of communication.
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  8. Alcorius added a post in a topic 150% of BDO players are having fun   

    Forgot one thing  They released those numbers a month ago. Since you seem to like numbers tuat much, lets wait for a more recent annoucement, shall we? You are pretty sure those numbers are higher than 100k, i am not.
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  9. Alcorius added a post in a topic MMO Mice & Macros   

    Dont want to be the "bad boy" here but they rely on people taking screenshots/videos of hackers in order to be able to ban them. Somehow i dont think they could identify macros which are not automatically detected by that outdated xigncode. My keyboard also requires software which would allow the creation of macros (logitech). Xigncode didnt care about that program at all though.
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  10. Alcorius added a post in a topic 150% of BDO players are having fun   

    You know that you can ingore people completely here on the forum?! Unfortunately you still will be able to read posts from people who quotes those blocked people. Plunge was one of the firdt players i put there, for a good reason  His way of arguing and going against eveyone who has a different opinion is just crazy. 
    End of Offtopic.
    Back to the topic: Starting a thread with false numbers followed by "real numbers" trying to convince others that you are right about everyhing is just hilarious. 
    PS: Dont bother to answer, i wont be able to read it unless you want to waste your time.
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  11. Alcorius added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    This! If you rebind shift and put a weight on it or rebind any numpad key to "sprint" doesnt make any difference. Nobody will be able to tell which key you used and how you did it.
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  12. Alcorius added a post in a topic State of the game via PvtWiggle's Opinion   

    "disagree that Daum is so passive" + vulnerabilities that go deeper & xigncode is the problem" = you basically contradict yourself. Daum obviously can not do a lot about except forwarding it to the developers and asking for a change. If xigncode needs to be replaced it probably will take some time and i am afraid that it may be too late for a lot of players who by then will already be gone. Daums 2nd "problem" is its way of communication with the players. They really need to change that too (new positions etc.) including better patchnotes and quicker respone when bugs/exploits/mistakes occur.
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  13. Alcorius added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    Guess what, Daum knew about the upcoming changes without any googling  
    What happened: Release of the game: Bosses can drop bundles with a certain loot table (no boss armor). Media Part 2 = Release of the best armor ingame. Dropped by: Boss bundles.  = loottable needs to be changed. 
    Better scenario: (First part same as before). Media Part 2 = Release of best srmor ingame. Dropped by: Bouss bundle 2.0 = add new loottable for those 2.0 bundles with armor and leave the old loottable for the original bundles as it was before.
    Every single play would have understood if they implemented it in a similar way as decribed in the better scenario. Even those who saved those bundles because they just assumed ose eill drop the armor later....
    getting informations from google or other websites is fine, but you should be able to trust the publisher that they adjust certain things (like the cash shop). But yes, it is probably my/our fault that we trusted Daum they would handle that issue/update different... 
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  14. Alcorius added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    Everyone? I didn't. Not everyone who plays BDO Na/Eu also played BDO Kr....It is a bad assumption that all players should know  everything about the game and its future beforehand.
    If they (Daum) would have implemented it in a different way (i highly doubt they were/are able too) the outcome would have been so much better: Everyone who saved those bundles wouldnt had any advantage or disadvantage vs those who just used them. And they couldnt have complained about anything because nobody ever claimed that those armors would have been obtainable after the media part 2 release by saving up those "old bundles". They (knowing players) just assumed "Daum cant change the dropsystem and we know those armors will come out of those bundles, so yeah lets save them because after the update they will drop those armors for sure...." 
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  15. Alcorius added a post in a topic Mein Account wurde gehacked   

    Denkt euch einen längeren Satz aus, nehmt die Anfangsbuchstaben jedes Wortes (idealerweiße Groß- und Kleinschreibung beachten) fügt ein paar Buchstaben und Sonderzeichen dazwischen und wenn dann immernoch irgendwas mit euren Accounts "passiert", können wir über "Hacken" reden. Achja, Installation von einschlägigen Drittsoftware (auch unbewusst) natürlich ausgeschlossen. Zu BDO: Ein "wirklicher Hacker" wird sich wohl kaum für irgendein MMORPG interessieren und seine Zeit verschwenden, sich in Accounts einzuloggen um Items zu löschen.....
    Edit: Falls kein Eigenverschulden vorliegt (Drittsoftware), wäre auch ein Software/Programmierungsfehler denkbar. Es gibt ja den bekannten Bug, dass Chars ihre Level tauschen können (vorher lvl50, danach plötzlich lvl 10). Falls dieser Tausch auch Items beeinflusst und dieser Tausch mit einem frisch erstellten lvl1 char passiert, das das Inventar danach natürlich so gut wie leer.
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