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  1. NutterzUK added a post in a topic Hard crash, unable to do anything   

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  2. NutterzUK added a post in a topic Hard crash, unable to do anything   

    I've posted a link to this thread to the support. In the meantime, let's see if we have some similarities in our setups which may be causing it.
    If you can go to your start menu and search for "dxdiag" then click save all information and attach that here, I can compare them and see if we perhaps have the same graphics card, or same drivers... or same combination of things.
    I've attached mine.
    I'm on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview build 14271 (Are you on win 10... maybe the preview build?)
    I'm using an AMD graphics card, AMD R9 280 (Perhaps we share the same graphics?)
    I'm running in windowed mode as when I make it full screen it seems to not remember the settings.
    I don't have an anti virus other than the built in windows 10 one (Windows defender).
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  3. NutterzUK added a post in a topic Gold Sellers are a necessary evil   

    Uhm. We talk about supply and demand, then suggest someone selling pearls or items cheaper than Daum is good because they buy accounts... no.
    For every €1 they take, thats money people arent buying pearls with from the shop. The gold sellers must be making more than they spend else they wouldnt be there. Meaning, they take more (€) from the community which would otherwise go to the devs than they spend obtaining the accounts (legally or otherwise).
    They take money out of the game, away from the developers. I'd sooner give €10 to the devs than €x to a gold seller as the devs will hopefully invest some back into the game.
    I dont even think goldsellers are genuine now as they cant transfer stuff, but either way... they certainly arent helping the developers! Hacked accounts will also massively put the victims off buying from the shop, if they even play again. Anything they do sell is one less sale for the pearl shop.
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  4. NutterzUK added a post in a topic Prices   

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  5. NutterzUK added a post in a topic Hard crash, unable to do anything   

    I have the same issue, as does my friend. There are no logs in the Windows Event Viewer suggesting any problem other than power loss (following the hard reset I have to do).
    I've had this around 10 times and can say it only happens when I have BDO open and im doing something else. If I have MS word or Chrome... Discord or League of Legends open and I alt+tab out... a bit later it crashes. Its a full on freeze, I cant even move the mouse or press ctrl alt del.
    I often try AFK fishing whilst on discord and open league of legends. Itll run for a bit.. then freeze. Its only ever with BDO open. Its so frustrating as Ive lost work because of it... disconnected from chats and been booted out of league queues.
    I have no antivirus other than any default win 10 stuff.
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  6. NutterzUK added a post in a topic Prices   

    I noticed you can buy raw sugar from a cook at 200 silver each, on the market they are around 400 silver. The cook and the market are very close together in Velia... why is this?
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