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  1. Kunochil added a post in a topic Forest turning into Grindspot!   

    But did you ever got laid irl? 
    Nevermind, basement trash obviously.
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  2. Kunochil added a post in a topic Is it possible to snipe an AH item by switching to an alt?   

    It doesnt.
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  3. Kunochil added a post in a topic 1 Month trying to get TRI giath.   

    This is why so many people leave games like this. There is no fun part about losing your items over and over again just because the damn thing wouldn't upgrade.
    You basically try to progress but you won't come any further because of shit RNG, so hardwork doesn't pay off at all.. then whats the freaking point in spending time on it???
    Just buy the stuff u want or let somebody else do it for you cause the current way of gearing up and achieving the best gear in BDO is like trying to fill up a glass of water while it has a hole through the bottom. A waste of f------- time.
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  4. Kunochil added a topic in General   

    Get rid of the Christmass Event already, it looks like shit and it doesn't make the game run any better...
    Title says it all.
    In my opinion the decorations look like shit and it causes only even more lag in cities then the game already does, not to mention we're living almost in February..........
    Or give us the option to turn this horrible shit off.. 
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  5. Kunochil added a post in a topic Test today: Fishing Suit (current) vs 108.5% fishing ship speed   

    Despite the microtransactions, yes this MMO is great and offers more content then others.
    Sure dude, i'll be interessted !
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  6. Kunochil added a post in a topic Test today: Fishing Suit (current) vs 108.5% fishing ship speed   

    Dude the suit costs 20$ if it aint faster then whats the point in spending 20$? You spend 20$ you win, thats why they call this P2W. 
    You keep grinding your ass of for stuff like a boat to get somewhere, someone else just buys him self a suit for 20$ and is even quicker then you. 
    Fun game aint it?
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  7. Kunochil added a post in a topic How much does this game cost?   

    this game will cost you over 100 bucks if you want to have fun in the end, inventory space, carry weight and even the looks of your character are limited.
    You will always look like a broke ass fool if you don't buy yourself a nice costume/outfit for 20$. You will always lose out of space if you're not buying yourself some inventory slots (which imo are expensive as -----). You will never be able to carry that much if your carry weight is not high enough. Whats left? If your horse skills sucks you can reset them by buying a reset skill. If you die due pvp or whatsoever you can buy yourself some tears to not lose your exp you just lost by dying and insta revive you. Buy yourself a horse flute to call your horses which people who don't buy that flute have not. Buy a fishing suit and you can swim as fast as a boat. Theres so much stuff in this store it's not even convience, it's a fking must to have. 
    Stay at sea kids, stay fishing and play something else thats actually worth your $$
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  8. Kunochil added a post in a topic Just noticed my char is in NA instead of EU   

    Sucks to be you, goodluck with that tho. I'm pretty sure they won't do shit for you, thats just how these dutchies work and i know that because i'm dutch myself.

    If they really made this game for the player then everything you've bought would be between all characters across all regions but no, costumes are bound on char/region, inventory/weight on char/region and i could go on and on. Only pets are apparently across characters but not across regions. 

    But hey, you can always dump more money at them so you can play at a convienent pace in EU again.
    God i'm glad i just do fishing in this game and never ----- with anything else cause this game is a total paywall before you can actually have fun while doing stuff to not get overweight or out of space or losing valuable exp because of some shit mechanic they call "PvP" which is the worst desync unbalanced crap in MMO history.
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  9. Kunochil added a post in a topic the PS4 & Xbox one version is coming!! (Taipei Game Show, interview with PA)   

    Ah i see, i was about to kill myself >.<
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  10. Kunochil added a post in a topic Kakao just lost 2 customers - paymentwall   

    I believe thats a sign from someone above that you really shouldn't be spending hard earned $$$ on pixels.

    You should, getting weight and inventory slots is easy as -----.

    You're the reason they get away with this shit because you ppl are to lazy to do quests/grind for shit. 
    This aint Guildwars 2 or ESO or WoW, gotta earn shit or simply buy it if you're lazy.
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  11. Kunochil added a post in a topic the PS4 & Xbox one version is coming!! (Taipei Game Show, interview with PA)   

    This game doesn't even run stable on an i7 7700k and yet they want to hire something to optimize the Engine for console? 
    KR Logic.
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  12. Kunochil added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Ranger   


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  13. Kunochil added a post in a topic Play your way event is hurting new players   

    So why aren't you gone yet? You are the definition of toxic trash, just saying.
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  14. Kunochil added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Ranger   

    Meehhh look at him, he can grind more then me. This game sucks! 
    World of Azeroth is still waiting for you buddy, Blizzard is missing you. 
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