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  1. haybreee added a post in a topic 20160321 Guild Mission Gather Swordfish   

    At least swordfish are easy
    Wehn  you have 7 people with triple floats trying to do a mackeral mission and you still fail with 10 left you know the rng is aids
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  2. haybreee added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    It wasn't a case of burn out. It was a case of not enjoying the class I chose and not having the time to grind something I do enjoy lol. I don't get burnt out by grinding.
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  3. haybreee added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    I reached this a few months back. I ended pushing way too hard to 60 too early on a class that turned out to be nothing like what it initially was and I hated it. Ended up with a 124 stack and 60 stack trying to tet the dande and lost all will to enchant and play the class.
    Unfortunately after I hit 60, school started back up and I didn't have time to level for a few weeks so I just afk'd for a few months and pumped out money for something I might want in the future.

    I decided a few weeks back to reroll class and it was the best decision I've ever made in this game. The money I'd saved up was worth it in the end. Now I just want to get back into the grind and play and actually do things.  
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  4. haybreee added a post in a topic Kamasylve Channels ~ A New Approach   

    The only reason people do that godawful shoebox pvp in the same boring old map that favors certain classes is for the energy. Nobody enjoys that shit.
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  5. haybreee added a post in a topic NERFING hurts a lot of players   

    Totally agree 100% 
    Also they need to reward actively playing the game. If they increased droprate, more people would be out there farming as it would earn more money. Instead we've got an economy reliant on events so everyone can go back to afk lifeskilling their way to the next event that they can buy stuff from.
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  6. haybreee added a post in a topic Ranger - Bow Grinding - The wind god!????   

    I could be wrong but I thought they removed the cfts iframe when they nerfed bow into oblivion..I've seen rangers get grabbed out of it straight from the air by zerks and it hasn't work as an effective "iframe" for me for months. I know the stompy bit at the end works.
    Could just have been a case of desync too.
    Yeah sadly even if you did gear your ranger to high hell with bow you'd struggle with higher end mobs. Sword has the hard burst you need to kill Valencia mobs as well as the forward guard/super armors you need to actually farm somewhere like crescent shrine and basilisks. Ranger is just otherwise too squishy in bow form. 
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  7. haybreee added a topic in General   

    **Error with patch**
    I just went to download the patch got the error "error with download, please restart with a file repair"
    And the patcher forced close itself.
    After rebooting the launcher I got error 2001.
    Did a little searching and found this thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/14296-error-code-2001/

    Just a head up for anyone who experiences it in todays patch
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  8. haybreee added a post in a topic Ranger - Bow Grinding - The wind god!????   

    If you never got around to playing post awakening max out will of the wind, descending current, ultimate evasive shot and Sp charging wind. Don't forget to max spirit healing as far as your level will allow. Also get blasting gust 3 & evasive explosive shot 3. You could also probably max out Tearing arrow or Razor wind for fun.
    I'm going to take it that you weren't really around pre-awakening to be know what to farm with bow so what was usually used was wotw -> shotgun for farming. Q cancel into packs of mobs for mana regeneration. You'll probably find that bow farming gets reallll boring real quick. You'll also want to stick on two extraction gems on your bow because it chews mana pretty fast. One of the good things about bow is that it actually is somewhat easier to get mp back if you add mp regen skill addon with extraction gems, and use q cancel on a nice pack of mobs.

    I wouldn't just farm bow honestly, It has been nerfed so much that it does very little damage that is used to along with removing most utility. Even with a tet kzarka bow the damage is abyssmal. You need 200+ ap to farm mediah mobs effectively and 220+ap for ok farming of Valencia mobs. That being said, farming Valencia will be highly ineffective. Honestly if you want to farm valencia with a bow, just don't bother. You won't be farming effectively at all. Ult:charging wind has been nerfed 6 or so times and the damage is pathetic despite the fact that it's technically a core ability. Bow damage is really only use for finishing things off from a distance. Not very good for doing damage or farming past Mediah mobs.
    Bow also lacks defensive utility. There is only one iframe which has a 12 second cooldown. There are no guards/frontal blocks or super armor like there is in sword. The only knockdown is either rng or requires calculated timing to actually land and if you miss it's on a cooldown. There is no hp regen ability in bow at all either.
    Probably the most important thing that bow is missing is the shift + Q buff that sword gives - bonus att speed, moves speed, crit rate & evasion for 20 secs with no stam use for 10 seconds and +500 mp regen on use.

    Sword has over 3x the base damage of higher damaging bow abilites, super armor, forward guards, more iframes.  It has the q buff, hp regen ability, mp regen ability. Abilities have more multiplies, knockdowns, stuns/stiffness.

    My main reason for giving up on playing ranger is because how much they have nerfed bow and forced those who prefer a bow archetype into playing this squishy melee assassin. 
    Hopefully you find more enjoyment out of it and get the gear to have fun
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  9. haybreee added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    I dunno man I've seen Caldrai 7 man 1 shot a group before. His gear is nothing to sneeze at. Just because he doesn't enjoy the laggfest that is sieges or shoebox pvp in rbf doesn't mean somebody doesn't enjoy tearing shit up in the open world.
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  10. haybreee added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Oh hey man how u doing?
    I've joined the witch side
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  11. haybreee added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Lol bullshit.
    You place on t3's to hand off to your allies. Must really suck getting all those buffs to die to illuminati.
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  12. haybreee added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    I like how these siege guilds want to pvp so they drop to a nodewar guild.
    Then hand off their guild to buddies.
    "here's a node for you, here's a node for you"
    oxymoron much?
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  13. haybreee added a post in a topic NA Region Guilds Exploit node war system   

    Having a siege guild hand off nodes destroys the whole point of node wars. To actually fight.
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  14. haybreee added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    Plot twist: Servers are intentionally shit so kashkow can milk the elions tears off you from dying. Soon the crystal removal tool starts getting bought more because the players don't trust the servers.
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  15. haybreee added a post in a topic Which class do you main?   

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  16. haybreee added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    Please for the love of god implement some guaranteed way of upgrading for the super unlucky people D:
    I'd rather kill 250k sausans, get a quest to earn 500 amity with an npc, kill another 100k saunils, give up 100 concentrated armor stones, 400 armor stones and 200 mil than deal with this godawful rng enchanting system.
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  17. haybreee added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    ...meanwhile some players only get to war one day a week because their timezone screws them over and they get to appreciate that one single dam day a week we actually get to fight. People want their cake and they want to eat it too.
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  18. haybreee added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    Wtf "worried about" owpvp lmao.
    You may be "scared" of competition but not everyone is. That however is not the issue in a node war.
    And the reason a lot of members too big for t1 but struggle on t2 is the exact issue that others have pointed out over and over in this thread.
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  19. haybreee added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    Just like nobody should be entitled to triple payouts due to greed instead of actually pvping and earning your spoils through a good fight..
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  20. haybreee added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    The issue doesn't just lie in T1's though. It's on all of them because of the siege guilds dropping. Just because OP said it's for one particular aspect doesn't mean that bringing all related issues into the discussion is the wrong thing to do.
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  21. haybreee added a post in a topic Passive income?   

    It;s not worth the mats invested to make epheria boats. You make more selling the raw mats than the finished product.
    If you want passive income you need to get master 2 trading for the desert buff.
    Until then just make crates. Also fish a lot. And cook. You can make lots from the imperial fish trader and craft trader
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  22. haybreee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Nah it's less than that now. Prob 0.005% ?
    Most aussies who have the tolerance for the godawful enchanting system went to Taiwanese servers where they don't have to deal with such garbage desync, ping and -----all communication from useless publishers,
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  23. haybreee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Holy hell you guys are disgustingly ignorant to oce players.
    7 hour maintenance for some cash shop items? really?
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  24. haybreee added a post in a topic ChoNation Season 2 Episode 1: Serendia Chronicles Part 1   

    Holy ----- those comms... 10/10
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  25. haybreee added a post in a topic Those BDO Servers are just a pile of garbage.   

    I've experienced worse servers but the ones for BDO are really quite bad. I also don't experience it often but it's been atrocious lately.
    When an entire guild full of people have 30% of people (from all different countries) disconnect entirety from a node war with another 30% saying something about lagg you know it's the servers. 
    When an entire region crashes two weeks in a row and a 40man guild maintains the region because of it you know it's the servers.
    When 5 people say to you "don't go outside of town today, the lagg is too bad" You know it's the servers.
    Merge was supposed to fix this and it seemed very short-lived
    Normally it wouldn't be a problem but BDO penalizes you for PvE deaths. Being punished for poor server infrastructure seriously needs to be looked at until proper server stability is implemented
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