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  1. candesco added a post in a topic Gear ? blah blah...road to getting good.   

    Gives attack and accuracy increase when enhanced.
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  2. candesco added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    It's midnight now in Europe, so no updates now. Probably they are preparing a patch now, which will be released today or tomorrow.
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  3. candesco added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    No hotfix here. Attendance reward still doesn't work. Restarted a few times. I guess we can assume one day will be wasted and we're not able to get todays reward. It's already 9 PM here and in about 3 hours attendance will move on to the next day.
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  4. candesco added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Patching did not go well this time. Already a hotfix was needed.
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  5. candesco added a post in a topic Appreciation   

    Way to go. Don't let yourself being talked down by those negative people who can only post salty reactions. It matters more if you like the game yourself and if you do, then just go for it. I like the game myself as well. The only thing which i don't like is the rather toxic community and the lack of cooperation in the game. People are quite selfish and even go as far as to claim farming spots. And the chatchannel is often filled with garbage. But the game itself is quite good. 
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  6. candesco added a post in a topic Looking for a new game to play   

    It is still on the same forum, that of black desert.
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  7. candesco added a post in a topic Some Recommendations? :/   

    How can you even know that a valkyrie is bad if you haven't played it. Don't judge before you tried it yourself, please. There is nothing wrong with a valk.
    So in that case i would go for a valkyrie. Then you can see it yourself what it is instead of just taking conclusions based on bad forumposts. I have a valkyrie myself and i like it alot. I use it as a second main, cause my first char is a sorc. I wonder though how you could handle the ranger all the time if you say you can't handle the bow, cause bow is the ranger main weapon. You use that one after creation. You made it to 57, so probably you ain't that bad with a bow at all.  Awakening weapon is the kamasylven sword.  
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  8. candesco added a post in a topic When should I start looking for a guild, and what should I look for?   

    Do not level too soon, otherwise you will be participate into PvP (starts at level 50) and you will get killed by griefers when they discover you are undergeared and don't have enough AP/DP. I would rather take it slow and discover the world first. And ignore 90% of all quests is a bad idea, as you really miss things, such as raising your contribution points (cp), raising knowledge and increase your inventory.
    For new players i would advise to talk with everyone at Olvia, learn the basics, then continue to western guard camp and then on to Velia.
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  9. candesco added a post in a topic What gpu is needed??   

    You can also just use one SSD for Windows and a classic HDD for the rest. That's what i have done. SSD (crucial bx) set as primary and there Windows 8.1 is installed on. Second drive is a WD blue caviar of 1 TB, made 3 partitions on it. No need to get 3 SSD's, that's overkill and expensive. Also, if you gonna buy a SSD, be sure it's not one with sandforce on it.
    As to which gpu you need; each gpu of last year is a good choice. I have a club3d radeon r7 260x royalqueen myself.
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  10. candesco added a post in a topic Looking for a new game to play   

    Not really a place to ask that, as this is a forum where people still play Black Desert. I would asked that question on reddit or on a general MMO site.
    But if you want a suggestion i say to watch out for Revelation Online. And as someone also suggested The Secret World, though that one is an adventure MMO (think of an online version of the longest journey)
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  11. candesco added a post in a topic Is the game worth playing right now/buying?   

    I would like to know what was shit then for you. Ok, in the very beginning, after the launch, guilds had then no real purpose and pvp was almost non-existent. But over the couple of months that followed more and more content was added. There are now things like nodewars, guildwars and such. pvp still plays a minor role, but at least more then with the release. And they have merged the servers. Cities are still laggy though, especially calpheon. But there is more content now.
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  12. candesco added a post in a topic Revelation Online   

    I played all the closed betas of Revelation so far. Today was the end of the third cbt. I don't agree with all those negative comments and some also give false information.
    To begin with; dungeons cost money? Not true. Yes, you can buy a scroll to which you get more xp from mobs, but it ain't necessary. Finished sunken galleon without any scroll and still some levels. But overall levels are gained by finishing quests and not with grinding. Trial of 4 kings also give massive xp, which is a solo instance. Got 6 levels there on a char. Also, progression goes quite fast. Allright, around level 40 it becomes slower, to which i find not a problem.  There are 4 currencies, to with gyth is the common currency. Aurums is the currency which is used at the shop and which has to be purchased. Movement; well, they move sideways sometimes, but it doesn't look bad. My only problem is that you run all the time and that walking is just a half running. Attacks not feel impactful? They do. But it just plays different then BDO. Also, you can change the way you attack. You have 3 modes; one is a classical mmo mode, the other mousemode and the third action mode like TERA, Play myself with the action mode.
    Yes, the game ain't finished, far from it. It still does have problems, like untranslated text, graphical glitches, bugs, quests you can't finish, to name some. But so far it ain't a bad game. I like the game myself. Sure, it doesn't have top of the bill graphics and the grass looks like it's painted. And yes, it has borrowed from aion, blade and soul, tera and black desert. It's not original no, though aspects of those games are combined with their own ideas. It's not just copy/paste work. And it got dungeons, instances, raids, faction quests, world bosses, group events, player stalls, to name some. You can also mentor lower level players, which benefits both. 
    And at least it got a lesser toxic community. People are also more willing to accept you into a group, which i miss at bdo. And you can farm without someone yelling at you that the spot is taken, which is common here at bdo (and which demonstrates the toxic behaviour). Instead they ask if they also might want to join. Formed a couple of times a group at sunken galleon. And yesterday there was an event popping up where dozens of mobs would spawn and you have to slay them to earn demonslayerpoints. You needed a group for that. Was invited into a group and the quest was to kill hordes of zombie villagers.
    Revelation ain't perfect,it got flaws and problems and the shop is more expensive. But it's a nice game, though a bit weird. Bought myself a founder pack. 
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  13. candesco added a post in a topic Do people still play?   

    There are still people playing, but not as much as with the closed betas and the first months after the launch. Servers were then overrun mostly. Now it's just crowded here and there. But i have to say that it became more populated then the last few months of 2016. It seems people are returning or that new players discovered it.
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  14. candesco added a post in a topic What does BDO do better than anyone else (In Your Opinion)?   

    - Extended character creation.  Haven't seen any MMO where you could even alter the hair bit by bit.
    - No fast travel.  Alot of those MMO's out there use a fast travel option, often portals. Fast travel makes you lazy and you don't see anything from the world. It reminds me to the great Morrowind, where there is also no fast travel (too bad bethesda changed that with oblivion and skyrim)
    - the weather and it's influence on the game.  Rain does look like rain and the roads will get pools, just like in real life. Other mmo's only add some rain, but you don't see that back on your char or on the ground. In BDO this does happen. And you can't use dry during rain, which adds some realism.
    - Life skills. The life skills in this game are probably the most extended so far. You can catch a fish and then afterwards fry it or cook it in a big kettle or just dry. You can farm your own fruit, chop trees, trade, hire workers and the like.
    - Family system. the idea to work with a family name, so that all your chars are linked to it is a great idea. This makes the game alt friendly, so you can easily switch between them. And it is also better for guilds, as you don't have to ask if your alts might be member of it too. You are not capped in this way.
    - Atmosphere.  You have the idea that the game itself lives. Each place has activity going on, you hear sounds near swampy places, different music each time, etc.
    - Realism. No out of their place things like talking bears or flying cats here. Medieval setting and which sticks to that setting.
    It's only too bad that this game has overall a rather toxic community, with griefers, drama queens, sellfish ones and the like. There are also good people, but i see often bad replies here on the forum and bad messages in the chat.
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  15. candesco added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    It doesn't take hours, come on. And you can make time for yourself. You don't work 24 hours a day and also not all the 7 days of the week.
    No valid reason to justify fast travel. No, we don't need it.
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