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  1. Koralis added a post in a topic Storing Seeds   

    Derp, can't believe I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder!
    God knows why we can't stack seeds :\
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  2. Koralis added a topic in PVE   

    Storing Seeds
    Like the title suggests.
    Where do all you farmers store your seeds? They don't bloody stack!
    Is using an alt with decent bag space the only effective way, or is there something else that's more efficient?
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  3. Koralis added a topic in Sorceress   

    Sinister Omen
    Has anyone found much success with Sinister Omen, both in 1v1 and group play?
    I find it a bit lackluster right now and the cast time makes it pretty difficult to cast in battle.
    Maybe I'm using it wrong?
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  4. Koralis added a post in a topic It's time to be completely honest, Sorcs aren't high skill cap, and they're not balanced   

    I'm sorry what? Wave into Claws? Just no, your post is invalid and you know nothing of the combos that a Sorc uses. That combo is weak sauce. Not even a single Dark Flame in that rotation, or Shard Explosion.
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  5. Koralis added a post in a topic Sorceress to strong!!!!!!   

    "No other class has any real chance of catching you". I disaggree
    Ani cancel Forward Slash with Warrior, combined with Charging Thrust. My guild mate has no trouble keeping up with my teleports if I'm running. Warriors have some awesome cancels. Can also grab through Sorc's Dark Flame. Though yes, they screwed something bad up with this build of the game. Grabs dsync a lot.
    As Day mentioned above, Rangers can also use their camera lock/unlock combined with strafe to move forward, instead of sideways. That's not to mention, a good Ranger is also a good matchup vs Sorc. I have the most trouble fighting Rangers, though that can boil down to just my lack of practice against them.
    In the end, Sorc isn't the issue. It's the game's code. People gotta take time to learn what they're doing. Ask for advice, instead of whining about any class that whoops your ass, because guess what? In this game, you're gonna get your ass whooped a lot. Try to learn from each encounter, and suppress all that salt!
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  6. Koralis added a post in a topic ~PVP~ Ranger vs Sorcerer ~PVP~   

    My opinion and summary of both.
    Rangers: Good 1v1. Obviously superior range, which can mean superior large scale PvP presence, or at least an easier time in large scale PvP. Can pick off targets easier in group play. Easier to get into. Tons of damage. Squishy and has less mobility, harder to escape from surprise butt sex. Has enough burst to easily gank.
    Sorceress: Excellent 1v1 capabilities. Tons of mobility and single target burst, makes ganks easy. Short to mid range fighter and squishy when caught, makes it harder to have a significant presence in large scale PvP. Higher risk when picking off targets as Sorc's main damage comes from melee range combos. Good Sorcs are hard to catch though. Class has lots of gap closers. 
    Ranger = More like a sniper
    Sorceress = More like a rogue.
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  7. Koralis added a post in a topic Noise   

    "Do it better!"
    "Leave me alone"
    "God Dammit!"
    My life in Velia.
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  8. Koralis added a post in a topic Unbalanced money making?   

    This thread is full of some useless and stupid responses.
    "Don't make timber boxes and start fishing! Don't try to make other parts of the game viable, just follow the masses." 
    This game is marketed as a sandbox, from all the responses defending the easy fishing in this game, it's turned into a fishing themepark.
    OP wants other avenues of money making to be more viable. He isn't complaining about nerfing fishing. Is that really so hard to understand? I think someone who spends large amounts of time and energy should be rewarded. At the moment, I can just AFK fish all day and spend 0 energy, yet still make the same, if not, more than someone who crafts trade packs.
    As it stands, most trade packs are worthless. It's often better to process the mats yourself, then sell them on the marketplace. I'd like a trade system that actually rewards, and works as it should. If we keep following what the majority of responses on this thread suggests. We'd have a dead trade system, and everyone should just be fishing. Just no.
    They need to either bump up the value of some trade packs, lower the value of some fish, or increase the rarity of highly lucrative fish/fishing hotspots.
    For the record. I fish, I grind, I craft. I'm enjoying what I can of the game. But it would be nice to feel as satisfied from trading as I would from fishing, which takes half the effort of crafting and maintaining your worker economy.
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  9. Koralis added a post in a topic How do I use Sinister Omen properly?   

    If you don't have Ultimate Stinger yet, a good substitute to cancel DoD aftercast is Rushing Crow. I've been using it after the instant cast and it works beautifully.
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  10. Koralis added a post in a topic Midnight Stinger vs. Shadow Eruption vs. CF/BK   

    I haven't gotten Stinger ult yet. But can you guys give me a run down on exactly how you use it?
    I understand cancels for loops like with the warrior class and forward slash. But stinger, I'm not sure where to fit it in.
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  11. Koralis added a post in a topic this is what currently bugs the shit out of me the most   

    I hate it man. I'm forced to look a certain way if I want the best gear for me. Unless I buy costumes, which don't have a huge variety either.
    On a side note. How do people make these gifs?
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  12. Koralis added a post in a topic MP Regen on Sorceress   

    Just an update from me.
    Got Spirit Absorption II today. BEST THING EVER. I've used like 5 pots max in my 2-3 hours grinding.
    Easily near 100% uptime on my AP buff from Q and my mana troubles are in the history books.
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  13. Koralis added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    Here's mine, spent too much time on character creator so just ended up on something simple!

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  14. Koralis added a post in a topic MP Regen on Sorceress   

    Mana regen should not be a problem if you generate Shards and consume them with Q or use Shard Explosion, It is a 100% crit rate and hits like a damn train, while restoring 40 MP per Shard. Whenever I have 3 Shards, I gather as much as I can and just Shard Explosion. Instant kills most groups and regens my mana for the next wave.
    However, that's just for grinding. When it comes to mobs that have more HP such as the late game mobs and bosses. I find I do need to use pots if i want to put out substantial DPS.
    Note that I haven't gotten Spirit Absorption II yet (It grants an additional fragment of darkness on hit). Needa grind more SP to fill out my build. I assume that once I get it, my mana troubles will be less frequent.
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  15. Koralis added a topic in Sorceress   

    Need Some Advice For Build.
    Hey fellow Sorcs! I am about to hit 50 in the next day or two and me being a nub, I claimed my respec at 45 without knowing it has a time limit of 7 days
    So now I'm desperately trying to decide what skill build to use for my "end game" as I have been experimenting during the leveling phase.
    I've come up with 2 builds which fit my playstyle but appreciate any advice you guys may have.
    Build 1 (Takes Black Wave over Crow Flare): http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/sorcerer/8703
    Build 2 (Takes Crow Flare over Black Wave): http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/sorcerer/8704
    I've been toying around with Crow Flare because I knew I had the skill reset to use. I like doing a Midnight Stinger(Stagger) > Crow Flare > Beak Kick(Bound) > Dark Flame > Shard or DoD etc, etc
    It seems Crow Flare is really frowned upon, but I've had success with it. With 4 casting speed, Tier 3 CF and Tier 2 BK take only a split second to cast and I can transition into Dark Flame. Wouldn't it be better to have the extra damage from CF > BK rather than just using Stinger > Rushing Crow > Dark Flame > Shard/DoD?
    Anyway, this is from my own experience. So it would be nice to hear your experiences.
    Appreciate any input and guys, keep it civil
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