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  1. Andronikos added a post in a topic Better class specific costumes / Gear design   

    I really love that second to last hooded costume
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  2. Andronikos added a topic in Roleplay   

    My RP EU Guild [Jordine] Hetairoi

    So I recently made a guild and I need members. Going for a light RP/Social model, and I thought it could be a good hangout for everyone who likes RP yet at the same time remain a competative guild.
    The Hetairoi (Companions) would be the personal armed host of my displaced dynasty. Minor royalty in exile. Formed of my most trusted retainers and companions and bolstered by strong mercenaries, they would fight by my side on horseback or dismounted, or ride out together to further our agenda. But we would not only recruit warriors. Merchants and industrial power players would find it in their interest to allign with us, in the interest of capitalizing on the chaos left in our wake, or by displacing their rivals and monopolizing on the resources available.
    We will have a strong navy and the strongest horses.
    No petty squabbling, but rivalries are okThis is light RP so try not to go over the topNo Mary Sue characters. Try to have flaws and personalities.Be respectful, especially of superiors.It is newb friendly, so there will be members who will ask for advice. Make them your squires.Direct speech in character, Guild wide, whispers etc are OOC, messages from officers or myself are special summons or notices.Please do dailies so we can afford nice things. (Like wages)No PKing without reason. Try not to anger larger guilds. I want us to keep a low profile.If you are being PK'd report it and i'll have my level 50s come enact vengeance once we have enough level 50s. Book of grudges style. 
    I hope people of the RP crowd are interested in being a part of this guild.
    Please see this thread for the more technical side of the guild.
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  3. Andronikos added a post in a topic [Jordine] Hetairoi Guild. RP Mounted/Navy. Newb Friendly   

    Hey Caeliuss, please watch this forum if you are unsure about joining or not, as we gain momentum, We will be a naval focussed guild so you are welcome to go sailing and node-hunting with us in the future. I will be levelling my characters for the next few days and expanding my worker operations, but by all means. Still have to get the momentum going in order to grow, so joining, promoting or bumping this forum post would greatly help.

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  4. Andronikos added a post in a topic [Jordine] Hetairoi Guild. RP Mounted/Navy. Newb Friendly   

    That's a shame. Yes I made the logo in college.
    Are you sure I can't convince you? This guild being in it's fledgling stages and the oppertunity to advance is much greater than in some of the larger guilds.
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  5. Andronikos added a topic in European Guild   

    [Jordine] Hetairoi Guild. RP Mounted/Navy. Newb Friendly
    opinions on the logo? i made it at college
    Hey everyone, I'm starting a smallscale fledgling guild based around fishing, shipmaking, horsebreeding and other profitable enterprise.  We will likely stay small and allign with larger guilds if push comes to shove, but for the most part we will be peaceful. Also, although it's only basic, I want us to get ahead in the horsebreeding and ship building departments in preparation for future updates that will expand their usefulness (mainly in combat.)
    This is a guild for new players and experienced players. I myself am not particularly a high level. I've spent a lot of time merely exploring and gathering CP and creating industry. It's also a guild for anyone who wants to take part in large party based mounted PVE combat. (Because cavalry charges are epic.) Or those who wish to sail the ocean, adores fishing and has (or doesn't have) a boat and wants to share it with other fishers.
    For mounted combat, Rangers, Warriors and Valkyries are prefered but all classes are welcome.
    It's not a rigid discipline guild. Fun is our number one export... but we also export birch plywood.
    It would be great to have people to adventure with, and if you feel like being a part of my mounted host, please consider applying. In it's early days you stand to gain a position of leadership within the guild depending on your contribution.
    Once we have a solid ammount of regulars we could invest in a teamspeak
    We need shrewd businessmen, skilled craftsmen, breeders and fishermen, and strong warriors. It also helps to be the arch-bishop of banterbury.
    We are light RP So it helps to have a personality surrounding your character
    Higher level players will often have their own "squire" Meaning that you can volunteer to pair with one or more low level players, to teach and advise.
    What can we offer you?
    Trusted companions.Unshaken LoyaltyBanterA voice in the affairs of the realmA cool logoImpartiality and fair distribution of lootTo crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.A boat to ride inWhat can you offer the guild?
    Unshaken loyaltyDeterminationStrength of arm or of craft.NumbersEductating the younglingsDoing dailiesLetting those without boats, ride in your boat as a marine/fishermen.To crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their women. 
    Post selfies. Its fun.

    Andronikos (Warrior)
    Witty, stoic and dry. Dependable. A man of few words and deliberate actions.
    Has a defacing scar over his left eye. Displaced nobility in exile. Last male heir of the Valentinian line.

    PetronelIa (Valkyrie)
    Headstrong, noble, well spoken and intelligent, if a little bratty. Dry and sarcastic. Makes frequent quips.
    Heterochromia of the iris. Displaced nobility in exile. Youngest daughter of the Valentinian line.
    If you would like to be a founding member of this guild, please reply to the thread.
    You could also include a brief summary of your character(s) including their speciality, personality and mugshot.
     guild logo
    Enjin website is up
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  6. Andronikos added a topic in Suggestions   

    Tailors. Advanced customization.
    So the on going dye argument is rightfully raging but I think that there should be even more customization available. We should be able to make our own heraldry, coat of arms, and patterns for our outfits, shields, capes and cloaks.
    Players love to be original and unique and the cash shop is not good value for real money in satisfying this need. The option to pay to look a way that many other players already look is crud. However the option to  create your OWN unique composite look, (I.E, unique cloak/stockings/patterns) is something i'd want. You could make premium patterns which are more fancy for the cash shop and outfit creation coupons to tailor your look.
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  7. Andronikos added a post in a topic Hair   

    I'd like some more long, but realistic hair. No hair gel or anything.. Nordic style, plats and such for males. And also being able to shape male hair like female hair can be shaped would be nice..
    Incidentally there should be a barber NPC
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  8. Andronikos added a topic in Suggestions   

    Boss Grappling/ Team Takedowns.
    It's a feature seen in games like dragon's dogma or shadow of the colossus, the abbility for you and your team to work in tandem to take down bosses in interesting ways. Being able to climb on the furry parts of a boss's back  to climb up to the head and hit the weakspot at the back of the neck or the eyeball etc.
    Your berserker could for example hold the beast's tail, your mage could encase the beast's feet in ice and pin it, whilst the warrior uses his shield as a springboard to launch the ranger into the air to grab hold of the boss and attack the head.
    The boss can also pick you up so your teammates need to aim carefully (hit the hand) to save you.
    Maybe bosses like flying griffons could knock you down with it's wing beats but be brought down itself by having your ranged characters aim at the wings.
    Kind of ambitious though..
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  9. Andronikos added a post in a topic Family Oriented   

    Joining two families assets through marriage would be cool. Allowing for a combined CP score and joint holdings.
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  10. Andronikos added a post in a topic Parking zones   

    I posted a thread earlier about the clusterf*** horses around traders too. It would be good for stables to be at the entrances to cities where you can stash your cart/ horse and it would recharge its stamina, and you will be able to sell the contents of the cart to the trader even though the cart is in the stable.
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  11. Andronikos added a post in a topic Dye Vendors   

    Customization is something they should let us have to a point especially considering this is B2P not F2P. It would be nice to be able to craft dyes by crushing herbs and flowers and combining dyes to get colours inbetween, and then sell them on the marketplace for varying prices. Crushed lapis dye would be more expensive than crushed wildflower for example.  I want several of the same dyes for my clothes obviously. And guilds might want to stick with a colourscheme too as their faction colours.  So I hope we get this feature or I will be dissapointed.
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  12. Andronikos added a topic in Suggestions   

    Clusterf*** traders. More parking bays?
    It's quite hard to wade through the crowds of carts clipping into each other to talk to the merchant and is really immersion breaking. The hundreds of concentrated players and vehicles gives me a headache. Could I suggest that there be more NPCs working at the traders/ docks/ auction houses to talk to to disperse the crowds and make it easier to find my own cart in the horrifying mess of merged carts, fishermen and people consuming everything?
    Either that or give us more channels on servers. As it stands the market is oversaturated, the waters are devoid of life and my cart has become part of a giant scary cart symbiosis.
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