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  1. NightFyre added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    I was looking forward to playing after finishing work for the day but now I have time to squeeze in dinner as well   Hopefully the game will be up and running once I'm done and I can spend the evening playing uninterrupted.
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  2. NightFyre added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    How is repeatedly killing another player ok but that player repeatedly respawning/returning not ok? Both utilise the game mechanics. 
    Just because one side of the argument doesn't benefit or has a negative impact on a player doesn't make it wrong. I'm a courteous player, even going so far as to hop channels even if I was in an area first because personally the time spent dealing with other players ks'ing/returning/respawning in an area isn't worth it for me. If I can't find a decent spot in Valencia then I go and lifeskill for awhile but if someone jumps me, you bet I'll utilise those free ET's Kakao is so fond of handing out. I don't really care what label that places on me, I play my way, you play yours and as long as they are both within the ToS then goodluck to you.
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  3. NightFyre added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    I don't play BDO for freebies, be they daily log in rewards or event rewards, however since I am virtually logged in 24/7 obviously I collect them if possible. It is irrelevant to myself as to why the events occur since any way I look at it, I benefit by logging in/playing a game I enjoy. Sure, the events are often repetitive but the rewards are free and often convertible to silver or upgrades, ergo a  bonus and I appreciate them as such.
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  4. NightFyre added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    The problem with that is, level 59s,60s like to squat in low level areas due to the supposed high silver/xp gain so until they move off then the appropriate level players for that area will always be behind the eight ball due to the fact that they can't access good areas to progress from and instead get shunted to less appealing area's. Ergo, less xp, slower growth and less silver/drops equals slower gear progression but that's their problem just as you dealing with 'karmabombing' is yours.
    The fact that they bought the game definitely doesn't reserve spots for them but neither does your purchase of the game grant you or anyone else, indefinite camping rights to anywhere ingame. If you can hold it, you hold it, if not...there's always other channels to visit and that cuts both ways.
    As long as players abide by the ToS, they can utilise any mechanic within the game they wish, be it repeatedly tearing up because a player is attempting to push them from the spot they were farming or the player doing the pushing and there's not a damn thing you can do about it other than to make a choice to follow through or cut and run.
    As for 'entitled little brats' look up the word hypocrisy.
    I've played almost daily since Beta and have encountered persistent returning players and/or Ks'ers maybe 5 or 6 times but since I moved to Valencia when it opened, the only time I encountered it was during a guild quest in Mediah so I doubt the issue is as prevalent as players make it out to be and I highly doubt Kakao will change the system anytime soon  because whether you like to admit it or not, PvP'ers are the minority in this OWPVP game.
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  5. NightFyre added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    They do have every right to flag up and take the spot if they can...just as any player has the same right to utilise game mechanics and keep popping up in an attempt to take back their spot. Don't like it...hop. Game enables both scenario's.
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  6. NightFyre added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Thankyou, that's sweet of you to offer but I have a 60 witch and was just bringing my Tamer in line with my other 11 toons. She is now 56 and I have moved back to my witch and Valencia since I find it a lot more lucrative to farm certain area's there when one has the level and the gear.
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  7. NightFyre added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    The other day I was on my little level 54 alt at Elrics xp farming and had been there for about 40 minutes after 2 channel hops to find a free server. A level 56+ awakened Witch and Wizard turned up and immediately flagged and killed me lol. Sooner than continue to waste my time and resources in a losing battle, I hopped channels, I think 3 more times before finding an empty spot and farming there for a further 2 hours uninterrupted. This was a Friday evening US so it is possible.
    People play how they wish but I have no sympathy for level 56+ and even some lvl 60s I know that continue to farm low level area's like Elrics/Sausan's etc. I don't care that the gold gain is why they are there, level 52s and 53s can't go farm your level appropriate area's so they will and should attempt to push squatters out. If you flag and win then so be it but like my little alt, it's your choice to stay or try somewhere else.
    As for removing karma loss for PK..the publishers want new blood to stay and play and that won't happen if PK'ers can kill any player with no repercussions. You want to pk someone...put your big boy pants on and take the consequences. 
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  8. NightFyre added a post in a topic Give lazypeon free pet   

    I stopped watching LPs vids a long time ago when I realised just how little time/effort he invests in most of the games he reviews. Dude skates through games and bases his comments/critiques solely on what gathers the most clicks so why would they give him anything? BB at least said his piece and not only continued playing but continues to contribute to the community and game. 
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  9. NightFyre added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 7th **Update**   

    Another hour is 2am here, time for sleep and the excitement of logging in will just have to wait until morning.
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  10. NightFyre added a post in a topic BDO needs a PVP overhaul   

    I rarely get jumped but I remember back when I was farming Ogre's, occasionally some ghillie would jump me while I was waiting for the spawn and once they saw the low damage they would run or V out lol. That isn't PvP, that's just a player looking for an easy target. More often than not, I didn't waste my time chasing, chance at ogre ring > than revenge.
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  11. NightFyre added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Personally I like the OWPVP aspect in BDO but PvP isn't the most popular aspect in my opinion. If players wish to lifeskill/PvE in peace and separate channels are needed for them to enjoy the game, I don't see where the problem is. Obviously those lifeskill/PvE players haven't geared themselves for PvP or gained the needed SPs so why would any decent PvP'er decry separate channels. If it's because all the easy kills are removed then that's not PvP, that's just PK and maybe, if the easy kills have left, PvP'ers might actually find themselves in more challenging situations ...or not PvP at all because it hit the too hard basket.
    I doubt Kakao will implement separate PvE channels though, players have been trying since just after launch to have it implemented to no avail.
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  12. NightFyre added a post in a topic BDO needs a PVP overhaul   

    So it's ok for you and your group to force another group/player out but it's not ok for them to stay/return and try to defend a spot they were at first?
    The majority of PvP'ers on BDO are a joke, they call for PvP but only on their terms and only if it benefits them. YOU entered an area someone else was farming and who is to say that eventually they won't defeat you and yours but for that to happen, they need to keep returning and giving PvP'ers what they so vocally call for...PvP.
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  13. NightFyre added a post in a topic #nomorepenguinsprettyplease?   

    There might also be newer players that haven't had an opportunity to get a penguin yet.
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  14. NightFyre added a post in a topic Idea to prevents Karma bombing   

    Has to be one of the most ridiculous comment I have read on these forums. If it's so annoying, don't do it...
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  15. NightFyre added a post in a topic Why does this community hate Latin players? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I try not to generalise and squish every person into a predetermined box, I'd rather learn for myself about people as individuals and as of yet, I haven't had any more issues with South American's than any other group in 20 years of gaming. My old RS partner was Argentinian and my hubby is from Uruguay while I have Spanish ancestry. There are always good and bad in every nationality.
    BDO is a MMORPG and nowhere does it state one must speak English to play. If people don't like seeing another language in chat...there is a block function available.
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