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  1. AGx added a topic in Suggestions   

    RNG Reduction
    I understand the logic behind all the RNG; if everything is a little harder to obtain (loot, upgrades, etc) you're forced to spend more time trying to obtain it which equates to more play time. The longer we have to hang ground trying to obtain these things, the longer your game lasts. I get it and I'm not entirely opposed to it but for the love of all that is (and is not) holy can we please tone it down a little. The RNG in this game, as it is, is so severe that it's actually turning people away. The upgrade system alone requires so much luck it's insane and it's the worst for weapons. You have to be lucky to get the boss to drop the weapon, lucky to get the item that you need to upgrade it, lucky if the upgrade is successful and if it's not, lucky if your item doesn't DOWNGRADE! Fail-stacks exist but this is a terrible mechanic based on luck too since in this case, you're lucky if whatever your stacking with doesn't successfully upgrade and reset your count. It's ridiculous and I cannot fathom why anyone thought this was a good idea. It's created a "have's and have not's" system where the best geared players simply cannot be touched and those who only have so much time to play simply shouldn't be bothered. I'm not saying cater to the casuals but the longevity of the game will depend on the player-base and I"m afraid this will scare people away over time. There's very little in this game to work towards, just a lot to hope for.
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  2. AGx added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I enjoy almost every aspect of this game so much that it pains me to quit the game (as of yesterday but I'll keep an eye out for RNG changes). The combat is so satisfying and I love having other things to do like farming, fishing, training, trading, etc but all the bottlenecks they put in the game are just too much but the RNG was the last straw. 
    I had to be away from the game for a while but I returned to find out the hard way that I needed 1000 of the turn-in items to turn them in. This makes it a chore and makes grinding in groups way too hard since I didn't spend time leveling weight (and I refuse to spend $$$ on such a stupid thing). That's manageable though because there's actually something that I can do and there's a tangible goal to achieve. The RNG was another story all together.
    For someone like me who only has a few hours during the week to play (though I can play significantly more on the weekends) leveling gear is just way too hard. Between repairing my Liverto, acquiring blackstones, and building failstacks to go from Duo to Tri I'd spent at least a week (of my available time) getting there. I don't need to tell you that I failed so not only did I loose my blackstone, my item's durability went down AND I lost a level. This means I have to go through a similar amount of frustration just to get back to where I was only to go through a third round of frustration just for the chance to go back through this same cycle of crap all over again.
    If you want to make it difficult to level up or expensive, that's fine with me but the barrier is based entirely on random luck and that's just not right. With this system, if I'm unlucky enough (and you should have seen how hard a time it was just getting to +15 when that was the cap) I could literally NEVER get my gear to a competitive level. As much as I like the actual gameplay, this little mechanic is just insane and I don't understand how anyone can be OK with it. You tolerate it, sure but how can you be OK with it? Simply not worth the time. When you think about it, why do you level your gear? Probably for sake of being competitive in PvP in the end but I can almost guarantee you that you've spend 10x more time trying to be competitive than actually participating in the PvP.
    I'm not going to trash the game because I do like it too much and I'll keep my eyes on it in hopes that this changes at some point but until then, I'm done playing it.
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  3. AGx added a post in a topic Dawn of the final day 24 hours remain   

    On the bright side you can look forward to the inevitable compensation bundles they'll have to give out because you know this is going to go about as smooth as G.W Bush speech.
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  4. AGx added a post in a topic Being a paying customer makes less and less sense   

    What part of what you said makes me wrong when I said that "I've not once played a single MMO where people with more time to spend playing didn't benefit more than those with less." That's what you quoted, remember. Where am I wrong? Are you telling me that people who play less benefit more than people who play more? If P2W is your argument it's invalid because that has nothing to do with how much a person plays.
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  5. AGx added a post in a topic Does KaKao Gaming LISTEN to the players?   

    Pearl Abyss. 
    Pearl Abyss, the developer, are the ones making these strange ass decisions, not Daum/Kakao. While Kakao might have some say over Pearl Shop prices, and I stress the word might, Pearl Abyss is actually the ones in control. This isn't the typical relationship you see between a publisher like EA and Visceral. In that case, EA (the publisher) owns Visceral (the developer). Kakao does not own Pearl Abyss. They are simply facilitating the international release of their game. Pearl Abyss has the control here. It's like you inventing a product and needing a producer to sell it. The producer might be able to suggest to you that, hey, maybe this dildo shouldn't have thorns on it because it's really going to hurt when your customers ----- themselves with it and sure, they could choose not to produce and market your dildo but if there's money in it they will sell the damned thing the way you give it to them.
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  6. AGx added a post in a topic How is 100m/week not a lot?   

    I think players like that are in the minority. Most adults aren't dysfunctional like that and even in the younger crowd I'd be surprised to find more than 25% of  <17 year olds doing that.
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  7. AGx added a post in a topic How is 100m/week not a lot?   

    Despite the fact that I'm in the camp that agrees it's easy to make silver in this game, it's still quite the unhealthy time investment, even at the current rate, to gather around 1.835B and throw it away into a single item that isn't even maxed. This scares me about the future of the game. Will there be newer, better weapons in the future? Undoubtedly. Will they have the same insanely expensive and time consuming upgrade path? Unless things change I don't see why not and honestly I don't know that I want to level the next Liverto to TRI on top of new armors and accessories. They will have to adjust to a less RNG upgrade system or else I fear people won't stick around. 
    I know this is totally off topic but your post there got me thinking.
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  8. AGx added a post in a topic Block Jump unreliable?   

    This but also, sometimes it feels like the range is a variable. As an example, I've had my [target] reticle on an enemy, I pop the ability and it changes back to the regular [non-target] reticle even though the enemy is getting closer to me and with the duration so short, there's really no time to wait when it screws up like this. This also occurs with the Shift+F ability.
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  9. AGx added a post in a topic Can't we all AGREE that this game is PAY TO WIN?!   

    Guess what? I don't care.
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  10. AGx added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Are you looking at those numbers though? Either way, the person is spending 150€/week on in-game currency (600€/mo or 7200€/yr). Nobody in their right mind would invest that much money on in-game currency. Sure, for 500M, you might find people willing to do this once in a while but on a regular basis? No. Besides, you shouldn't be envious of people who piss away money like that. The majority of people playing this game are not the 1% of the world so you're not likely to see people shelling out that much real money for in-game currency.
    As a second note, if it's so easy to earn in-game gold that these cash shop items would be moving quickly enough that the real-money investment could be deemed a viable means of earning silver, why not just earn the silver in-game? You're saving time, sure but again, if people want to short cut everything else the game has to offer to spend 100% of their time grinding, you should not be envious of them. They will bore of the game much more quickly than everyone else, if they DO manage to gain an considerable advantage it will eventually be balanced by the devs (wasting their money), and, you know, it's stupid.
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  11. AGx added a post in a topic Being a paying customer makes less and less sense   

    Anyone who knows better can feel free to correct me but I've not once played a single MMO where people with more time to spend playing didn't benefit more than those with less. The only difference here than, say FFXIV (a game with a subscription) is that with FFXIV there's a clear path to progression despite the fact that you do still need to spend a lot of time playing. You're slowly earning a currency to buy new gear. Here it's a lot more RNG so it feels like you're getting nowhere until you do. Even still, FFXIV has it's own RNG garbage. There's just more of it here. 
    The way I look at it, as others have said, players like you (OP) and me are in the norm so we're more likely to go against people on our level. I'm not worried, personally and if it does feel like I'm severely outgeared, constantly, and it's a problem, I'll move on. As much as I hate to put it this way you should just realize that this is a game with a Korean developer who make some questionable decisions to us Westerners and it's not likely to change to any substantial degree. If it's a problem now, save yourself the frustration and just move on. Maybe come back if these things are changed to your liking. As it is, you're playing a game you have severe gripes over with no clear path to progression. Don't waste your time. I fear you'll end up coming to realize a year later that you wasted your time and that's far worse than playing another game that's just not as pretty.
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  12. AGx added a post in a topic Ninja & Kunoichi are coming the 20th of july !   

    About damned time.
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  13. AGx added a post in a topic Waiting to play the game til ninja, should I give up?   

    I'm in somewhat the same boat as you. The difference is that I bought the game upon release and tried out Sorc which I was actually interested in and liked. I stopped playing the game shortly before Ninja was supposed to be released because it was the one I was actually waiting for all along. I didn't want to progress any further with things that would only benefit the Sorc (such as Life Skills, leveling, quests, etc). While I could have stuck around and made more money, I already had more than I knew what to do with and I didn't want to burn out on those things I enjoyed as I want to do them on the Ninja without them feeling like repeating chores. Haven't touched the game in months due to the delays.
    That said, I don't think we have a real chance. Leveling is easy but the gear progression is just insane. Doable but it'll take so long (all time you won't be able to be competitive in PvP) that it's entirely possible you'll tire of it (not being able to PvP competitively) and want quit. I wish you the best of luck. If you end up on my server when it drops, I'll gladly run with you.
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  14. AGx added a post in a topic This is the kind of communication we wanted from DAUM, Thank you.   

    Is it? Pearl Abyss holds all the cards here, don't forget that. When PA presented the contract Daum could either accept it or decline it. It's not like Daum is the only publisher out there: Nexon, Trion, NCSoft, Trove, etc. I'm sure they all would have liked to bring BDO to the west. Secondly, it's not at all unusual to find contracts that prevent distributors from publishing information on products prior to a set date or given some sort of permission. This is exactly why the likes of GameStop aren't allowed to start sticking up posters with release dates until official announcements come along. This is why information is "leaked" instead of being revealed. It's business. You can call it bad business all you want but if you were the CEO of a company, you'd comply too if the only other option was not making that money at all.
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  15. AGx added a post in a topic This is the kind of communication we wanted from DAUM, Thank you.   

    I don't want to come off as being a jerk or anything but if this is how you feel, it might be in your best interest to move on. It's not that I don't completely and fully agree with how you feel but it's painfully obvious that this is all the fault of Pearl Abyss, not Daum. Whether they know something or not isn't entirely the point. When it comes to these types of deals between foreign publisher and Developer/Publisher, there is a good chance that there are contracts in place preventing them from communicating. I don't, at all, believe that Daum wants to come off as such a poor publisher but I do believe that their hands are tied. I despise the entire situation but I have no choice but to accept it. Korean developers suck. I mean they are very talented but they have the worst public relations I've seen outside of serial killers. I hate to say it but if you can't learn to deal with it, you should probably just move on. Getting angry with Daum doesn't exactly solve the problem because it seems like it doesn't matter whether or not they relay our concerns to the devs, they don't give a s***.
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