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  1. Inissa added a post in a topic Server lag is unreal   

    Cannot even stay connected either, I log in then get booted within two minutes.  
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  2. Inissa added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes   

    Why can they not make something like this for ranger?   

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  3. Inissa added a post in a topic question for perma 44's   

    Never said I was nor was my words threatening in any fashion, may want to re-read the 2nd sentence since it was a generalization to answer your main question.  
    To rephrase, we (the 44s) who do get to that point will either take the leap to 45 onward, or we will just leave.  Hopefully that clarifies that up
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  4. Inissa added a post in a topic question for perma 44's   

    For me, I despise it.  I been ganked in AA and L2, done BGs in WoW (only to get a transmog) and it just does nothing for me.  Planting a farm, making crafting, selling those to others, and trading.. that is what I love to do... "see thing grow" if you will.  I would rather take my time to make things for you, the PVPer, to enjoy that aspect with your fellow PVPers and in the upcoming Castles and Nodes and other stuff.  
    A PVEr just wants to be at peace, and craft, explore, and RP... why is that so hard?  We just want what you enjoy, just play it different in our own corner of the game 
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  5. Inissa added a post in a topic question for perma 44's   

    Don't need to be in PVP level to do what we want in the game is the basic answer to give you as a fellow PVEr.
    Don't worry, when we (along with the people in the same playstyle) grow tired we will either take the risk or leave... you will know when that happens in a sized volume 
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  6. Inissa added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    I usually hit up a node close to mobs and repeatedly have to suicide myself back to 0.00.  Its a sad system to have to go through but at least it doesn't take too long.
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  7. Inissa added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    Agreed, going through this thread I don't think I have seen any CM comment on this, am I wrong?  
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  8. Inissa added a post in a topic An idea to the PVE vs PVP player debate   

    I do not think it would be a revamp, everything is in place all that is added is additional layers to the existing Karma and zones.  Daum/PA have always said they are open to change, especially for the western version... look how they added those open world PVE dungeons.  They are serious about the game, and want to make changes to make players happy.  
    Its just a thought like I said, something that could be added to keep the open world and solve the PK problem while keeping PVP as available, since one of the main complaint against the toggle, server, and channel is that grind spots can be trolled.  
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  9. Inissa added a topic in General   

    An idea to the PVE vs PVP player debate
    I would like to present this idea to the community at hand, and while it may be something touching the ever heated topic, I am hoping for at least a fair amount of review and thought on this as the lines are drawn for toggles, pve/pvp server, and reenabling the quest of 50.  Though I do like myself personally the re-enabled 50 idea, it negates that people forget is that when we all hit 50, the PVE player will want to Awaken... and the fighting will begin again.  What I purpose is only simply tweaks the the current rule-set, allowing the both to continue to those true to their playstyle.  Without further ado, I present this, and to the CMs/Mods, hoping this is okay to get some views in General... it can be moved if needed   If the response is just negative, I will ask for closure 
    As we know, the Karma system is in place positive to negative.  The PVE player would like a toggle for this, immune them from PVP, while the PVP player has that it killed the immersion.  I agree with this, as a PVE player, however I think we can find balance here.  The solution is this, proposed in the Karma 2.0 system by allowing one additional to the white while adjusting the yellow.  Keep in mind, the toggle in the game already exists, you have to activate it to PVP, it just does not immune a player who is not.
    The adjustment would be that the white player is now between 300k > 250k, a player in this range is immuned to PVP for the most part.  There is exceptions to this, which will explained further.  (Basically, if you want the rules as is, all you have to do is stay in the contested zone... explained below)Yellow player - Red, the remaining applyZones
    One of the chief complaints is that if a player is immuned, the griefing of farming can occur.  Here is a possible solution to this, using data of the farm zone popularity and the Combat Zone, and as above this is where a white player can have their PVE only buff removed.
    Using the Combat Zone, data can be used to essentially create "districts" in popular and non popular farm zones, where a gauge is added to the district determining the saturation of active players killing mobs.  The more popular, the easier the saturation is progressed, which shows on the screen in possibly a barA player, just passing through or say gathering, does not count to the equation, the player has to be engaged in active PVE mob fightingOnce the saturation of the zone is reached, players receive a warning that is more directed to white players, that the threshold is reached, and have 45 seconds to leave the zone.  If they stay, the immunity is removed and the existing rules that they can be PKed.  And also, if reached, they would need to be out of the zone for 10 minutes for it to reset itself.  (There is no reset, if they are fighting in the zone they have to leave to be safe as they have been counted as active)If you stay, and engage a player, you will suffer the Karma penalty, and all of the regular rules now apply.This is just an idea, not an attempt to trigger anything.  If you think this might be something solid, let it be known.  
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  10. Inissa added a topic in Suggestions   

    Polling suggestion
    Recently we had a poll initiated by our CM Jouska on the Auto Looop thread.  It was a great thing, the feedback was seen and implemented.
    My suggestion is I would like to expand this, as the forum is a limited audience, not every one probably saw this because they do not visit the forums... just like with any game.  A majority may come only in times for information, or not at all.  What I propose, if the technology is present, for major suggestion needs of where Daum/PA would like to get the ideas of the community on a subject, to initiate a poll via email like the ones done during the CBTs generated for people with a CD owned key on their account.  Another can also be generated at accounts for those who post on the forums, or for those who are in reserve about jumping into the game just yet. This does not discriminate votes, just to show where the vote is coming from.
    CM would announce the poll on all media outlets and forum to let them know a poll was comingThe poll would be sent out to everyone with a link to the poll via email to all active accounts with a puchased account (and forum only account)All answers will be tallied over a week or two, participants would get a minor reward for their support and time (IE 100-500 loyalty, maybe a free dye box)Results are posted to the media outlets and the forum to offer additional feedbackDaum and PA do their work on the resultsHopefully this is something that could work, as with the impression that both Daum and PA want and have responded to player feedback, believe this would give a better opinion present for the community as a whole.  Though some may not respond, I believe the polls would be able to capture a greater audience to validate a solid feedback on a point that Daum/PA want to get the views from.
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  11. Inissa added a post in a topic Pet breeding all random??   

    Looks like you got the same cat I did hehe.  Nice luck on those Tiers  
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  12. Inissa added a post in a topic Will we ever get this ranger costume?   

    I would certainly hope you are wrong, cuz regular armor like this Grunil set on my ranger I almost barfed lol

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  13. Inissa added a post in a topic Will we ever get this ranger costume?   

    Kool, its just not out yet then I assume?
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  14. Inissa added a post in a topic Will we ever get this ranger costume?   

    Is this one just not in the store yet?  I saw it in the Character Creator, it has a P so I assume its a store costume.  The other three P ones are in the store, guess this one isnt out yet?

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