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  1. Sulphina added a post in a topic Anyone else getting bored?   

    What are you talking about? I won BDO with my Mae and I feel like I got my 30 bucks worth. Beat the game then move on. I mean, BDO doesn't have any replayability but so what? Move on to the next game, which for me is going to be No Man's Sky but until that I'll be playing basketball and picking cherries/apples form the backyard and watching the rest of Cobra. 
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  2. Sulphina added a post in a topic People quitting is making me quit.   

    I beat black desert so I quit. Reached lv 50 and reached the endgame. But really, I just got super bored. Still worth 30 bucks.
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  3. Sulphina added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    LOL didn't think of that.
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  4. Sulphina added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Not sure why there are warnings for higher level monsters... what's next, warnings for when a ganker is incoming? I'd rather get a free dog.
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  5. Sulphina added a post in a topic Why I quit black desert online   

    Just wondering if those ears would end up poking through the Witch's hat which would look like nasty Bethesda clipping.
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  6. Sulphina added a post in a topic Why I quit black desert online   

    To be fair you can make anyone look like an elf. My Tamer, my Mae, my sorc and my valk all have elf ears.
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  7. Sulphina added a post in a topic How bad does your tech team have to be   

    I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand Trump, on the other, yellow squirrels.
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  8. Sulphina added a post in a topic Why this game is already dying!!!!   

    Not sure why you're breading your pets but I'm pretty sure frying them is animal cruelty.
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  9. Sulphina added a post in a topic How bad does your tech team have to be   

    lol wait did you just quote Trump?
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  10. Sulphina added a post in a topic Disable auto-looping in towns/cities   

    Kinda funny how nobody actually questions the reason behind PA wanting to keep people logged in -- maybe to inflate their numbers? Or maybe turn our computers into SLAVES!!???
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  11. Sulphina added a post in a topic Fresh 50 ...   

    Play Crashlands. Unless you're interested in dying to field bosses, mindlessly building fail stacks and praying to the RNG gods, doing Red Battlefield, go around killing AFK people, join a guild of strangers and fight another guild of strangers... oh and no trade. That's the best right there.
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  12. Sulphina added a post in a topic Low RNG Account   

    Funny thing is I noticed getting things and then others around me getting the same thing at the same exact time. For example, I caught a 125k fish and just as I caught it someone else yells WOO! I caught so and so. Then my bf loots a witch's earring and sure enough at that same moment someone else loots one too. My tamer couldn't loot blackstones for the life of her but my Mae seems to get 4-6 per quest grind. Right now I have more stones than I'm willing to use since I have to rebuild my failstacks and have been busy.
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  13. Sulphina added a post in a topic Are you still playing Plum?   

    Yes as I really enjoy playing her. I'm about 22 percent into 50 fighting manes and only when I am not paying attention do I get hit. She's fast, she blocks and counters, she's too fun. I could easily fight 3 giant manes with the measly 87 DP I have. My gear isn't great but I have yet to fail to fend off a PKer. Funny thing is she's very similar to my Dark Souls character being able to block, fast, low defense, good at dodging, with the uchigatana. It's awesome when you manage to dodge every enemy attack, block another, follow up a counter with a nice combo, and finish the big guy off while filling up your HP bar. My gear isn't great. +5 Grunil with several good HP, weight increase and aspd crystals/accessories and some weak DP accessories. I definitely enjoy her a lot more than my tamer and sorc. I do feel confident enough to stand my ground against other players and will soon test out Red Battlefield. I really like my Mae and have started to spend all my loyalty points on her, will use the rest of my loyalty rewards (appearance change etc...) on her. 
    She can hold her own just fine by herself but she's even more awesome paired up with my bf's ranger as he can keep aggro while kiting and I BS. I have no trouble soloing bosses even though it can take a bit but with block you pretty much can take on any single target except anything that can roll over you or has ranged attacks. She feels like an assassin type with great stun lock capabilities. I like that she's definitely more skill instead of stat based and those who will keep playing Mae will do so because they enjoy the challenge. Again, why is the Dark Souls series so popular? 
    Anyway -- she's definitely my main until something more sneaky comes along.

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  14. Sulphina added a post in a topic Since our defense is so weak, shouldn't our attack power be a lot greater?   

    Almost there, will find out soon I guess. I do feel less squishy than my Tamer though -- goodness I couldn't keep her alive for the life of me. If anything changes DP wise I'm actually glad I get to play her 'nerfed' as she is right now. I have a feeling I wouldn't have mastered any combos otherwise. I've been mostly relying on good crystals, aspeed, +100 hp crystals etc to beef up a bit. Right now my total HP is 1222 without buffs but I don't know what's normal for this level. I did get grunil and several other dp items and at 81 DP I have yet to test out damage done with and without armor thoroughly (but I did notice I was taking more damage than without armor) but if it's really that much of an issue right now I feel like maybe I shouldn't invest in DP items to up it to an acceptable level just yet? 
    But honestly, if DP is broken and somehow it shouldn't be, I would feel even more OP than I am right now lol. I really do enjoy playing her and having to keep moving. I don't see myself quitting Mae regardless of what happens to DP. She's definitely my main until Kunoichi. 
    Also, I didn't even know about i-frames until a few days ago but I did notice when I would be invincible during certain attacks and was actually pleasantly surprised that that was even a thing. I personally find them pretty reasonable (as I really hated the tamer's lack of invincibility while using roar) as I can weave the iframes from red moon, decap and follow up with a block when necessary. The block skill I have to say is also very powerful as you can sit there blocking quite a few hits if you choose to take a breather.
    So yeah, didn't notice much since I never tank anything and always stay behind the damage/block/red moon etc if in a pickle. Worst case scenario, if I just can't keep myself alive, my bf can keep stuff aggroed with his ranger. After 50 feels like a time where I should be duoing with him anywho. As for PVP I can't comment yet as people tend to stay away from me and wait until I'm far enough away to kill the ranger lol. 
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  15. Sulphina added a post in a topic how did I pick them up?   

    D: well, now that i've had my tainted coffee, I think I'm gonna take a nice caffeinated nap ----
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