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  1. Thirrin added a post in a topic <OCE>, an Oceanic Guild (Aus/NZ) [Edan]   

    Hi there! I'm a fresh level 50 witch with a decent amount of mmo experience, but free time only on week nights, I'm really really hoping to do some large scale pvp like siege/node wars (it's why I picked a witch), but I'm also interested in all aspects of the game. Do you have any recommendations of which branch I should join/apply to? (:
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  2. Thirrin added a post in a topic <DivineKnights> - [NA][Edan][Social/Semi-Hardcore][PvX][Discord]   

    Would you be able to say what time(s) of what time zone(s) you guys are most active doing stuff like guild bosses, scrolls, quests?  
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  3. Thirrin added a post in a topic Looking for OCE guild [Edan]   

    Hi! I meant in the (oceanic)australia/new Zealand/UTC +9 ish timezone (If you are on a US timezone, our am and pm will be flipped, so when i get home from work/school, might be like 6 am your guys time, which is the problem with my current guild (even worse since I mostly play on weekdays, on weekends at least there's a chance someone's up at 6 am on a video game lol).).  Sorry if that wasn't clear (: I'll take a look!
    (for instance it's about 9:30 am here and I'm doing this from my phone in class lmao)
    I'm still looking, I'll ask in world chat soon since it's nearing my prime playtime. 
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  4. Thirrin added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for OCE guild [Edan]
    I'm in a guild right now and they're lovely people, but there are only ever one or two on when I can play (most of them west coast US), and no events or guild quests so I really don't feel like I'm contributing.  I stayed in while leveling because they were so kind to me, but I honestly feel like I'm just taking up a spot who someone who actually plays their time could fill.  Also, I wanna do stuff like gulid bosses and help with the high level guild quests and things now that I hit 50! (I know that's nowhere near done leveling but I can contribute now! haha) So, I'm looking for an OCE-based guild.  My main playtimes are in the evenings on the weekdays.
    Fresh level 50 witch, +14 yuria +10 steel dagger +5 grunil set (not higher bc I'm honestly not sold on grunil), couple million and gonna have my t7 horse soon, and I plan to also level my level 36 tamer who I've been using for lifeskill stuff (leveling the horses, making milk tea, etc).  I enjoy all aspects of PvX and just wanna play the game   I've gone hardcore in mmos before (example closest to BDO, officer in a guild that owned a castle for a long time in archeage when they first came out (captured it from the start & defended) fk yeahh, had a huge yata farm, crafted my own delphi, etc  ) but my current schedule doesn't really allow for that  I want to do PvP, boss scrolls and new PvE content and ideally take part in Node Wars.  I made my witch to focus on largescale PvP.  I hope I can be an asset and feel free to contact me on Thirrin or Annysta Lindenshield  
    edit: oh shit forgot to put Edan lmao
    edit edit:  If your guild requires like level 52+ or something but otherwise you think I might fit, let me know I can go hardcore grind  
    edit edit edit: Looking through threads in this forum, seems a lot of them mention age, I'm 20, I'll be 21 next month.
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  5. Thirrin added a post in a topic Cow Milking Mini Game   

    Can confirm graphics settings makes a huge difference-- I know it doesn't make sense, I know it's stupid but hey that's BDO for you I guess haha.

    I had been milking fine on my main on my desktop then I had to go on a trip and was messing around on alts on my laptop spending their energy, and I could not for the life of me do the cow minigame.  At first I was like man this must scale with level/gathering level or something (since I hadn't attempted it on my main till level 30 / apprentice gathering) and I leveled the gathering/level of my alt and still couldn't do the damn minigame lol, not even close.  
    Finally tried googling it cuz man it had been easy what happened?  I saw a lot of "lol it isn't hard what are you on" that was actually pretty rude   But yes turn graphics to a lower setting, and if you are on the lowest setting.. file a ticket? that really sucks hope you weren't hoping to do milk tea for a living like me :< 
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  6. Thirrin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    i had to refresh page to get the new notes but they say 8 hours ago?? and i clicked the link 5 min ago haha
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  7. Thirrin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    "A short while" ??? 3 hours? 2 months? 8 days? dafuq.  Thanks for the update though  
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  8. Thirrin added a post in a topic What does your partner think of BDO?   

    I bugged him to play with me and gave him a guest pass, he downloaded the game but never played it.....  Never even made a character ):  He's just coming off being into WoW again (We used to play together but I got bored of it... I played vanilla man no matter how good you think a game is I don't think I could play it 10 years.. He only started in Wrath, though.).  
    He laughs at how into this game I am :<
    At least we can play league together ;P  (I'm better!)
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  9. Thirrin added a post in a topic New pet breeding system [ Discussion ] [Feedback ] #MainTopic   

    I bred 4 german shepherd dogs and I got a t4.  Others might consider me lucky but I'm upset at the outcome...
    I bred 4 purebred german shepherd dogs and what came out looks nothing like a german shepherd??  Coat varieties and small things I understand but my dog looks more like a collie or a bird dog than a german shepherd, and this is distressing, i wanted a german shepherd because my very first dog was a german shepherd and she is now passed.  
    I was actually only going to breed once and be happy with what I got, but the first breeding came out t3 from my two t1s and had floppy ears... I thought why not go for t4, I want it to look like a purebred german shepherd and she deserves to be the best, well I did, and now not only are the ears floppy but the fur pattern and build of the dog is nothing like a german shepherd... its freaking purebred, for christ's sake.  
    I'd happily trade in my t4 for a t2 that actually looks like a german shepherd.... this is ridiculous for the amount of money spent...  It's funny I was actually super excited to crossbreed dogs for my 3rd pet (first pet is a cat), but I don't think I will now, I already have one mutt and I have a sour taste to try german shepherds again....
    Addition: I feel dirty saying it but I'd be relieved/satisfied if they'd just add a $5-$10 cash shop "pet appearance coupon" instead of fixing the stupid "breeding" system.  I think it's honestly misleading and false advertising to call it a breeding system when you're butchering 2 pets to RNGESUS and getting a random sack of fluff fall from the sky instead.  Breeding means parents, love, cute puppies, another word for breeding of animals is that they are MULTIPLYING, not dividing, lmao... this is just butchering of puppies & wallet and with nothing to show for it...
    Later Edit:  I'm running around with the dog, and honestly it is cute, I would've been satisfied with it if I'd gotten it from crossbreeding or something... But I named it after my old german shepherd and it really irritates me that as a purebred german shepherd she looks nothing like it lol.
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