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  1. Galdeus added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    This topic has been discussed to death in pretty much every korean mmo.  I support the idea of a more variety of costumes for both genders, but in all reality it's probably not going to happen primarily because it's a korean mmo.  They know who their majority target audience is, what they want and what sells and they know for a fact that skimpy armor for females is the biggest selling point and it always will be.  As a example you could have 2 different  sides, one side wanting full-plated badass looking armor for females and the other side wanting a maid outfit, they are going to create and release the maid outfit because they know it will sell more to their target audience.
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  2. Galdeus added a post in a topic A plea to Daum against loops.   

    No one (sane at least) wants to spend endless hours walking/running/riding around in circles to level up strength, breathing and horse levels.  All of them are designed to be done while afk because of how tedious and incredibly boring they are to do manually.  You can't seriously tell me you want to sit at your computer logged in to BDO while doing nothing but walking/running/riding back and forth while doing nothing else.  Please, the auto-pathing can't come soon enough.
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  3. Galdeus added a post in a topic Questions for the casually inclined   

    You mean they listen to the majority of their player base? Mind-blowing revelation there, you must be new to this.
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  4. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    Nah, I'm good. I already admitted i made a mistake and corrected it, so my bad.
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  5. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    Not upset one bit, no idea where you got that from.  My range in all areas outside of crowded cities is 50-60 depending on where i'm at.  I guess it was badly worded in my original message, I'll fix it.  My mistake.
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  6. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    It's clear you are incapable of discussing this without reverting to immature name-calling.  I never said I ran it flawlessly.  I'm not that far into the game, My FPS, like most others drops in crowded areas, everywhere else in the game, aka where i spend the majority of my time i get 60.  I really don't care if you don't believe me or if your specs are higher, all I did was state what i was getting in the areas of the game i've experienced so far, Have a nice day.
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  7. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    I'm 30, so far from being a Kid.  Now you got me curious, what frames are you averaging then, since apparently running BDO at 60fps is so incredibly taxing on your "high-end" PC.
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  8. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    I'm not here to debate with you or anyone else on what frames im getting and where im getting them at.  I simply stated my specs and what my average fps is in most zones i've played so far, I'm not even close to the soft cap so who knows, maybe there are other areas i haven't been to that will drop my fps.  Anyways, have a nice day.
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  9. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    As i said earlier i drop to 40-50 in crowded cities, everywhere else is a stable 60. 970 is also OC.
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  10. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    Yeah guess i should of mentioned my res. It's 1900x1200.
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  11. Galdeus added a post in a topic Rednose worldboss - valkyrie cant use block?   

    Warriors awakened weapon is a Greatsword.
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  12. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    Nope. The lowest my fps goes is 40 and that's only in crowded towns.
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  13. Galdeus added a post in a topic What graphics setting do you run BDO at?   

    i7 2600
    GTX 970
    8gb ram
    Run everything on maxed, plus High-end mode at 50-60.
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  14. Galdeus added a post in a topic So what now?   

    You are the only one to blame for this. This is what happens when you try to play a sandbox MMO like a theme park.  The game hasn't even been out for a month, don't expect to get spoonfed specific content to cater to your specific needs because you decided to skip 90% of the games content.  There are a plethora of MMO's out there that cater to your mindset and playstyle, If you play like this in BDO you are probably going to have a bad time.
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  15. Galdeus added a post in a topic okay. im done with this game.   

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