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  1. Anoriel added a post in a topic <Acolytes> Seeking merges, and single fighters alike. Look inside for more information.   

    Still growing with more great people.  It's a great time to be an Acolyte. Contact us!
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  2. Anoriel added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    BDO servers right now
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  3. Anoriel added a post in a topic No such thing as "Non-Consensual PVP" in BDO   

    I love PVP, but random PKing is for shitters.  It's no challenge at all to wipe an unaware or unprepared person.
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  4. Anoriel added a post in a topic Acolytes **Recruitment Open**   

    Acolytes: People not acting like assholes! 
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  5. Anoriel added a post in a topic Website transactions, 1 at a time   

    100% this, it's taking me ages to buy what I want.  I'm expecting Paypal to put me on hold any time now for all of these transactions.
    Now blocked by Paywall.  RIP
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  6. Anoriel added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    I sent in an app a while ago-I'd love an update on it when you get a minute.
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  7. Anoriel added a post in a topic A little late but a quick recap of last night's siege on Orwen   

    You brought up numbers, not me, so turning it around on me doesn't work out.    It's very clear that when others are talking about the "smaller guilds" they are talking about the numbers they are able to bring to PVP fights, not general population.  
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  8. Anoriel added a post in a topic A little late but a quick recap of last night's siege on Orwen   

    Is OP under the impression that Disposable Heroes and Acolytes had 85 people each show up, and Relic had 80?
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  9. Anoriel added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Used a breed reset for the first time, because I only had three t7s-one male and two females.  The first female gave me a female cow and female buttplug, but I had much better luck with the next pairing:
     Dad level 28,  Mom level 28 =
    baby Shadowmere, a female 
    and baby Hrrm, a male 
    I named him Hrrm because I was being very cautious...sometimes t6s look like that in the light-but no, I got the fine horse message so he MUST be a t7, I'm not that lucky...but he was a t8!
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  10. Anoriel added a post in a topic The best solution to karma griefing   

    The amount of people not understanding that OP was being sarcastic is alarming as -----.
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  11. Anoriel added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My concern with waiting until 30 is that I wasn't sure if a horse could learn a new skill after he turned 30.  Then, instead of trading, I would be stuck with only deleting a skill.
    However, you're saying that I can still exchange skills after the horse turns 30?  When does the new skill happen-when I use the coupon? 
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  12. Anoriel added a post in a topic Sturdy Rhutum Fighter Belt - Should I keep it?   

    I'm using the Elite one which seems better than the Sturdy one.  I am not sure why the guy above is is talking about Grunil and weapons as we're talking about belts and there's no Grunil belt.  I would go ahead and trash the sturdy one personally.  I had the same question when I got through that point.
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  13. Anoriel added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Okay, cool.  I might roll the dice at 29 and see if I can get him to learn a better skill, since it was a free thing and I'd like to see how it works.  If I wind up with caution again I can use the loyalty delete one.  
    @Meradin, I've been lucky and had a few that didn't learn it by 30!  
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  14. Anoriel added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hey guys, just a questions about skill change coupons-I've never used one before and I have one that came with my preorder.  If I use it at level 30 is there any chance of the horse learning a skill then, or do I have to use it before 30?  I'm afraid the warhorse I'm raising is going to learn Caution and want to make sure I don't lock it in.  Thanks for your help!
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  15. Anoriel added a post in a topic Value Pack Misunderstandings/Suggestions   

    I would like it if the tax was also reduced when selling a horse, as the horse market is where most of my big transactions happen.
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