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  1. SinBringer added a post in a topic Allow Pet Teir Reverting   

    I was being sarcastic, they said items in CS will not be P2W then add stats to pretty much everything but weapon skins.
    Pets have stats -- outfits/costumes have stats - so much fo promise of non-p2w items
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  2. SinBringer added a post in a topic Allow Pet Teir Reverting   

    Silence you don't like your pet, buy some new ones and fork over $10 -stop being a pleb, the gerbils that help close all support tickets no longer have to option to be fed on pieces of paper - everything is electronic, either pay up or the gerbils will be forced to eat the plastic wiring within the servers, and you will get more dmg in server performance.
    Besides pets are not P2W they just "convenience items" they still pick up your items, and any skills are just a bonus to you, cos DAUM/PA kind like that.
    AFTER ALL you can earn the ets in game ---oh wait, my bad you can't.
    sarcasm off/
    tough shit, this is one of the many reasons I've not made a purchase since initial one,
    When PVP Siege/node occurs and they start nerfing/tweaking classes expect people to spend loads on resets.
    Also a way for them to make help boost  sales on a costume would be for them to nerf a class, make it unpopular so majority will go on alt, and then after 2 weeks or so will be so annoyed with "standard" costume/dye colours they will fork over more cash to get a new "look" possibly the outfit that was selling well that is slightly less than other more expensive items by 100 pearls - people buy that but now they want colour so more into dyes.
    Then 2 month down the line rinse and repeat.
    And repeat same with pets.
    Pretty smart idea to milk everyone who about PVP and meata gaming
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  3. SinBringer added a post in a topic Remove the paywall for skill resets   

    Aw Jean-Luc how we miss you.
    and on another note - LMAO, they never gonna remove full reset skill from paywall, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money gonna be rolling in thier pockets with all the nerfs/tweaks they will be doing when PVP Region/node wars kicks off.
    your asking them to not be money grubbing greeedy corporation - not sure you seen the CS lately, but that a good indication of what your future for BDO is, since they have 0% on communication front.  
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  4. SinBringer added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    They listening about things that are minor to implement and don't affect profit margin.
    This feature is already in game in other versions of the game, so its was a simple case of enabling it.
    Sort out PVP/CS/Dye system - too much effort and affects profit margin
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  5. SinBringer added a post in a topic Armors that exist but are not used!   

    They will release them in CS for £40 each, cos they exclusive!
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  6. SinBringer added a post in a topic No, the horse market won't be "flooded" with high tiers   

    Does it matter if the market is flooded with t4/5 horses? - thought that market was also controlled by DAUM like AU? 
    Too much time/investment for little to no monetary return - easier to patch with auto-loop than to actually fix
    Beside the auto-loop is in prep for new classes as well, unless they introduce a "token" in CS that lets you transfer breath & STR to you new "main" class.
    Not many people will wanna be grinding STR when they already set up an trading empire and are using a horse and cart for trading.
    Same with breath/food etc.
    I'm sure, it won't make any significant difference to DAUM profit margin, and with introduction of "token for transfer 1 life skill to character of your choice, all for the measly cost of $29.99" sure plenty will spend money on it, and if  it too expensive they will reduce price to $27 a transfer!
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  7. SinBringer added a post in a topic Underwear are OVER Priced - Add a visual toggle for Lingerie   

    would have been better if you put you r +12 wizard hat only  
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  8. SinBringer added a post in a topic Better NON cash shop armor options   

    ".....we are addressing to the developers is to push items to be obtainable via other means than the cash shop."  - that the only part you need to focus on - they pushing, but no-one budging - cos its too profitable at this time to introduce any of these features via in-game other than CS - not until profits begin to fall would they consider the cost/benefit of this and would it re-invigorate revenue/interest in game.
    As of now - don't expect an answer anytime soon, they too focused on releasing/refining/developing the next expansion/class with the Dark Elves etc.
    Best bet is, you may hear something official in about 8 months or so.
    With another 14 months or so before they implement something like this if they believe that it will re-invigorate revenue/interest in game, when numbers/profits flag.
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  9. SinBringer added a post in a topic Why are we being blocked from purchases forever?   

    ops wrong thread
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  10. SinBringer added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    Actually that happens all the time if the business isn't structured as a corporate entity - i.e. lots of people can do basic IT system fixes, so when IT support is off on a lunch break a tech guy from another department will have look at it if its "urgent".
    Right now, they could get susan on tickets to just reassure the ticket openers that someone is having a look at them, or even apologizing for the delay. just whatever the f*ck Susan does she shouldn't close the ticket without any word like they being done right now.
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  11. SinBringer added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

     you mean "including game systems" right? cos though the whole game was designed not be a content locust feast?
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  12. SinBringer added a post in a topic Title effects   

    oh nice, well would be nice to clear that up.
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  13. SinBringer added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit prices are fine!   

    Sorry what? reason i call you troll, is unlike Bakinmo who gives justification on his principle , your rather, how does one describe it without sounding like you?
    nope not possible, just gonna have to say it straight out,  "a bit of d*ck" on your posts
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  14. SinBringer added a post in a topic How many costume have you bought   

    PFFFF...you poor bastard go get a proper job!
    I kid, sorry just saw on this page no one has given the obligatory troll post about yoout sensible spending habits, so troll'ing it now
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  15. SinBringer added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit prices are fine!   

    That what my weed dealer does too...hes trying to push me to try crack 
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