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  1. Reithan added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    The only sane and obvious answer to this from any non-whale player is "NO", no, not just "NO", but "Hell, no why would you do this, you promised not to, please don't forsake us!"
    I'm done. Uninstalled already. Last time you'll see me on this forum, unsubscribing from all threads - goodbye.
    Don't bother with the usual "can I have you stuff", "don't let the door hit you", or whatever responses, because I won't see them.
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  2. Reithan added a post in a topic Fix Karma / Death penalty ffs   

    What happened with the official proposed PvP/karma system changes thread (bounty-hunting and whatnot)?
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  3. Reithan added a topic in General   

    figured out
    NVM, figured out this posted problem - please delete thread.
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  4. Reithan added a post in a topic What the hell is going on with Warrior   

    Problem is, weapon/armor enchants keep going up. This problem existed with +15, and it's only worse with >+15.
    AP scaling is basically linear-ish with +sDP scaling is basically linear-ish with +sDamage is basically linear-ish with APDamage Reduction is diminishing returns with DP (so you can't actually get to 100% Reduction [Invincible])HP doesn't scale at all with any sort of +s.So, if you keep scaling AP to the moon, and you skills also multiply it by like 700%, and you keep scaling DP to the moon, eventually you'll have >90% reduction, but it doesn't matter, because the damage numbers are so insane that your non-scaling HP bar can't compete.
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  5. Reithan added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    180 pages and 6 months in, this thread is still stickied and still there have been no responses or announcements about the status of this.
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  6. Reithan added a post in a topic Help with "rented" item return for contribution points.   

    No response.
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  7. Reithan added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    IMO, EVE's improved bounty system did this best. The bounty only paid out as much as that person lost from each death. So, attempting to farm your own bounty was 0-sum. I assume some bounty trading still goes on, since you'd probably rather your friend get your bounty than some other random person, but no one benefits from their own bounty anymore.
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  8. Reithan added a post in a topic Colorblind options for mobs and minimap   

    Colorblind modes these days can be implemented with simple 3D LUTs, or even just a simple matrix transform of the final output color, so there's no reason not to include colorblind modeS. That's right, multiple modes! Because there's lots of different types of colorblindness!
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  9. Reithan added a post in a topic Exp scroll warning - Exp book incoming? Answer please!   

    You forgot to actually close the thread...
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  10. Reithan added a post in a topic I would kindly request that additional inventory spaces be made available at no cost.   

    I see P2W as a spectrum.
    You're 0% P2W if there is nothing you can purchase with out-of-game currency that gives ANY advantage (no matter how small).
    Any purchasable advantage, no matter how small (like the gillie suit) puts you at >0%.
    I'd say 50% would be something like "If you spend additional money, you'll probably win, or it will be substantially easier to win, but not impossible to lose."
    100% P2W would be "You cannot win without spending money, or you cannot win against someone who's spent money without spending a similar or higher amount of money."
    BDO is pretty close to 0% imo, but not 0%.
    Also, in terms of an MMO like BDO, you can define winning as getting to endgame faster, killing the other person in PvP, killing more bosses, getting better gear faster, winning seiges, etc.
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  11. Reithan added a post in a topic I would kindly request that additional inventory spaces be made available at no cost.   

    The thing you linked says on it 31 additional slots...how are you getting 55?
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  12. Reithan added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    Markov chains are specifically for figuring out the math behind systems with multiple stages of RNG.
    So, in this case, your states would be:
    I spend X silver in goods to attempt an upgrade from +n to +(n+1), this has probability f(n) of succeeding.If it succeeds, n = n+1if n = 20, stop, else go back to topIf it fails, n = n - 1, go back to top.You then solve that state sequence as a markov chain and you can figure out the average cost of each enchant level, the average # of tries needed, etc.
    Obviously, though these will only be averages, so players could do it in many less tries, or many more, based on RNG. But knowing the averages is still really good.
    Also, I think I've seen, from Korean sites, %-ages for success and failstacking for each enchant level. Assuming these are the same in the NA version (which we have to since nothing is explicitly stated by the devs, here, yet), we should be able to solve this. I might work on it later.
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  13. Reithan added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    Has any actually worked through the Markov chains required to approximate the average time, cost, and chance of achieving +20 on a piece of gear?
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  14. Reithan added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Based on today's Q&A, vs KR's announcement of a new "Player Bounty System"...I have no idea what direction you guys are going with this. 
    Has this possibility been given up on? Is it being implemented?? Is the cake a lie?
    Who knows? Do you guys even know?
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