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  1. Pansy added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Tamer   

    Race ya! 
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  2. Pansy added a post in a topic Celestial Stick name change?   

    It is supposed to be a staff, for sure not a stick. 
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  3. Pansy added a post in a topic Riding Heilang... disappointing   

    No, it doesn't. Heilang is NOT a replacement for a long term horse mount, and never will be. Heilang is a COMBAT TOOL, so it doesn't need an auto path. Plus if you're doing seige wars, you need a horse with charge to take down barricades. Heilang can't do that. 
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  4. Pansy added a post in a topic How much accuracy is enough?   

    Khutum is currently Bugged, so I would not suggest this side arm for accuracy right now. 
    I run Liverto/Needle, and plan on running red coral. I don't have too many accuracy issues, so far. (no Bhegs.)
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  5. Pansy added a post in a topic "Void Travel"   

    I really wanted to have some fun with void travel. :L
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  6. Pansy added a post in a topic Problems with tamer looking like a lttle child   

    Tamer's are MEANT to be a child. It's literally in their game lore, and in the fact that their emotes in game are childish. It's what the class is. 
    I mean, I like adultish looking tamers but, its hard to get the child out of a class who has child emotes.
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  7. Pansy added a topic in Tamer   

    "Void Travel"
    So I finally got all of my skill points in the correct places for the animation cancel combos, the only one I have issues is Void Travel. Was there a patch that fixed the mechanic, or am I doing something wrong?
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  8. Pansy added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    My "Doll Face" tamer template. 

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  9. Pansy added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Does anyone know the current breeding chance rate for a t3? Like with the increased rate, is it possible to breed for a t6 sooner? (What level?)
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  10. Pansy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    So you fixed the least important part about tamer... How about you fix the fact that Heilang keeps coming back to me every time I send him to attack. That extra damage, and knockdown he can give, is actually a  big part of tamer CC. 
    You did it guys. you fixed Tamer. (sarcasm)
    @CM_Tytyes @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo
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  11. Pansy added a post in a topic Merv's Pallet...Lower costume prices!?   

    You still have money to spend but if there is nothing else in the shop you want to buy, it's still a waste of $9, heck you can buy a cheap, decent meal for $4 if you do it right. Which is why they should offer a better payment variety.
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  12. Pansy added a post in a topic Merv's Pallet...Lower costume prices!?   

    You still have to pay them $30 to get the outfit either way. There aren't any smaller prices options in a sense of $5 or $15 (which would still make you pay $30) Or take a pet that's $11, you are still forced to charge $9 extra. 
    Because people want more for their money, like the value pack. You can't tell me that most of the people you know don't have it. It offers so much more then anything else for that price. 
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  13. Pansy added a post in a topic Merv's Pallet...Lower costume prices!?   

    I understand the whole testing the waters of sale prices, and hopefully that is a sign they're looking towards lowering the prices of the costumes, which I am all for. If I can look good and get a value pack, I'm a pretty happy customer, something that would keep me, personally, giving them money. 
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  14. Pansy added a post in a topic Merv's Pallet...Lower costume prices!?   

    If you're talking about them making profit to keep the game from being P2W, in my opinion they're making less money than they could be. I have like 9 characters? I'd be more inclined to buy an outfit for each of them(and more for my main) if the prices were lower. 
    2 costumes, one of which I absolutely hate and won't buy. The other I did happen to buy for my ranger, but I'm not going to buy a second copy of it for another character because I don't want to of the same outfits. Considering how many people that are buying merv's pallet or the value pack, there is no way they aren't getting paid. On top of that, I would actually buy the value pack over buying an outfit because it offers me more for half the price, unlike an outfit that can't even be switched between characters, and costs $30 that doesn't offer me nearly as much except a cash shop costume (most of the in game armors aren't that bad to look at anyway.)
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  15. Pansy added a topic in General   

    Merv's Pallet...Lower costume prices!?
    So now that we have a monthly subscription for not only Mer'vs Pallet, but the value pack as well, I'm 100% sure the servers are getting paid for and they're making more money. 
    Here's the thing... The outfits still cost $30? Why? If you're making enough money to profit and keep the servers alive, lower the price of the outfits to half ($15) and boost your sales even further. Lower outfit price, more cash people are willing to spend on more then one character. Just how I see it, and would like. (Honestly, I'd buy a lot more outfits.)
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