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  1. Stoneriley added a post in a topic any visible helmets?   

    It's just a part of the game that is lacking, it's disappointing because most MMO's do this well, but Black Desert doesn't have enough variation, I can understand they want money though...
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  2. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Old Games   

    RuneScape for sure, played it since 08 and it it is the greatest game I have ever played, it's how I got to love MMO's and play Black Desert now
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  3. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Test the Game   

    Hey, not sure if you already have got one or not, but I'll give you one of mine anyway
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  4. Stoneriley added a post in a topic New to BDO, Looking for Guild or friends   

    For me, I watched alot of gameplay, money making guides, class options, levelling, and aspects of the game
    on youtube ofcourse haha, helped me quite alot, seems like alot of the once active black desert youtubers have quit though which is a shame (lazypeon/pvt wiggles)
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  5. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Best class for bosses   

    Sorc and Ranger are really good, it just depends on if you are okay with the gender lock, not sure what you mean by you don't deal enough damage but Ranger was a really good choice to go with, if it's still your active character maybe give it another go? Ranger is known to be the highest DPS in the game, Sorceress will be the prime member of a boss fight and probably have the biggest contribution too, in most cases depending on the player
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  6. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   

    Early level money making is not a thing anymore either, you can easily get 20-30 million simply from opening the lucky boxes, log in rewards and other things they mail to you.
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  7. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Maybe start fixing P2W?.. Please..   

    It's not pay to win perhaps, but if you pay you can get ALOT of money, and pretty efficiently if you have alot you are willing to spend on the shop... It will only become pay to win if and when they introduce a level boost system of some kind like WoW, you will notice there are XP boosts on the store which are very much pay to win however this is not the case as they are purchased ONLY with loyalty points, which are earned from playing the game.
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  8. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Iconic Shows The New Server How It's Done   

    quality roast

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  9. Stoneriley added a post in a topic pearl abyss is bringing black desert to South America   

    I'd prefer them to be able to join the NA servers so we can all play together, what's the problem with that?
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  10. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Blader AP/DP Build Questions   

    hmm ok interesting, what gear should i go for? considering I saw this on the market and spent around 20m for it im surprised its not good enough for my level, i see the taritas/agerian which is like 20million a piece, do i need to get this kind of armor because that is overly expensive
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  11. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Blader AP/DP Build Questions   

    Sorry for late response, here's a screenshot of my build.
    Also, from your experience how long does the grind of 50-55 take if you are killing the right enemies with 200-250%XPboost.

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  12. Stoneriley added a post in a topic We did it.   

    Haha this is amazing
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  13. Stoneriley added a post in a topic "It's dangerous to go alone" - Game Pass Gifting Option   

    Great idea... Not sure about the level 30 being a condition but oh well
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  14. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Can a Cm/Anyone in Kakao confirm the last piece of the attendance   

    Well, it can't be a duo and there's no first box, but what if there is? Maybe daum isn't telling us something? Daum Illuminati Confirmed

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  15. Stoneriley added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    This song is really worth listening to
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  16. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Blader AP/DP Build Questions   

    Alright thanks for all the info, the gems are very interesting never heard of it, when I get in game tomorrow I will get some screenshots of my gear
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  17. Stoneriley added a post in a topic What server should I join?   

    Calm down it's just a name mate
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  18. Stoneriley added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Can these rewards collected on alts pass over to your main or stay on the alts? If you can't transfer them to your main it's not a problem.
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  19. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Item trading suggestion   

    Amazing idea.
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  20. Stoneriley added a post in a topic New Player Help   

    I chose blader myself, originally few months back I went Warrior, the shield is very nice for defense, but the blader has much greater speed and also has an awesome secondary attack (Basically teleporting speeds) 
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  21. Stoneriley added a post in a topic Please make Value Packs Pre-Orderable   

    Make value packs stackable, it's not OP at all?
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  22. Stoneriley added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Here's a couple of mine:
    D895-BCEE-314A-4906-819E    UNUSED9D73-BD64-24C0-413D-BFBE    UNUSED7928-FA98-09C7-4CDB-80C3    UNUSED3EBD-53D6-2D63-4BE9-9C9C   UNUSED
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  23. Stoneriley added a post in a topic The game runs bad in my pc   

    If you are certain you have 8GB RAM, a CPU and GPU that do not bottleneck each other, then you should have no problems running the game. The builds listed here are fairly good and should run at a constant fps. Although getting drops in cities is completely normal.
    But antauri, your CPU does NOT need an upgrade, it is your card that is very low-end, I would suggest the upgrade to a 780, 960 or 970 in future if you want to run at high-max. Although AMD cards are still reliable, at the kind of price point of these Nvidia cards, they do not compare.
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  24. Stoneriley added a post in a topic New player 45$ to blow   

    Personally I only bought the Explorer's Package, it gave me all that I needed, money, pets, a horse, and more, however if you are looking to buy on the cash shop I would highly suggest buying DC with your money, buying a pet which auto loots for you (very good for grinding and picking up rare drops), combat XP boosts would be great, there are alot of items on the cash shop which you will notice you can sell on the ingame market for heaps of silver, I hate to admit it but this is how I good some easy money starting out, and it's a good tip.
    I could probably answer two of your questions, to be prevalent in PvP you have to be in the 50-60 range, if you can stack XP boosts (200%, 50%, etc) you could probably grind it to 50 in 1 or 2 days, the first 11 levels are covered by the intro quests. From what I've seen there are some huge and serious guilds out there, lots have restrictions however you can find smaller ones and work your way up, or make your own.
    -Hope you have a good time
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