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  1. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    Looks like it's up to the rest of us to figure this out!
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  2. Omnigaia added a topic in Suggestions   

    Basic pet type rentable with contribution points
    I read that Daum EU wanted to figure out ways to get cash shop items obtainable in game through quests or whatnot.I wanted to put in the idea of trading CP for items. Maybe gated with quests or knowledge or amity or maybe even profession skill.
    Eg. Professional level hunting allows you to rent a dog pet that cannot be breeded or whatever.Fishing unlocks a cat and farming unlocks the hawk
     Stuff like this! Maybe select costumes can be rentable too in this manner.
    It would be a good trade off for using cp in node networks or production empires.
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  3. Omnigaia added a post in a topic I have been fishing in hotspots!   

    As an aside, if you are worried about the exp, blues only give 1 less exp than yellows. According to https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4dfn0n/fishing_misconceptions_and_the_truth/
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  4. Omnigaia added a post in a topic We shouldn't have to equip the tool to start gathering   

    I don't agree with this suggestion but to alleviate some of your woes. Drag your tools to the hotkeys for easier access. If your hotkeys are full, turn on custom hotkeys and add the tools as hotkeys. As for the durability, once you level up in that life skill some, you get access to much longer lasting tools.
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  5. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Night time darkness   

    I think this was noted as a bug that is being worked on. Try searching the forums for it, I believe CM_Jouska commented on it too.
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  6. Omnigaia added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  7. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Found a packet cheater today   

    It's too bad this was posted just as the long weekend is starting. No one is probably working right now...
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  8. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Found a packet cheater today   

    Can we get a CM (@CM_Jouska) to acknowledge this issue and update us on if any action is being taken? This kind of activity can really ruin the game for everyone else...
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  9. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Jamie's negative amity requirement   

    I see I see. I was hoping there was something cool and neat that required negative amity. Oh well, haha.
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  10. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Jamie's negative amity requirement   

     Yes, I know that. However, in those typical cases, when you mouse over the item, it shows a red arrow pointing up.
    If you take a look at the my screenshot, when I mouse over the chat topic item, it has a blue arrow pointing down. That's what leads me to think that it is a negative amity requirement. =S
    Hmm... it's possible that the red arrow and blue arrow represents your amity in relation to the required amity but I can't check this right now since I'm at work. However, I do remember it being blue even before going into negative amity.
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  11. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Jamie's negative amity requirement   

    Do you have the answer?
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  12. Omnigaia added a topic in PVE   

    Jamie's negative amity requirement
    Hi there, Jamie who is one of the guards at the Western Guard Camp has a negative amity requirement for a chat option. 
    I stole from him to reduce my amity with him but that didn't seem to unlock anything. Has anyone tried this?
    Screenshot for reference.
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  13. Omnigaia added a post in a topic Dungeons and Raids   

    Something that might be really hard to develop is a daily changing labyrinth style dungeon. There can be any number of entrances but the layout and perhaps depth changes nightly (in-game?). If you're still inside the labyrinth when it changes, you simply get killed.
    Edit: I don't know what kind of reward it might offer but I'm just suggesting the dungeon mechanic. Oh and this would be open world. Not instanced.
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  14. Omnigaia added a post in a topic [UNO] <BlackCompany> Social, Multi-focused Guild for all players   

    Hi there, what time zone are most of your active members in?
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  15. Omnigaia added a post in a topic [Uno] <Cats_Meow> | Casual/PvE Guild now recruiting!   

    Hello, what are your usual playtimes and how many members now? I'm looking for a group to play with that is in my timezone (PST or I guess PDT now).
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