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  1. Spider added a post in a topic One month later, still no fix for Mana Absorption durability bug?   

    1 year later someone still cant heal party member with healing aura
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  2. Spider added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    really nice the new update, i think witch and wizard will awak before than musas and ninjas 
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  3. Spider added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 24th   

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  4. Spider added a post in a topic July 6th - Extended Downtime Compensation   

    What about people in situation like me? I can mostly play only during the weekdays on top of that exactly 8-11 I won't be able to play AT ALL.
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  5. Spider added a post in a topic Cron Stone Cost increase like crazy! Need a fix!   

    well not realy "failed". just alternative mechanic. Little bit broken, sure, but still viable solution for Ogre Ring and other acc that sell on pre-order for 200% max price.
    What do you expect? Crone Stones to be so good that it's mandatory for each and every enchantment?
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  6. Spider added a post in a topic Cron Stone Cost increase like crazy! Need a fix!   

    Cron Stones is a waste of money. Noone in his right mind use this. Using them will just waste your money because:
    1. You loose all crone stones even if you succeed and loose failstacks
    2. If you fail to go up 30% you de-enchant, loose crone stones but keep failstacks (and get one as well)
    3. If you fail to go up 70% you stay at the same level, loose crone stones and loose all failstacks
    You literally gain NOTHING, just waste silver.
    It may be useful for jewelry that is hard to get and impossible to buy like Ogre Ring. Then you accept the extra cost but at least you don't loose everything.
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  7. Spider added a post in a topic Truffle Mushroom Hypha   

    I'll save you some time waiting for the answer. The answer will be: "This hasn't been announced yet"
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  8. Spider added a post in a topic Blue Whale Hunting   

    Just did it today. 2hours wasted.
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  9. Spider added a post in a topic Wizards/Witches feel free to post and share your build [after patch]   

    Magical Evasion? I never run out of stamina. If you do you're doing something wrong.
    I use Frigid fog or Freeze all the time in certain situations. but... you don't need anything more than lvl1.
    Waste? If there was no CD on Residual Lightning then ofc I would use only that. But all main DPS skills have CD and can't be used all the time. Even if you chain all possible skills you still have some downtime and the best thing you can do is support skills or just spam MMA untill end of CD.
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  10. Spider added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    I'm asking where is my update and why we still don't have a solid release date?
    Also please clean this mess on the forum. It's impossible to keep track of the public statements from the CM's. You have a subforum "News and announcements" but repeatedly some game changing news are released somewhere as a reply to a topic in different section or a comment on someone's stream. WTF?
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  11. Spider added a post in a topic XenoTavern - Polski Multigaming PvP[ALUSTIN]RL-XT Alliance   

    No bez przesady. 3gildie vs Tenacity ? Trochę żal.
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  12. Spider added a post in a topic Siege duration shorten for EU   

    Thank you
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  13. Spider added a post in a topic Valencia next week?   

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  14. Spider added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   


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  15. Spider added a post in a topic Dark Flame II (Calling all Sorceress Players & Gm`s)   

    Yes. Some can. Not easy but happened. 177DP full Ult Grunil.
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