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  1. Shiine added a post in a topic Black Desert: Failure is success !!   

    Hmm, maybe I didn't write my toughts clear enough. I never stated that being "braindead" was the wrong term. I wrote that, aside from being braindead, it also requires a huge time investment + patience. Is it braindead to gun it for TET and PEN in this game? Yes,Totally. Even the grind, just to get the silver to purchase it from the AH, is hidden behind a ludicrous amount of grinding.
    While we both agree that everyone here trying to be "competitive" is braindead, we can both agree on that the time wasted "invested" is of astronomical proportions.
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  2. Shiine added a post in a topic Black Desert: Failure is success !!   

    While I agree with you, that someone doesn't need to aquire some kind of higher skill or knowledge to fare well in BDO, I disagree that one just needs to be "brain dead" for it. Supposedly, Time and Patience are both very valuable assets. If someone can invest enough time and have the patience to work trough it, then they get rewarded. To me that seems amazing and scary at the same time, since I could NEVER imagine to invest so many damned hours on this game .
    Supposedly, If someone manages to invest a lot of time and work into the game, they should be able to be rewarded from either the game or the other players "admiring" them. (which honestly, a lot of MMORPG players strive for. They try to excel in a game because they failed somewhere else.)
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  3. Shiine added a post in a topic Dk current tier   

    Ngh, I'm so offended! How dare you put our beautiful valks into the scrub tier? Just you wait! Let me fasten my maid-uniform to Vacuum your ass outta my yard!

    Honestly tho. While Valk is a very demanding class, It can fare pretty well in group PvP Situations if she got her movement and buffs properly going. As for DK, I believe for it to be midtier. (no personal reference tho, only hearing from friends that it is a pretty solid class)
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  4. Shiine added a post in a topic Ungrateful, spoiled brats stop whining   

    While I believe, that the black stones, deco, 7 day value pack (this, the most), the coupon are relatively adequate; The Boss Event was very, VERY poorly tought out and messed up their image even further.
    I am extremely curious as to what they will do now as a reaction. I'm like "you can't mess this up even further", but I have a feeling telling me they can prove otherwise...
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  5. Shiine added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    not working mate, you think I didn't try that?
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  6. Shiine added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Best Event ever  had so much FUN! (This is obviously a joke, I just have to write it down or you guys could take it serious)
    Gotta write a "Help im Stuck under the map" ticket now   atleast I got the loot, it was really bad tough... fishing was more fun tbh.

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  7. Shiine added a post in a topic More Channels needed   

    More channels = less lively = ded gaem syndrome.
    Better hardware, better networking = less desync, less lag = better experience
    We need "better" channels, not more of them
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  8. Shiine added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    Ohh, If we talk about the concept of "Free Stuff" I am well Informed, don't worry. Obviously, there are diminishing returns for giving things "for free", as People happy with the service provided will pay out more money. I was directly stating, that people got too high expectations, so they shouldn't get disappointed for what they get [for free]. 
    But honestly, Kakao's community management was terrible until now. Why would you expect for it to be good, suddenly, when the 1 Year Anniversary hits?
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  9. Shiine added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    "Submissive Cuck". I can't understand how you see me, having realistic expectations regarding free stuff, as being Submissive. I pay money for the game, I get the game. I pay money for Cash Shop items, I get the promised Items. I'm defending what I believe is right, and I debate and call out what I believe to be wrong. In my eyes, having too high expectations is followed by a bitter after-taste. So I try keeping my expectations realistic and got the event rewards almost spot on. (The +100% Weekend surprised me tough)
    WHY in the heck should someone get ANY free thing? "Ohh but we played so long, and we were so good sheeplings playing this game!" ----- this lol. You paid for a service and got to use it, everything around it is either a good business strategy or the goodwill of the developers. Either way, you are just a Business asset, a Client. Nothing more. If you got an emotional binding to this game, so be it. But don't get disappointed if Kakao only see you as a Money-generator.
    "Not our fault that we have expectations built on previous experiences in other MMO's, it's not like we've just pulled our expectations from our arses."
    Well, I am sorry for telling you this, but being your fault or not your fault doesn't matter. Its the same as the kid that gets everything from his parents: Entering business-life most of them fail to cope with it and can't realise their responsibilities correctly. I will even go so far as to say that the previous MMO's that lulled you into this pink world of free-everything-for-everyone are at fault. But that is totally subjective. Instead of comparing BDO to your "previous MMO's" you should've seen what you got from PA all the time, it was PRETTY obvious what we would get.
    You should know that everyone has different opinions. Calling someone a "submissive Cuck" for having realistic expectations just shows how self-entitled you are with your belief. 
    What a stupid analogy. Did you pay Kakao more for the FREE stuff? NO. Pathetic.  I will pay you more IF you do more. But don't expect to get more money for the same work, as I won't expect for you to Work more for the same amount of money.
    Kakao will give you more things if you pay more for them. Get some Pearls.
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  10. Shiine added a post in a topic Black Desert In a Nutshe   

    People still do this? Last time I checked it wasn't worth doing anymore
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  11. Shiine added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    You all new Account guys should stop for a while, really, its embarrassing for the BDO Positivists. 
    But yeah, you guys know what the Problem is with the 1st World Society nowadays?
    ALOT of people should check theirs, they are way, WAAAY too high. You guys got X+X for the anniversary in another MMO? Well, too bad, this is BDO. Your Boss is getting paid 10-fold of what you get? Well, live is not fair and not everyone is equal.
     What the actual ----- guys... Just expecting, expecting and expecting. You guys should do more  earnest and hard work to learn how to appreciate the little things in life.
    I'm loving the event so far, 20%XP during the week, 100% more on the weekends (I was bummed the event ended and got super happy again it is running for another week). We get a 100Points Cake, which gives VERY useful buffs, a 20% Discount Coupon and a pretty Community Event, where you will probably be able to meet some Staff Members. Now THATS what an actual birthday is and should be: Cake, some small presents and a family reunion. Nothing more.
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  12. Shiine added a post in a topic You see my problem with the Dark Knight.....   

    Easy Explanation: Dark Magic. The Sword got some voodoo force in it making it go slicey dicey! (probably)
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  13. Shiine added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    So, a German friend of me pointed something out:

    Which one is correct now? @CM_Aethon
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  14. Shiine added a post in a topic Kakao KR do you hate your origin/race ?   

    ? how conveniently you leave out the weak class out of the stronger pack. I believe for it to be a coincidence tbh... Also, Kuno in 1v1, if played correctly, is a Class to not underestimate.
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  15. Shiine added a post in a topic Why everytime i post "WTB Deneve Set for Witch" i got insults?   

    Maybe you were spamming? Ppl usually just bandwagon on the "WTB" Hate Train tough, so don't take the insults too seriously!
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