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  1. MozezCore added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    People just dont understand that everything is easy to get if u just get it on yourself by evolving your account in "all" directions. All plebs focus olon grinding all they and end up hating the system cause they cant buy sht of all the silver.. While us lifeskillers have abundand hards, sharps, food, elixirs, materials in general..  and are still able to grind when ever we feel like. :'D
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  2. MozezCore added a post in a topic Current Pre-orders on DK Dande   

    i think that's way to low, buddy..
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  3. MozezCore added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    that's true my friend. I totally agree with u.
    It's not the problem of the market that some items are always sold out. Weeds for example can be used in so many ways.. Doesnt matter how many the economy will list ppl will buy them just to power lvl alchemy. There are always goods in high demand that are sold out and goods with to high supply that are staying in the market.
    But producing useless goods that will not be sold is not the problem of the market but the problem of this stupid players. U cant expect that ppl will insta buy the crap that u actually dont even need urself.
    That some items are "useless" is also no market problem, it's more like a problem of inbalanced ingredients for production. For example some of the "trace of.." can be used effectively en masse.. Others not.
    That ppl are expecting useless items to be sold out in an hour is a problem of the communitys mentality.  There are also problems with this market. But it is actually doing much better than all u ppl think.
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  4. MozezCore added a post in a topic Shudad Costume Poll   

    u think it's selfish that people who were believing in this game - even before playing it - should be able to have one unique costume for just one charactet?
    Lul dude.. THIS is the real toxic post in this thread.
    No spend 100 bucks - no shudad. It's a bonus for ppl who did not chose the "mhm.. Let me try it first for 2 weeks, it might suck"-way.
    U had the chance to get it last year. It's to late now. CY@ :'D
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  5. MozezCore added a post in a topic Drifter Baman cannot get ? Mark to turn off   

    What new questline?
    I remember something about new quests for sailors being written in the PN but i cant find any.
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  6. MozezCore added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    the "problem" is..
    Let's say we add a ~20-30% rate of weed drops. People will still insta buy ALL of those from the market and just dumb those +20-30% into reagents to get exp by spaming low tier alchemy. >> in the end same situation as it is atm. If u "really" need some to create one specific thing u will not be able to buy.
    Our "problem" is not the supply, the problem are fixed prices..
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  7. MozezCore added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    LUL..  Dude... Lol... NotLikeThis my man.. :'D

    AoE effects of ranged classes are not even small..
    But the more interesting question: why cant us warriors  attack guys behind us?
    Fix pls, need target lock.. Kappa
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  8. MozezCore added a post in a topic Trading - Magnate debuff removed from Velia/Finto Farm/Heidel/Alejandro Farm trade goods - Rolling to master 2 viable again   

    even before removal of magnet we were able to roll 7-8 channels without triggering it. Nothing much changed actually.
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  9. MozezCore added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    call it what ever type of game u want it to be. Still pvp is an important fact of it.
    In the end a guy like u does not know what "we need". The only thing u know is what u are tryharding to get for your own benefits. And THIS Is one of those "dont try to change a game - which's aspects u dont like - to your favour.. Play another one that matches your expectations"-issues.
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  10. MozezCore added a post in a topic Where have all the warriors gone?   

    Imo warri is..  Mhm.. Feels like not in a good shape.
    Vs "stupid" opponents it might be stronk.. But it's just to predictable for  skilled opponents.
    Since our sword&board form is absolutely garbage we have to stay awakened in most of the times. And if awakened: there are two mid-range engages that are to easy to dodge. With status of servers grab is just not reliable at all.  Even if u manage to grab one the s&b form is so vulnerable in cc that u're getting fcked instantly be the grabed guys guildies.
    It feels like warri is super strong if your opponent is just a minion. But absolutely useless if he knows what he's doing.
    I must confess that i'm very rusty in pvp since my focus swaped to lifeskilling. And maybe i just need to gid gud, haha But seing all those wiz, witch, zerker, DKs..  Idk any reason to even play warri.
    What do you other guys think about that?
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  11. MozezCore added a post in a topic So I finally got a mini-elephant, and there's a wasted skill to learn?   

    did u brand that one, buddy?
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  12. MozezCore added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    dont play a pvp game if u dont like its mandatory aspects.
    Dont change the game itself, change your choice of game.
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  13. MozezCore added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    watched 5 min and actually saw no serious combo. Just overgeared compared to opponents.
    Gosh, i love this std spam to engage :'D when i got awakening first week i did it same
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  14. MozezCore added a post in a topic The current state of the game's economy   

    u dont have any idea of lifeskilling buddy, right? I think im making much more moneyzzz then the average grinder.
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  15. MozezCore added a post in a topic The current state of the game's economy   

    dont spread such pleb knowledge, buddy.
    If people would take part of the economy and the market was still empty u'd be right. But since 90% of player base is going full grinding-minion mode it is just natural that there is a lack of supply on the market.
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  16. MozezCore added a post in a topic Do we really need a liverto?   

    maybe, idk anything about your little "forum wars"
    But from my point of view all those "tests" that are done are kind of garbage. (didnt watch ur vid because im online via smartphone) Those are to monodimensional.. One type of opponent, one type of skill, etc.

    Even if personal estimates (feelings) are inaccurate those might offer a broader view on gear.. Since it's been tested "allround" while grinding and stuff. U know what i mean?
    In a game with that much "unknown" influences like bdo  it's not the worst to simply rely on feelings. Maybe
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  17. MozezCore added a post in a topic Do we really need a liverto?   

    instead of asking for evidence you'd be better off just reading carefully. Things like "iirc" and "relativley" reveal that he's not doing fix claims. Even asking for any evidence that's proving a "relatively small" amount is kind of.. Well, i dont want to call it stupid.. But since there is no fix amout of acc defined for..  Neighter for "relatively" nor for "small".. You could - all by yourself - draw the conclusion that there us much space for individual interpretations.
    1) this is a fck video game.. There is no need for "evidences" at all. Dont overdo things,  buddy..
    2) if you are asking for evidences you should at least have some basic knowledge of scientific writing. You seem to not be able of filtering core statements of his text.. Still you're jumping on the "SOURCE?!?!?!?!?!??!111?!?!?!" traing.. And kind of embarrassing yourself with semi-knowledge...
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  18. MozezCore added a post in a topic The current state of the game's economy   

    personelly im undecided between "neutral" and "good". It's definetly not bad imo.
    It's true that the market place is empty. But does this mean the economy is bad? No.
    There is just a huge difference between grinders who think they can buy everything with silver.. And lifeskillers who actually produce stuff and put it in the MP.
    Im BDO you can earn much silver by grinding. But will you be able to buy something important with those money? Hehe...

    I spent the time from march to november 2k16 grinding.. Since then i became a lifeskiller. All those overrun spots are just tilting me af.
    Since i changed my playstyle my character's level stagnated in growth. Still my overall acc progression became way more effective then in my grinding state.. Tons of hards/sharps for enhancing, easy "afk" silver without mich work.. I can produce the dumbest sht with my workers and people will still buy it of the MP..
    If all people would just balance their playstyle and do just a little lifeskills then the market place supply would change significantly. At least this is my assumption.
    But changing the game mechanics to fit the current playstyle of the majority (more hards/sharps drops and stuff) is not the right way to handle this.. Imo
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  19. MozezCore added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    you'd take much time of fun and gameplay from your friends if u just handover cheap gear to them..They'll be full TRI/TET in 2-3 weeks of active grinding and quit game again.
    Why even play if one is not interested in "playing" for their stuff?
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  20. MozezCore added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    Guys like you are always like "weeh, weeh.. Pearl gifting is the only reason why i have this pleb green awakening weap.. And why i have pleb PRI belt.. Weeh"
     But the fact that you missunderstand is  that there would be WAY less boss gear pieces at the market place. Which means less chances to snipe it for you.
    This is because it would simply not be worth spending time on bosses anymore.. Once u are geares. And selling boss gear would even be less worth since the value of the time u spend doing bosses is much higher then the MP price.

    The fact that there is no player trading in bdo is actually one of the basic things that are keeping this game alive. Since it takes you longer time to reach your targets. You need to work for it and dont just make others do it for you.. I really like it.
    Running circles and grinding trash mobs all day for 100 mil does not mean that someone deserves to wear a pieces of boss gear that he can get of his friend.

    Your impatience is just no reason to change the game mechanics. Deal with it, buddy

    P.s.: nice photoshop skills. :'D
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  21. MozezCore added a post in a topic 2 days fighting bosses for no loot   

    this is obviouslY your problem. You will always get crap loot with an alt since dmg does matter.. A lot
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  22. MozezCore added a post in a topic second new class concept   

    Wow, another waifu class.. Anybody surprised?
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  23. MozezCore added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    Is he at least 63 meanwhile or just slacking around? Kappa
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  24. MozezCore added a post in a topic DK Awakening next week 12 April   

    Time to think about something new u guys can cry and complain about.
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  25. MozezCore added a post in a topic DK Awakening Poll!   

    what a clown fiesta
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