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  1. Donee added a post in a topic Are we going to become a pet class?   

    It now gives you 10% movement speed buff and it can be permanent if leveled to the max. With 2x movement speed gems on your shoes + spellbound heart buff + speed spell i dare to say we can get close to ranger's speed if not at same level. But we are limited by speed spell cooldown, though.
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  2. Donee added a post in a topic Public Statement - Sieges, Thorns, and You.   

    I guess its time to 
    Fixed for you!
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  3. Donee added a post in a topic Crafting to make money, unsuccessful.   

    In this game you must think in craft as a secondary/passive income and in meantime you grind your ass out!
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  4. Donee added a post in a topic Have you ever wondered   

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  5. Donee added a post in a topic Spellbound heart buff bug?   

    IT will always be 10% move speed buff, but with higher level skill longer it lasts until the point it got permanent.
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  6. Donee added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    then they could add a penalty that will make you spawn on near city everytime iinstead of having the option at node. Only for pk death, ofc.
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  7. Donee added a post in a topic NEW PvP of BDO   

    I feel ya, bro. This patch is ridiculous!
    Had some fights over spot/ogre these days and people kept coming back without any kind of penalty and i had to keep my karma under control, because if i did go red ... ya know what would happen.

    Completly bullshit patch!
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  8. Donee added a post in a topic Mounted Combat [Jordine][PvP]   

    Oh no, man, i wasn't trolling. Just sharing what happens to me, like everytime ... 
    They see me and they all go like: Candy Candy Juicy!
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  9. Donee added a post in a topic Mounted Combat [Jordine][PvP]   

    Hell yeah!! I ride on my horse, hundred of people surrounded me and start to 100% black spirit. off my horse, free casting blizzards and stuff... lol
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  10. Donee added a post in a topic Node wars Thorns deathballs   

    Do you realize NA have 3 servers, right ? And i think you missed the point here.
    The guild using this exploit wasn't even at node war in that territory, they didn't had a base/tower. They were a 3rd guild that hadn't nothing to do with that currently war and started abusing of that exploit to help 2 participating guilds. 
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  11. Donee added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    Just put like this:
    Respawn on node = xp loss
    Respawn on city = no xp loss
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  12. Donee added a post in a topic Multiple Magic Arrows   

    Depends. If you are killing a single mob, like Ogres and such, MMA is king when Ultimate Blizzard is on cooldown. Being able to down an ogre in 10 seconds without blizzard is amazing AF!
    But yeah, for groups of mobs its a simple filler.
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  13. Donee added a post in a topic Are we going to become a pet class?   

    After Spellbound Heart our mobility increased a lot. Maxed Spellbound Heart + Speed Spell + 5 move spd(4 gems on boots + elixir/food) is crazy. I run faster than a t3 horse plus teleports in pvp. Now i can kite whenever i need, heal up and jump back in like Sorcs do. 
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  14. Donee added a post in a topic LC Node War -Ganked and Ganking- [Orwen]   



    2 hours chat banned! 
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  15. Donee added a post in a topic WIZARD TOO STRONG   

    This thread is all about:

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