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  1. Nahilu added a post in a topic Petition to delete the PVP category off the Forums   

    I agreea PvP topic in a PvE game is worthless.
    PvP and BDO are 2 things that cannot be mixed.
    Thanks to the System Designers of the Karma.
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  2. Nahilu added a post in a topic 1v1 Tournament (Edan)   

    The 1st thing they learn u when i log into BDO is how use  a potion.
    Potions are part from PvP in Korean Games.
    Potions are not any type of cheating
    If you dont use potions your just a dam noob.
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  3. Nahilu added a post in a topic Side effect of P2W tax reduction   

    a competitive pvp game ?????
    In 200 hours gameplay ive never seen PvP
    Comon The karma system is ANTI PvP 
    This game is FAR from a PvP game
    Go play DaoC Aion L1 L2 Gw2 go play a -----ing pvp game b4 saying this mess up games is a pvp games.
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  4. Nahilu added a post in a topic Daums response on Value Pack in French forum   

    Ya you are not obliged to progress like other player....
    you can stay noob 4ever and enjoy the game
    clap clap.....
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  5. Nahilu added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Well i been competitive arena gladiator in wow last season and every season without spending money other than my SUB.
    Free level in wow means nothing because who cares on lvl in wow there is a lvl cap.
    You need PET , you need WT , you need INV , to play the game correctly and now u need marketprice item SUB.
    if u reroll get rdy for another 150$
    Whatever man ....
    This game cost WAYYYYYYY more than any other mmo.
    it just nor worth it.
    THE LEAST they can do is STOP selling the game and make it free since u need spend a fortune on every characther to enjoy the game.
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  6. Nahilu added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Yes and its fair,
    You pay for Expantion because its like a full scale game
    Then you pay a SUB because server fee
    Then you enjoy the game.
    You dont get ANUS ----- with a cash shop.
    To be competitve in BDO cost more than buying Expantion + sub
    BDO == total mess
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  7. Nahilu added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    What i do here ?
    I like seeing patch notes and like to see people rage out of the wrost MMO experience i ever had since 1999 From Everquest,
    I used to play MMO where i was paying my SUB and EVERYONE was on the same scale.
    BDO is just a MESS nothing you can say can make change my mind
    This game is a mess.
    The only thing that can make me install back this game is remove entier cash shop put a sub.
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  8. Nahilu added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    You just saied it,
    P2W is the system where you obtain an improvement over other players via real money exclusitivity.
    30% more silver EVERYDAY its a SHIT tons of silver and SILVER is enchanting is EVERYTYING in bdo.
    Make it to a week .... lol you CANNOT play this game anymore without this pack unless u want to be retarted.
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  9. Nahilu added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    because there is no gear on shop it mean its not pay to win ?
    Paytowin is simple it give a STRONG advanatge to someone paying VS someone playing the game and not paying.
    So your saying someone will ALL inventories slots that does AFK fishing for 8 hour. got MAX WT when he farm got all 4 pets , get that market shit .
    Let me tell you a true story,
    I been farming 8 to 10 hour a day and people from my guild AFK fishing with 100 inv slots for 8 hour was doing more silver than i was by playing the real game actually.
    your just a fan boy or blind.
    If you start a characther NOW have have 0 pet 0 wT and that new market shit u CLEARLY have a GUGE dissavantage against other players and you will NEVER reach up for PvP against them ohh wait PvP is broken but that another story,
    ALSO Even if i had 100000000m Silver, THESE THINGS are not buyable from in game money making it EVEN MORE P2W.
    EVERYTHING  from cash shop SHOULD BE buyable with in game currency because player THAT PLAY the game SHOULD be able to buy WHATVER in the game.
    Playing this game give nothing
    Give them your wallet youll be fine.
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  10. Nahilu added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    I left the game long ago.
    I saw this game was P2W long ago.
    Actually they let you level up and learn the game and get hooked into the games without having to pay. 
    Is it like a illusion they did a good job on that,
    But deep behind the CORE design of the game , its money , new class , reroll , more inv more WT more whatever 3 pet 4 pet 5 pet .... $$$$$$$$
    EVERYTHING is design to make you pay.
    And in 1 year and 2 years shop will go bigger bigger and become more p2w.
    BDO is like Casino. You need tons of money and EVERYTHING is RNG
    I left the game because i saw where this shit was going.
    Honestly , make pay 15-20$ per month SUBCRITION games are still the best plan. NO SHOP , just EVERYONE pay his 15$ and EVERYONE play the same game.
    Cash Shop is such a mess and it kill the FUN from games.
    What the points to add feature in a game that break the fun out of a game ?
    Games are meant to be fun if it is not fun it should not be part of a game.
    Games need money yes , but ive spend about 300$ in 2 month in this game to realize WTF am i doing NO GAMES EVER do that,
    Instead of polishing their game , fixing the Desynx , or ANYTHING that would IMPROVE the game experience from players.
    They work on HOW can we make the player pay even more.
    This game is a CASH pump , They will DRAIN ALL the CASH they can UNTIL its death.
    Then they will release a NEW MMO and REPEAT.
    I do think they are NOT STUPID , I DO THINK WE ARE STUPID because we are the one giving them our money.
    You want do to something good ?
    Delete this disease off your computer
    Go play a real casino u can at least win something.
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  11. Nahilu added a post in a topic Slows   

    Welcome to BDO
    If you want pvp , find another game.
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  12. Nahilu added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Aion 5.0 released this week
    PvP everywhere.
    It is a focus PvP game,
    You have a rank under your head ( your pvp rank )
    Higher your rank is better pvp gear you can buy.
    Siege and fort about 12 times per day in multiplate zone. 300vs300
    Rifting system is back , u walk in the map u see a rift u go to the enemy map , u kisk up ( if u die u rez there) and you pvp all day.
    patch is new so..... everyone going for new gear u are not late,
    If you want advice for strong 1v1 class 
    Songweaver , Spiritmaster , Ranger , are top tier,
    + you actually play a 6 years old game wich is great because the game is already balanced and everything work u dont have to suffer pain crazy patch note each week and i have more pvp in aion in 10 minutes gameplay than i had in 200 hour in BDO.
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  13. Nahilu added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    What about if u are at 0% exp in your level and you just farm ? 
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  14. Nahilu added a post in a topic NEW PvP of BDO   

    fixed for ya,
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  15. Nahilu added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    So much HYPE
    So much Fail
    is that something new ?
    I only have 100% faith in NcSoft MMO still i lost some in BnS.
    When i bough BDO , i was scare i saw DAUM , i was omg another no name company trying to make a mmo .....
    Tera --- en masse == so much hype so much fail.
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