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  1. oxycodn added a post in a topic So basicly I lost like 10 amity games with Mevo in a row   

    Want a hard amity try the guy you hire workers from in altinova
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  2. oxycodn added a post in a topic Marketplace Bots - Daum are you...   

    how is anything sniped with the lotto system?
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  3. oxycodn added a post in a topic Something Interesting I Recorded with my iPhone   

    you can crawl q then spacebar
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  4. oxycodn added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    so does this mean i can no longer exploit bot users for easy xp? i always invite them to group its accepted 100% of the time then put them on follow and let them kill everything and i just soak up the xp.
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  5. oxycodn added a post in a topic GM_Axion hacker!   

    thats it didnt know it had a reddit post
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  6. oxycodn added a post in a topic GM_Axion hacker!   

    axion isnt the first/only one to do this a gm on orwen done the same thing about 3 weeks after launch it just wasnt posted about on the forums
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  7. oxycodn added a post in a topic GM_Axion hacker!   

    we will make this a thing as soon as yall make switching characters/channels without disconnecting a thing.
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  8. oxycodn added a post in a topic Everytime after maintenance it is super laggy.   

    dont worry the hampsters ate a litte to much today give them a bit they are a little slow because of it
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  9. oxycodn added a post in a topic Lifting payment suspension   

    dont buy from Chinese pearl sellers. [solved]
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  10. oxycodn added a post in a topic #FreeJinta2016 (Make Orwen Great Again)   

    you cant report spam unless you have a deputy badge.
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  11. oxycodn added a post in a topic #FreeJinta2016 (Make Orwen Great Again)   

    honestly if thats the only reason why he got banned it seems odd. ive seen much worse in channel chat and RP chat
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  12. oxycodn added a post in a topic Bosses ruined this game   

    "While people will still buy livertos for 30mil and spirit belts for 40mil" what server are you on a +7 livertos goes for 10 mil on mine and spirit belts go for around 25 mil
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  13. oxycodn added a post in a topic Anyone annoyed at Witch/Wizard awakening differences?   

    I'm just hope they didn't turn them into a melee class like they done with the ranger
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  14. oxycodn added a post in a topic There is a disconnection bug next to the fishing hotspot near Velia   

    i havent hit this disconnect wall since the patch.
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  15. oxycodn added a post in a topic NPC's Names Switched Around   

    yep every single npc has the wrong label now in every city
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