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  1. Vince added a post in a topic Jordine has only one crowded server right now,Sunday Night. Do you think things are going well?. But mostly important,do you see this game able to mantain a good populated community in years?.   

    it a niche game,  not for everyone. The windfall they received from launch will serve them well for many years.
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  2. Vince added a post in a topic BDO Global coming soon.   

    Oceania- Sydney  (Aus) to San Jose (US) is excellent,  best ping ever to a  US base server.
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  3. Vince added a post in a topic Are you happy with daum??? Survey >>>>Vote here<<<<   

    or less
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  4. Vince added a post in a topic Transferring from NA/EU to OC   

     I am not sure really what they mean. They talk about BDO global service and in south east asia there are quite a few countries still unable to play. I don't believe we will get an oceanic server here in australia. However region locked countries would be unlocked in this area.  
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  5. Vince added a post in a topic FALSE Advertising   

    My t5 conq horse is superfast. The time btetween olvia and calpheon is not much when spriniting.  If t3 is faster, gee imagine how fast a t8 would be. You would blink and be in calpheon.
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  6. Vince added a post in a topic FALSE Advertising   

    its a t5 horse in everyway except breeding. I am loving my t5 conq horse. You should rename this thread to i am greedy and unreasonable.
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  7. Vince added a post in a topic Let's talk about BDO EU/NA future [ Maintenance Discussion ]   

    Instanced dungeons and raids, base on the philosophy dictated by pearl abyss. So yeah there own thing.  Like  rifts, bams, and wildstar telegraphs. It would be nice to see what they can do.
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  8. Vince added a post in a topic Should i wait till Kunoichi to get the game?   

    Not really play your second best class then swap epic gear to your kunoichi.  This game is alt friendly.
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  9. Vince added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    I am happy with the current setup, i only want the valkyrie and warrior able to tank in instanced dungeons and raid bosses and the wizard and witch ablle to heal them.
    And of course this is all for sweet loot.
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  10. Vince added a post in a topic A big reason why BDO is leaking players   

    Guilds are increasing there membership.  There are way more peeps buying the game than leaving.
    So yes I suppose it is leaking players. However this is dwarfed buy the number of players starting there BDO adventure.
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  11. Vince added a post in a topic Is anyone else missing the "Chief of Velia" quest?   

    Make sure you are up to date with your black spirit quests.
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  12. Vince added a post in a topic When will Edan server open up?   

    you join an edan channel not the name edan.  Click below that name and there are channels that belong to that server.  You can swap between channels as long as they belong to that server.
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  13. Vince added a post in a topic Lamb Knowledge   

    There is a quest about saving a lamb at lynch ranch.  And that is where I found my lamb. It can drive you stir crazy trying to find it tho.  Good luck +1
    The quest didn't give me lamb knowledge for that I had to kill a lamb.
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  14. Vince added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    I don't live in the states.  However in terms of being successful be it music, movies, and other arts, cracking the American market is a dream.  PA hve made a game more popular  in the west than in Korea.  And I am pretty sure they will build on this success.  Developing the game is what Pearl Abyss do and they are in it or the long haul. They listen and react to the player base,  and when they stuff up they apologise and make amends.
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  15. Vince added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    I researched as well  and I wasn't going to buy it. No Trade, a regulated AH and no traditional pve instanced elements.   However I was pleasantly surprised.  Its the quite a beautiful amazing world.  And great game design sure it has some negatives,  though overall its a fantastic game.   
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