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  1. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Prediction - Dark Knight will be the largest played class.   

    if you just listen to the audio without looking at the video, it sounds like some epic fight scene in an action series or a movie
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  2. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Prediction - Dark Knight will be the largest played class.   

    she's like a pre-awakening Sorc. No grab skills, pure CC, and one of her bread+butter skill gets bonus damage from smash attacks (knockdown damage)
    also, most of her skills are apparently designed around pvp~ so...if and when she does come over to NA, pvp-happy people are gonna have a field day with her.
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  3. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Prediction - Dark Knight will be the largest played class.   

    idk, I am playing her in KR version. I'm liking her style so far. and from what I read on the BDO inven website about her, she generally has a positive review among the people~ the only problem is obviously the glaring difference between all the other characters having awakening weapons and she does not.
    solid mobility, great damage, low levels is a breeze cause she has some useful mp regen skills and hp steal skills...not sure about grinding after Mediah...I personally gotta get to that level first haha.
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  4. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Post the templates you are not gonna share!   

  5. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Anyone interested in TRI Zaka   

    if i had 800m more than my current assets, sure~
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  6. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Show us your sexy characters and screenshots   

  7. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic [Valencia] Nhuver boss spawn location   

    here, bigger image:

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  8. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Time to roll Ranger? +20 plus shotgun   

    you make it sound like every ranger will have +20 within the next week or something...
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  9. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Did they nerf ancient relic scrolls?   

    yep, i believe with the memory fragment change, they nerfed the drop rate on relic scrolls. (book scrolls I'm not sure of since I never tested more than one)
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  10. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic KrowNation ¦ Edan ¦ PVX ¦ Mature 18+ ¦ Strong Core Group with a focus on respect and fun node wars progression   

    I vouch for this guild. Strong leadership, Game of Throne fans, loves PvP and a fun atmosphere. Teamspeak chat is always a blast~
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  11. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Question about black spirit crystal   

    once per character in your account.
    prereq is finishing black spirit quests in calpheon region and be level 52 minimum (I think)
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  12. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic Anyone think Accessories are hard to get these days?   

    I spent a month of farming hexe and abandoned monastery diligently to get all my witch earrings and marks to DUO, granted favorable rng was a major factor.
    on the other hand, I farmed Treant Forest at level 10 node, S rank on both big tree mobs for 3 weeks before a tree belt dropped. never going there again....i would have better chance of getting a second belt from the field boss.
    rng is really a -----.
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  13. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic GOOD GOD I SPENT 620 ON THE CASH SHOP!   

    let's see, I think I dropped almost $900 on this game so far not including the Conq pack costs....
    decked 2 characters with max weight limit, 2 horse costumes, 2 ghille suits, 1 horse tamer outfit, 1 fish suit, at least 3 cash shop outfits for each of the 2 chars, and 1 for another alt, 2 or 3 of those 30-day appearance coupons, some dye bundles, tons and tons of horse reset coupons (result: 2 T7s....but only after the patch that unlocked all the other horse colors)
    looking back, I could have saved some of that money that I can spend on real life stuff....but meh, it is what it is.
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  14. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic This is pathetic BDO   

    guild boss loot table is based purely on rng, not damage dealt. don't state false info.
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  15. elynia_sunless added a post in a topic BROKEN seige system.   

    idk...Kyoukai was able to pretty much stomp every single guild participating in that particular Node War in Mediah E1....because the daily 8pm EST reset fuked everything over.
    the guild was having trouble against MalumFactum because of the Hwacha/Flamethrower towers....after reset hit, bye bye siege defense structures. was a pretty quick takeover after that.
    saying not everyone had that issue is ignorant....you probably had to not use your defensive structures as much.
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