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  1. Scalesdini added a post in a topic My experience with BDO: Hyped up for 2 years, let down in 2 days.   

    ITT: Guy with 8 year old bottom of the barrel CPU and 4 1/2 year old bottom of the barrel GPU, most likely with an Exploder Special """"""""750 watt""""""" PSU (I assume this about anyone running absurdly old parts that don't list specific PSU brand) wonders why the most graphically intensive and resource demanding MMO that currently exists doesn't run well on his PC.
    Clearly the problem is the devs not optimizing their game. Not, you know, the dirt-old bottom barrel parts. Current low end cell phones have more computing power than your rig. Your rig BARELY meets the MINIMUM system requirements for the game (which has the playable resolution listed as 1280x720 for the record) and you expect to run it at mid settings without a hitch. TBH, I'm surprised the game runs at all on that rig. The game is probably crashing because your PC is danger close to melting from trying to run something it was never designed to run, judging by the fact it crashes after some time in game. Do you monitor your temps? Have you ever cleaned the dust out of the inside of this PC? 
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  2. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Settings for GTX 980 Ti   

    Potato quad cores. Get with the times fellas, hexacore or bust if you want to run 4k.
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  3. Scalesdini added a post in a topic NA Server Name.   

    Hi shitter, did you know Edan and Orwen combined don't have as many players as Uno? Thanks for playing. Enjoy being in IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII guild #7 and bowing to your new overlords.
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  4. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    Thanks. Problem was I had to re-log before it showed up.
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  5. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    So... Claimed my reward and... nothing? No new title, no mail, nothing. How long is it supposed to take to show up after claiming?
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  6. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Red Nose Armor... How can you not "fix" this?!   

    Believe you quoted the wrong person m8. Red Nose was my first piece of boss armor, very shortly after maehwa came out, because RNA + Heve Helm & Gloves + Zereth Boots is secretly the best armor setup in the game outside of real boss armor, and while the 100hp/200mp idea is good it would be stronger than tree for most classes, yes. However, PA is patently incompetent when it comes to balance and I have no faith they could balance regen as a stat to make it worthwhile vs pure hp or anything else. See: The current state of regen as a stat.
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  7. Scalesdini added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    Ah, so your friend makes a billion a week from crates. Now I can 100% say without a doubt that he does not make a billion a week.
    I make literally every type of crate besides steel and crop/shroom crates, I have literally every node for the crates I make, Master5 processing, and a literal army consisting mostly of artisan workers, along with a trade network that spans from Trent to Arehaza and an Art6 trade character. Your friend does not, cannot, nor will he ever make 1 billion a week from crates. Period, point blank, end of discussion.
    Why are you so confident when you're full of shit?
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  8. Scalesdini added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    Did you know that if you double the money from grinding, you're doubling the money from life skills too? Or do you think NPC's are buying all those meals, pure crystals, elixirs, raw mats?
    Did you know that if you could be assed to do life skills yourself, life skillers would make less money because they wouldn't have people to sell to?
    Do you have any idea how economics work, or did you just want to cry and throw out some absurd number that your friend trolled you with? And yes, he trolled you, or he's incapable of simple math. Making a billion a week from life skills while having time to watch anime, or play other games, or SLEEP, or without redefining "a week" as "more like two or three, really" is not possible.
    Also, having 2b assets =/= making 1b a week. Literally anyone could have amassed billions of crap in their warehouse by now.
    This thread is so stupid it makes my hair hurt.
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  9. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Red Nose Armor... How can you not "fix" this?!   

     No, it doesn't.

    Notice how the TRI red nose gives... 10 recovery? 4+10=14 where I'm from, how bout you?
    10 recovery, also known as... the exact same recovery as base red nose, +1 red nose, and every other possible enhancement level of red nose because they're all the same. Are we done yet, or are you going to cry "hidden HP regen!" now?
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  10. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Red Nose Armor... How can you not "fix" this?!   

    I have TRI red nose armor. It is exactly the same at all enhance levels. Adding gem buffs can be done for any armor, because they're gems. The armor itself never changes from the 10 it is at +0.
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  11. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Red Nose Armor... How can you not "fix" this?!   

    Red Nose's HP regen is 10, working out to 20hp... per 10 seconds. Also known as the same regen as 2 harphia gems.
    I have 0, ZERO faith that these devs could properly balance HP regen as a stat.
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  12. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Kakao forgot Musas still have node wars to fight...   

    Don't worry, to compensate, they made musa and maehwa blocks... not blocks anymore, really.
    Valks cry the loudest while maehwa gets -----ed the worst.
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  13. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    Are you -----ing kidding me? You nerf maehwa and buf ranger?
    It's November, guys, not April 1st. Tell whoever is doing this "balancing" to put down the -----ing crack pipe.
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  14. Scalesdini added a post in a topic why are female horses almost non existant?   

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here with literally all but one of my breed attempts resulting in females.
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  15. Scalesdini added a post in a topic Need PVE server   

    Need to get good. This is a PVP game. No real PVPer sits around waiting for lifeskillers to slaughter, if you're getting PK'd over and over, say something in channel, but don't be a dildo about it. Someone will help you deal with it assuming it's not something you brought on yourself. One of my characters is Master 30 fishing and has been PK'd twice, and I run my mouth in channel. Often. Never fished a safe zone until I hit Master 30. I've PVP'd at grind spots a handful of times because I don't run in and start blasting mobs without checking to see if the spot is taken first.
    If you're getting PK'd repeatedly, there's a good chance you're doing something to deserve it. Unless Orwen/Edan are just mega-toxic compared to Uno, which could be. Guess we'll find out in a few weeks.
    This game is so far from "needing" PVE channels/servers it's not funny. The entire game is designed around OWPVP. If you can't live with that, the safe zone is your friend. if you can't live with THAT, I hear Hello Kitty Online Island Adventures is nice this time of year.
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