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  1. Judgementos added a post in a topic Lvl 57 Maehwa looking for guild   

    We are a pvp community that is family job friendly. Come check us out!

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  2. Judgementos added a post in a topic LF Guild   

    If you are interested in pvp our requirements should be easy to get. Come check us out!

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  3. Judgementos added a post in a topic New [NA] player seeking PvP guild   

    If your are interested in pvp our requirements should be easy to get. Come check us out! 

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  4. Judgementos added a post in a topic Returning players looking for Guild   

    Come check us out! 

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  5. Judgementos added a post in a topic Lvl 60 Wiz LF Mercenary Guild   

    Hey there, 
    we are a older crowd may not be mercy guild but we have potential. Come check us out! http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/40009-multi-gaming-community-nemesis-asylum-recruiting-lvl-56/
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  6. Judgementos added a post in a topic 53 Wiz Looking for Guild   

    Hi there take a look at us http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/40009-multi-gaming-community-nemesis-asylum-recruiting-lvl-56/
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  7. Judgementos added a post in a topic Multi-Gaming Community <Nemesis Asylum> Recruiting LvL 56+   

    OOOOOhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh..... T2 Boat 

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  8. Judgementos added a post in a topic [NA] 2Brothers looking for a guild!   

    You should apply and get a interview, we do payout based on activity.  
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  9. Judgementos added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    ~ Valkyrie's Only ~
    ~ (Awakened Valkyrie Squad) Nemesis Asylum ~

    Hi there fellow Valkyrie,
    First off let me tell you a little bit about us as we begin. We are a group of like minded awakened Valkyrie's inside the Nemesis Asylum's community. We like to PvP and train hard in RBF on almost a daily basis. We like strategy and work on improving every day, but we also like to have fun and enjoy what the game has to offer. (both casual and hardcore). We are a friendly group and are always on the look out for new potential friendships inside and outside our community.  

    ~ Come join our Valkyrie Squad today ~
    We are looking to grow and continue to expand our Valkyrie Squad within Nemesis Asylum.
    Things we are looking for in new Squad Members
    1) Awakened Valkyries looking to be part of a team
    2) The desire to PvP and improve
    3) Social (willing to chat in discord)
    4) Committed to the Valkyrie Class 
    5) People looking to have fun and play some BDO

    ~ Be part of a team ~
    Why is this different then our general recruitment you say?
    You are not just looking to join our community, you are joining our Elite Valkyrie Squad within our community.
    If you are interested, please feel free to contact any of us Valkyrie's in game and ask how to join. You can also leave us a in game screen shot of your valkrie and your in game character name, so we can contact you. 
    Bryndalyn (The gold one) 
    Melpomene (The silver one)
    Judgementos (The red one)

    ~ Not a Valkyrie but still interested in the community? ~
    Feel free to use, Nemesis Asylum's General Recruitment Thread Here:

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  10. Judgementos added a post in a topic {NA} Returning Player looking for guild   

    Nemesis IV,
    First off I like the name 😈...
    If you are looking for more of a community vs a guild, check us out.

    GM of Nemesis Asylum 
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  11. Judgementos added a post in a topic [NA] Returning Witch/Valk lvl 55 w/ wife aggro and 40hr/w job LF PvP/PvX guild.   

    I will say we are a family/job friendly community but for me to say your a perfect fit would be a lie, but I do think if you are even close to our minimum requirements you should apply and get a interview. Text and forums only say so much about a person. We look forward to hearing from you. 

    GM of Nemesis Asylum 
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  12. Judgementos added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    Streamer Wanted 🎥
    ☠️ Nemesis Asylum ☠️
    We are currently looking for a part time streamer part time gamer to represent our community. This position comes with in game perks. 
    Be over 18, we are a older community and want to be represented as such.
    Have a streamer setup to provide quality streams.
    Williness to work with others
    1. Max daily contract of 1 million silver in game for your hard work.
    2. Work with a fun friendly community that works with other friendly communities.
    3. Make lasting bonds and friendships within the community.
    4. Be part of a longstanding multi gaming community that's been around for over 10 years.
    To Apply
    Send myself or a officer a message in game or leave a comment here or on our recruitment page below.

    GM of Nemesis Asylum 
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  13. Judgementos added a topic in US Guild   

    Community Life Boat ⛵️
    Hi potential members,
    Is your community small not very active because of the constant grind and lack of motivation? And/or dying with great members stuck with no way out. Well look no further, we here at nemesis asylum are taking applications and here to help!
    1. Alleviate the constant grind of recruiting and event creation (we will do that for you)
    2. Allow for a new beginning, to enjoy the game again.
    3. Be part of a social long standing multi gaming community full of great members.
    4. Enjoy a constant source of activities such as boating pvp gvgs community events etc...
    5. Be part of a community we're community comes first.
    6. Pre built structure and payouts, so you can focus on more enjoyable aspects of the game.
    If even one of those benefits sounded appealing, take a chance and leave a comment or contact myself or a officer in game. Also I would suggest looking at our recruiting thread to know a bit more about us. Looking forward to hearing from you !

    GM of Nemesis Asylum 
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  14. Judgementos added a post in a topic Family Looking for Guild   

    Look no further, Nemesis asylum fits the bill. We are casual hardcore family/job friendly. We do all content and are more interested in our members as we a not a guild but a long standing community. We do lots of naval content as we have 3 technically 4 guild boats ⛵️ Are community is very vetted see our recruiting page for more info, we do make exceptions case by case. Looking to hear from you. 
    GM of Nemesis Asylum 
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