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  1. GenericUser added a post in a topic Compilation of in-game models that could be housing decorations   

    Crates and barrels and chests full of gold and jewels. If I could make my residence look like a treasure room that would be awesome. Probably a decent silver sink as well if we made it so the treasure is crafted using gold bars as a material
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  2. GenericUser added a post in a topic Does the current economy successfully prevent gold sellers?   

    Most people don't see any because they filtered them out of their chat. Out of sight out of mind. Doesn't necessarly mean it's gone, but people gauge the proliferation of goldsellers by the chat, instead of their actual effect on the game economy, which is too complicated to single out the symptoms of goldselling, namely inflation.
    Frankly I think it's still here, if people are still willing to trade pearls for a chance of getting an item on the mp, there are probably people goldselling.
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  3. GenericUser added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    Voted yes to the general idea of player to player trading, but my personal ideas revolve around small amounts of trade mainly focused on raw material and food/potions, not on big ticket items like end game gear as most anti traders always seem to focus on.
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  4. GenericUser added a post in a topic You need to stop pearl trading.   

    If people didn't trade pearls they'd trade real money or something else instead. These fixed prices just encourage people to find alternative means of getting what they feel is a fair price for their items. You can't force people to value things a certain amount by just fixing prices. If dandelions were fixed at 1000s tomorrow, would all you fixed priced advocates declare dandelions were worth 1000s, and that people should be willing to sell them at that price, otherwise they are fools who are turning down 1000s to let an item rot in their warehouse?
    Get rid of fixed prices, the market system in this game is choked enough.
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  5. GenericUser added a post in a topic Ship Building and the Fixed Market Price - Supply and Demand?   

    According to some people in this game, supply and demand isn't a real thing, and prices can totally be fixed at a certain range with no repercussions whatsoever. Crafters will totally invest obscene amounts of time and resources to make marginal profits or even loses to supply people with ships, rough stone, weeds, logs, eggs, milk, and other things because reasons. Otherwise they apparently think outright shortage and no available supplies is preferable to higher prices, people can be so stingy with their silver in a game where a person can easily make millions of it per hour of grinding.
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  6. GenericUser added a post in a topic If you want to stop gifting on items, prices need to be raised significnatly on market place   

    Decided to try playing again, want to buy a dandelion greatsword, none on the marketplace, in most mmorpgs you would keep grinding until you made enough to be able to convince someone to sell it to you, in this game all you can really do is hope someone decides they don't need their's anymore, and you preordered more than everyone else. Not even sure what the preorder price is tbh, because it's all anonymous.
    Price fixing doesn't work because the price doesn't determine the value, the value determines the price. People KNOW that items like a dandelion weapon are worth more than what the market will let you sell it for, so they don't sell it unless they are absolutely sure they don't want it, there is no ability to convince them to sell an item they might want to keep in exchange for more money. Or here, they find alternative ways of getting what they feel the item is worth, instead of just charging 500mil for a dandelion or w/e, its 100mil and a "gift" in pearl items. And since p2p trading isn't in the game because reasons, the buyer isn't even sure they will get the item. Buyers are risking real life money for something that isn't even a secure deal, sellers can't post their items for the price they want, this whole market system is bad for everyone.
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  7. GenericUser added a post in a topic Before tomorrow's Boss Armor disappointment   

    Just out of curiosity, what feeling should they feel? This trend of people expecting free shit every day wasn't always so prominent. In my mmorpg experience events used to give out fun but useless novelty gifts, like funny in game hats or costumes, not end game gear.
    Honestly this free boss gear thing reeks of bread and circuses to me, and the so called hard core player base has been chomping at the bit for more, since the 10mil red nose armour was apparently some grave insult.
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  8. GenericUser added a post in a topic is it normal to lose 5 energy milking cows   

    Milking does not give exp unfortunately, it does not help you level your character or your gathering, its strictly energy for milk. The daily quests that give some additional milk do give gathering exp as a reward, but it doesn't really matter to me because I have alts doing the gathering, not my main character who is the gatherer.
    Basically imo, the best way to gather milk is to station 3 alts at Bains, Falres, and Wales Farm, and just log on every day to milk 5 times each character (a day's worth of offline alt energy), while claiming the extra daily 10 milk at each location. Each milking gives around 5-10 milk in my experience, so milk production should equal to about 130-140 milk per day.
    If you want to cook in any significant amount, this much milk production is pretty much nothing, so I'm really just hoarding my milk until I really really need it
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  9. GenericUser added a post in a topic Why make a city like Valencia and NOT have a Night Vendor there?   

    It's so depressing how little Valencia has to offer given that the game is named after the desert area
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  10. GenericUser added a post in a topic is it normal to lose 5 energy milking cows   

    There are 3 places with daily milk quests that I use, Bain and Falres Farm near Calpheon, and near Wales Farm in Olvia, extra 30 milk per day adds up. I think there is also another in Mediah but the lvl req was like 50, and I don't really lvl alts.
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  11. GenericUser added a post in a topic is it normal to lose 5 energy milking cows   

    5 energy if you succeed, 2 if you fail. That's why milk is always sold out when someone is dumb enough to sell it.
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  12. GenericUser added a post in a topic node wars already dying off?   

    I fight mostly for my guild, not because the mechanics are fun. I am not a strong player, my gear is not the best and I am only lvl 57, so I die a lot. All in all, I spend most of my time waiting to resurrect and running back to the front lines then I do actually fighting (I can usually get myself killed within 10-20 seconds of engaging someone). I'm willing to bet a good chunk of the player base falls in the same category. There is little fun in a game where you are largely fodder for a functionally invincible enemy, or at best a distraction.
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  13. GenericUser added a post in a topic Sick of your lazy employees   

    Out of all the things that don't matter, this doesn't matter the most.
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  14. GenericUser added a post in a topic Where are all the whales?   

    Maybe they got tired of dealing with all the hardcore 1337 players ragging on them for paying the game maintenance costs and left for more p2w pastures.
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  15. GenericUser added a post in a topic Should Kakao allow player to player trade/exchange of items into the guilds?   

    that would be absurd yes, thats why I'm telling everyone who just comes in here to jot down stock rejections after reading the title that their "contribution" has already been made. Note how my post says people who want to discuss the topic are fine, I never specified whether they had to agree with trade or not. Unless you honestly think "git gud" or accusations of being a gold seller are discussion, I'd just prefer to have a thread where people talk to each other with reasons and explanations rather than a shout match over who can drown the thread in one word posts the most. Wouldn't you?
    I don't see why I'm ignorant for pointing out why your stance on goldselling leads to something as silly as wanting the game to close.
    so you disagree that there is ANY gold selling going on right now? Absolutely none? Because your stance is that gold selling must be completely wiped from the game, and I'm telling you that the only way that could happen is if the game literally closes down.
    either you honestly believe the game has no goldsellers, or you believe there is a way to stop all gold selling without closing the game, or you want the game to close.
    I don't want goldsellers in the game, no decent player does, but to think it's possible to get rid of ALL gold selling is just not feasible. You have to be willing to accept that as long as there is a modicum of freedom in this game, there will be cheating. And the trade debate can generally be summed up as to where you draw that line. Some people think player trade is an acceptable sacrifice to decrease gold selling, others like myself feel it isn't, and that allowing free trade will increase gold selling by an acceptable amount in exchange for more player freedom. But no matter where you draw that line, there WILL be cheaters, no matter how few, so if your goal is no goldsellers, then the only thing you should be advocating is BDO closing.
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  16. GenericUser added a post in a topic How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?   

    Long story short, you can't trade anything from one player to another directly, except for food and certain potions. Yes, I know it sucks, but it's been like that since the game opened several months ago. The reasons given for this are mainly to do with stamping out golds sellers. A significant part of the crafter and trade oriented players have either left or decided to do without, and it's up to you as to whether or not its a deal breaker.
    If you want to trade a non-tradeable item to a friend or guildie, your only option is to put it up on the market and hope your friend snipes it.
    And by the way, if you feel that the community is noticeably more aggressive and hostile than in other mmorpgs, its not just you, this has indeed been one of the worst mmorpg communities I've been in, and once again, its up to you as to whether that's a dealbreaker.
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  17. GenericUser added a post in a topic Should Kakao allow player to player trade/exchange of items into the guilds?   

    There is still gold selling being done, only difference is the mechanism, instead of gold being transferred through trade, people sell gold by logging into an account and grinding for the gold buyer.
    If your goal is to prevent the gold sellers from doing ANY business, no matter how small, than the only thing you should be advocating is the closing of the game entirely, because that is literally the only way gold selling will stop.
    So your goal is for the game to close?
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  18. GenericUser added a post in a topic Should Kakao allow player to player trade/exchange of items into the guilds?   

    I think so, it is completely possible to have some form of player to player trade without damaging the game from gold sellers.
    It's a shame this thread will most likely be swarmed by people who refuse to even read possible solutions.
    "GIT GUD"
    "Ur a gld sellr"
    There, saved you assholes some trouble, now people who actually want to discuss this topic as if this were a forum can talk.
    Now, personally I feel that unlimited trading, even with barriers like joining a guild for specific amounts of time, would allow gold sellers to abuse the game. I think if player trade were introduced, it should follow a similar system as that implemented for selling cash shop items. on the AH. Namely, people should have unrestricted trade with anyone, but there should be some weekly cap as to how much people can do. Instead of a cap on items however, I feel a cap on total worth traded would be most appropriate. If players could freely trade a few mil per week and no more, then gold sellers would not be able to do any meaningful amount of business, while legit players could still help their friends and guildmates with material and supplies. A low limit would prohibit trading high end gear, but I kind of agree with the feelings of some people that player trade could be used to power gear newer players. In my opinion, trade should be there just so that players can help friends and guildies just a little, not too much.
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  19. GenericUser added a post in a topic Allow player to player trading   

    So you can trade with people? You seem to think everyone who wants player trade wants to get power geared with boss armour from gold sellers. I just want to be able to get eggs from my non cook guild mates and supply them with refined juice. And yes, I am aware juice can be transferred, but it gets character locked, meaning I can't just give them a few hundred juice and let them store it for node wars, they have to hold onto hundreds and hundreds of weight until its used or they throw it away. There are lots of items that are a pain to get and being able to give even a few million worth of it per week would be an immense help to and from guild mates. Platinum, mythril, rough stone, eggs, hides, meat, fish. Things that are a pain to get and aren't worth it to gather for sale on the AH, but more than worth it to help a friend or guildmate, of only a little.
    So, 5mil per week of free trade, would this destroy the game?
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  20. GenericUser added a post in a topic Allow player to player trading   

    Allow players free trade, but limit the amount they can send or receive to less than 5mil per week. Now explain how in a game where 100mil per week through the cashshop is not a big deal, but 5mil per week is game breaking.
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  21. GenericUser added a post in a topic Allow player to player trading   

    Player to player trade can be implemented while still keeping the game relatively free of gold sellers. So I'm in favour of some sort of P2P trade system being put in
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  22. GenericUser added a post in a topic Allow player to player trading   

    Capped free trade doesn't allow gold sellers while allowing player to player trade, let people trade whatever they want to whoever they want up to a certain weekly limit.
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  23. GenericUser added a post in a topic Auctionhouse no Auction   

    This game is so weird in that it's good, but they seem to drop the ball in so many easy parts, its like seeing someone build build a palace but every now and then you find a spot with a missing door or stairs made of stacked boxes.
    1. Item goes up for auction
    2. A bidding phase lasting say an hour begins
    3. Anyone can bid any amount during the bidding phase
    4. At the end of the bidding phase, the person who bid the most gets the item, if there is a tie, it randomly selects one of the highest bidders
    The end, I don't see why PA insists on making something as simple as an auction so complicated.
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  24. GenericUser added a post in a topic Trade Issue Explained   

    I've yet to find a satisfactory reason as to why capped free trade wouldn't work.
    Just make so that people can trade whatever they want to whoever they want without bounding the items, but limit the amount of goods they can send or receive to a few million per week. People are able to share raw material and finished goods, help out friends a bit, all without allowing for any meaningful amount of goldselling or boosting.
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  25. GenericUser added a post in a topic Valencia is broken. Fix it. game getting stupid as is   

    Valencia did seem very underwhelming, I was actually pretty excited for it since I figured the game would be based on the black desert, but after some cursory exploration and setting up my nodes, it doesn't seem a place to bother visiting much.
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