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  1. Kithulhu added a topic in Tamer   

    Seeking Armour Advice (Primarily PvE)
    Seeking some armour advice to help me decide between a couple of options for progressing my Tamer. I'm currently 51.5 and intending to get to 52 before heading out to Mediah as, whether due to my current gear, or being terrible at things, I feel overly squishy at the moment (especially in Kzarka Shrine / Abandoned Monestary and doing Ogre/Cyclops).
    Accessories: Earring of Sealed Magical Power x2. DUO: Ring of Good Deeds, Red Coral Ring, Rhutum Elite Belt, Topaz Necklace of Regeneration
    Weapons: Liverto Shortsword (+13), Needle or Incense (+10)
    Armour: I'm currently using Agerian x3, Talis Boots (due to the 'free' boosts included in the set and because it will be a perfect hand-me-down to my alts once I upgrade).
    * Still working on better accs, the Liv was a lucky get that I can't afford to work on for quite a while after going 0/10 on trying for +14 (with 24 stacks to start) and i'm unsure on what the better trinket it is at present.
    Armour wise, the main question.
    I'm mainly focused on PvE (bugger world bosses, I have my witch for that) and only really intend to participate in incidental PvP, no Node Wars or GvG; at least anytime soon.
    The two choices i'm looking at are either:
    4x Grunil - without Cobenilus, i'm unsure if Vigor (+35HP) or Armor (+2DR) would be better in Chest
    2x Grunil (Hat/Glove) + 2x Taritas (Chest/Boot) - chest socket same as for 4x Grunil
    Mechanically going to the 2+2: -2AP, -2 Movement, -130 HP, +5DP, +120 MN, +Evasion
    I'm mainly curious if any higher level Tamers can give advice on the practical pros and cons of the two options for PvE farming, both on weaker clusters of mobs as well as the larger 'elite' mobs like Ogres (and whatever the Mediah equiv. is) etc. I didn't include Cobelinus in either link because I don't have one, they are hard to get yada yada, but assume that if I can get one I would use it unless I get given advice that its a bad idea (which would be nice :P). Also completely open to suggestions about my offhand that don't include Black Spirit Crystals (same reason as Cobelinus)
    I would like to be able to clear through stuff speedily, but also have enough defense to take a few hits (I play at 200ms ping so I will get hit from time to time right in the teeth) from the tougher mobs. In PvP, i'd like the chance to win in a 1v1 defense of a grind spot, but just enough to bail out if its 3v1 or the like. I'm also somewhat attached to the +4Mv speed though testing on my own shows not a -huge- different in mobility between 2 and 4.
    Thats probably way more info than needed, but the TL;DR, is 2x Taritas + 2x Grunil better than 4x Grunil if you only really care about PvE as a Tamer. Does the theoretically squishier nature of Grunil make that much practical different when actually fighting mobs in either clusters or 1v1 with bigger things (like Ogres).
    Thanks for any advice.
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  2. Kithulhu added a post in a topic Tamer Armour Comparison   

    You are completely right! I guess I glossed over it as I was looking at it right after Blade Trinket that does have scaling Evasion and just figured they were the same. Of course it neglects to mention how much Evasion it gives (whereas Blade out right states its +3 base then scaling), so its kind of hard to know how worthwhile that is
    Stuff like this is why I just gave the numbers and didn't put any analysis or observations as everybody has different things they want. Its actually made me very much reconsider working on 4x Grunil now and to go with one of the 2x Grunil + 2x ??? Choices to reduce crystals for a (minimal to me) loss of AP.
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  3. Kithulhu added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer Armour Comparison
    I've been debating on armour for my Tamer over the last few days (while procrastinating doing Lifeskills) and was curious what the actual difference was between the various sets i've seen people suggest around the forums/reddit. Attached is a spreadsheet that shows the end results of maximizing a couple of different set loadouts and i'd very much like any critique on the crystal setup I used as to whether its optimal. Assuming it is (or when it is), it should give a mathematical comparison between the choices for people to draw their own conclusions from.
    Tamer Armour Comparison (Google Sheets)
    Note that, due to there being many different preferences for the offhand trinket i've set the sheet to be configurable based on trinket choice (excluding Krea for now). So to see it on anything other than Incense (my choice for now), you'll need to make a copy. Also, the crystal prices are as of Edan server last night.
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  4. Kithulhu added a post in a topic Advance Animation Cancel Combos/Tips/Void Travel Mechanic   

    Can you explain your reasoning for this? Not to question whether you're right (i'm not high enough level to know either way), but Nito has given detailed reasonings for his choice and i'd like to hear the rationale for your opposing view to be able to make an informed decision?
    ...and not only because i'd love to find Surging Tide is an amazing skill in the endgame because its one of my favourite to use animation wise.
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