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  1. Slayergrim added a post in a topic Dungeons, maybe?   

    I would love dungeons, party dungeon crawling has always been a personal favorite in MMOs
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  2. Slayergrim added a post in a topic My lvl 21 Horse disappeared after taking off market!   

    You're right, looks like he was indeed sold almost instantly   I'm not sure what that other horse was at stable I could interact with but untamable.
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  3. Slayergrim added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    My lvl 21 Horse disappeared after taking off market!
    I attempted to put my lvl 21 male horse, named poopdepoop on Edan server Serendia E1 at 4/4/2016 , on the breeding market.  I accidentally found him on horse market somehow and wanted to take him off.  I clicked receive and the stable list flashed and he was gone and not on the list!  I exited stable to find my horse standing near me saying  it was un-tamable and it ran away and disappeared into thin air.  I logged out and logged in, I checked stable list and he is not anywhere else or even on my list.  He was not purchased by anyone and this occurred immediately after clicking receive.  My stable list had a free slot. Please send Poopdepoop back to me
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  4. Slayergrim added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Connection drop when in water
    I cant travel by boat because my client drops connection from server every single time my boat moves in the water!
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  5. Slayergrim added a post in a topic lost connection in water   

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  6. Slayergrim added a post in a topic How important are the DP and Evasion skill lines?   

    the +4 cost 60 points how is it stacking?
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  7. Slayergrim added a topic in Sorceress   

    How important are the DP and Evasion skill lines?
    How important are the DP and Evasion skill lines?  Has anyone ran with or without them and respec'd using/not using them?  Was the difference noticeable?  I'm on the fence about specc'ing into them and I'm lvl 49 now and things are hitting a lot harder.  Not sure of the DP and Evasion skills would make much of a difference.
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  8. Slayergrim added a topic in Sorceress   

    Which is better Basteer or Styd before 50?
    I have been using the ultimate basteer since the delphe castle but just got a box with an ult Styd in it from troll camp. Im wondering since im getting the Styd at a later level does that mean its better? I read somewhere just use Basteer till 50.  Whats up?
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  9. Slayergrim added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Identified cause of mouse turn issue
    Players and myself have been reporting instances of very slow mouse turns in game.  What we players have common is when we minimize and play another game or switch Windows users and come back it occurs. For example, when I go afk fishing and my children switch to their windows account and play a game the issue occurs when I switch back to my windows account and come back to BDO.  It is then when my mouse turning in BDO becomes very slow turning counter clockwise.
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  10. Slayergrim added a topic in General   

    Red Horse Plume Helm only showing sometimes
    My Red Plume Horse Helm is only showing on the horse sometimes.  I know it works because occasionally it shows and when i log in later it is gone but still equipped.  anyone have similar issues?
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  11. Slayergrim added a topic in General   

    What is high quality wine (50k) used for?
    i bought some high quality wine for 50k on accident from the Heidel cooking ingredients vendor and now I'm looking for a use for it.  Resell value is 1 silver and no recipes on the list ( http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/05/03/all-recipes/ ) use it.  Anyone know what it's used for?
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  12. Slayergrim added a topic in General   

    How do I invest in the Calpheon market node to use the trader?
    I have node connected to Calpheon from Heidel/Glish/Velia but when i go to a trader at Calpheon the icon at the top of the screen says i am not node connected and I need to invest in the calpheon market/slums node. How do i do that?

    Calpheon says Im node connected everywhere else in the city.  I came from the castle with the harpies, to Dias farm, to Calpheon.  I checked the routes and from what I could tell I was connected all the way back to Heidel/Velia.  Is there something I need to do or something I missed to access this calpheon trader?
    heres a link to a screenshot of my connected nodes http://imgur.com/dabrMQ6
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  13. Slayergrim added a post in a topic Is there any way to trade silver between accounts?   

    Have him buy your horse in city horse stable shop for said amount
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  14. Slayergrim added a post in a topic Slow "look" Left   

    Same issue here.  Using Logitech g502 mouse.  Also I had another user account logged in (not active) on Windows as well.  
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  15. Slayergrim added a post in a topic How important is Shadow Eruption   

    thanks ill pick it up
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